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Mercury Shift Gameplay and Sound:

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Mathias Neukam Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio (no media)Mathias Neukam
  2. 2. Overview• Clay Model: Skull• Module: Science of Colors• Module: Photoshop - Collage• Flash 2d-Art• ActionScript3 Programming: “Space Shooter”• 2D Flash-Game: Gameplay Video “Mercury”• 2D Flash-Game: Leveleditor• 2D Flash-Game: Sound/Music• Flash 2d Animation
  3. 3. Plastic modelling with Clay
  4. 4. Illustrate two emotions and one scenery out of a recited storywith emphasis on shape and color
  5. 5. 1st Emotion : Hope
  6. 6. 2nd Emotion: Hate
  7. 7. Abstracted scenery, sketched
  8. 8. Task: Select pictures/stock photos and create a collage inPhotoshop out of it
  9. 9. Task: Create a fake screenshot of a non-existent game.
  10. 10. Task: Construction of a user-defined building with a specifiedsetting and style and construction of a Two-Point-Perspective
  11. 11. 2D Flash ConstructionThe task was to create a 2D vectorbuilding with the help of the given toolsin Adobe Flash
  12. 12. A teamproject with two other fellow students:Programming “Super Space Shooter” with ActionScript3 basicswithin two weeks.
  13. 13. Module: Data and controlstructureClasses I worked,,,,,,,• Player collision with enemies and Powerups• Player movement and adjustment with vector algebra• Powerup Timer: Powerups decrease in a certain amount of time• Shot collision with enemies• Revision and finalizing of all of the classes• Implementing few sfx from
  14. 14. Mercury Shift is a 2Player-Coop Flash Game.It was made by a team consisting out of 7 people including me.My part included Game/Leveldesign and also Sfx/Music, whichI did in 4 weeks and had never done before.Due to restrictions I can‘t include videos via slideshare so please follow the link inthe description or here:
  15. 15. The following pictures show some examples of the Leveleditorwritten by our programmers in Adobe Flash.I was part of designing and creating the 14 level with all of itspuzzles.
  16. 16. I also created the sound for the different stages of the game.Mercury Shift has got 4 stages with each stage having anothercomposition or drumloop.Unfortunately, it is not possible to include sound without paying amonthly fee for slideshare, so I put sound in the gameplay video.The link is the same as before:
  17. 17. Stage 00– tutorial stage
  18. 18. Stage 01– mountain
  19. 19. Stage 02– canyon
  20. 20. Stage 03– maya
  21. 21. A 30 second Flash-Animation as a hand over for the module:Flash Basics – Vectors and Animation