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Major research presentation E.O.I.


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Major research presentation E.O.I.

  1. 1. MAJOR RESEARCH PROJECT E.O.I. Public Library
  2. 2. Research QuestionIn what way can the library become a social settingwhere people can continue to learn and also find thelibrary to be modern and youth catering?In what way can the library attract more users whilemaintaining its old users?In what way can we transform the infrastructure of thelibrary so that it appears more lively?
  3. 3. What Is the Job Of A Library?To provide a modern and educationalenvironment for the public such asstudents to research, learn and read aswell as a place to socialize and beentertained
  4. 4. What If A Library Was More Like? Arcade Gym Brothel Dance Hall Circus Coffee Shop Parade Lounge Concert Sporting Event Casino Forest Aquarium Airplane Amusement Hot Air Balloon Park Spa Church Massage Parlor Shopping Mall Sporting Event
  5. 5. Stakeholder/Publicpublic: seniors, students, children,teachers, citizens (public tax payers)municipal government, librarians,authors, publishers, editors, illustrators,scholars, youth groups, volunteers,computer and internet providers/technicians
  6. 6. AEOUT
  7. 7. Barrier Listkeeping facilities separate to not inventory systemcreate disturbances fundinglimited hours of operation ergonomic furnituretheft dull environmentdiversity of resources outdated infrastructurelanguage barrier not enough naturelibrary cards outdated technologystaff
  8. 8. Issueslack of customer service dull environmentlack of distributors users looking for more interactivityfunding and support comfortprint vs electronic adapting to new trendslack of updated resources trying to get a younger demographicupdating Appearance
  9. 9. What Are We Hiring It To Do? We still want it to be a quiet refuge for people to read and study but we want to also enhance the libraries space and user experience.
  10. 10. Goals to change theto make libraries more infrastructureaccessible to add more technologyto attract a wider to enhance the usersdemographic experience throughto add element of play technologyto be more adaptive to update the library culture
  11. 11. InspirationDOK (Delft Public Library)bright colors and sleek modern design, makes use of professionally designed graphicscomfy furniture and shelving made from recyclable materialsBow Idea StoreTraditional service provided by libraries with access to technology and lifelong learning opportunitiesNot only provide resources, but to educate and improve the lives of those in the community.Patrons are encouraged to hang out in the library, meet friends, have coffee at the cafe and pursue hobbies using thelibrary’s resourcesCerritos LibraryIncludes a saltwater aquarium, sculptures and a replica of a T-Rex fossil encouraging exploration and the pursuit ofknowledgeRooms in the library are designed by themes ranging from Old World reading to World traditions.Additional technology in the library is found in the huge multimedia lab, thousands of laptop stations, wirelessheadsets and computers for librarians and an RFID tracking system for books.
  12. 12. InspirationLibrary of Picture Books in Iwaki City of Fukushima Seattle Public Library Bibliotheque Nationale de France
  13. 13. Sources