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REISS - Which markets are most attractive and compatible


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Market Analysis to finw

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REISS - Which markets are most attractive and compatible

  1. 1. Which Markets are Most Attractive and Compatible<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />REISS Market Research<br />Matteo Giovannangeli<br />Sara Chaaby<br />Thomas Lucas<br />
  2. 2. CustomerProfile<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Toenternewmarketsyouneedto focus on yourcorecompetence:<br />SUIT TAILORING <br />“Reiss”, the brandformanagerswithgood taste..<br />
  3. 3. The Markets<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Business, trading, finance, insurance, retailing and other services sectors mean.... <br />Amsterdam<br />The Netherlands<br />Bruxelles<br />Belgium<br />Frankfurt<br />Germany<br />New York<br />U.S.A.<br />Hong Kong<br />China<br />Dubai<br />UnitedArab Emirates <br />
  4. 4. Compatibility and attractiveness matrix<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Attractiveness<br />Compatibility<br />
  5. 5. International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Amsterdam <br />The Netherlands<br />Analysis<br />
  6. 6. International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Amsterdam - Compatibility<br />DEMOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS:<br />-Age structure (Netherlands Data): 67.7% of the population is 18-64 years old<br />-Income Average (Netherlands Data):EUR 2,269 monthly<br />-Employmentdistribution: a 7.5 million of labour<br />force (80% in services sector)<br />SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ASPECTS:<br />-Fashion Culture “International Fashion Week” ,<br />“Amsterdam World Fashion Center”.<br />-Broadcasting: BBC radio and 4 BBC TV channels<br />-British population: 76000<br />-Language: 87 % of the population speak English <br />-Level of education (Netherlands Data): 8.5% of <br />labour force has bachelor's degree and <br />17% has professional qualifications. <br />N.B. 50% of the channel of Amsterdam have university degree<br />
  7. 7. International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Amsterdam - Compatibility<br />ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS:<br />-Climate: Amsterdam has a cool ”oceanic climate”. Days with measurable precipitation are common. <br />POLITICAL AND DIPLOMATIC ASPECTS:<br /><ul><li>Government: constitutional monarchy</li></ul>-Economic Partnership: good transport links and close geographical proximity.<br />-Twinning: forty Dutch cities are twinned with British cities<br />Koppenclimatemap<br />
  8. 8. Amsterdam - Attractiveness<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />DEMOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS:<br />-Population: 1.360.000 (city), 2.158.372 (metro) - (1st Dutch city)<br />-Density: 4.459/km2<br />N.B. Amsterdam part of the Randstad <br />(6thmetropolitan area in Europe)<br />-Population Randstad: 6.7 million<br />Other cities in the Randstad:<br />-Rotterdam: 1.186.990 (metro) Europort<br />-The Hague: 1.016.940 (urban)  Politicalcentre<br />ECONOMIC ASPECTS:<br />-GDP per capita (Netherlands Data): $39,000 <br />-Economic Capital: Stock Exchange Market, Zuidas (Amsterdam district)<br />N.B. Amsterdam is ranked 5th the best European cities in which to locate an International Business.<br />
  9. 9. Amsterdam - Attractiveness<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />SOCIO-CULTURAL ASPECTS:<br />-Multicultural Country: 20% of population is not Dutch<br />TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECTS:<br />-Internet users: 14.273 million (85%)<br />-Internet hosts: 12.388 million<br />POLITICAL AND DIPLOMATIC ASPECTS:<br />-European Union:  free movement of people, <br />goods, services, and capital<br />
  10. 10. International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />Hong Kong <br />Analysis<br />
  11. 11. Hong Kong City – Compatibility<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />DEMOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS:<br />-Age structure: the 74.6% of the population is 18-64 years old<br />-Employmentdistribution:<br />SOCIO-CULTURAL ASPECTS:<br />-Language: English is the official language after the Chinese.<br />-British culture: western culture<br />-British citizen: 10,000<br />-Fashion Culture: HKTDC “Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter”.<br />N.B. Hong Kong is considered the most important fashion capital in Asia <br />POLITICAL AND DIPLOMATIC ASPECTS:<br />-Asian springboard: springboard to other Asian-Pacific markets<br />-Economic relation with UK: trading, finance, insurance, retailing and other services sectors of the Hong Kong economy.<br />N.B. Thousand companies in Hong Kong with British involvement<br />
  12. 12. Hong Kong City – Attractiveness<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />DEMOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS:<br />-Population: 7,055,071<br />-Density: 6076.4/km2 <br />ECONOMIC ASPECTS:<br />-GDP per capita: $42,700<br />-Economy overview:exposed to the global economic slowdown, but recovered from the downturn.<br />
  13. 13. Hong Kong City – Attractiveness<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />SOCIO-CULTURAL ASPECTS:<br />-Materialistic Culture : high levels of consumerism<br />-Total retailsales: +11.4%(Dec 2009)<br />N.B. The mild weather, low tax <br />and convenience makes Hong Kong <br />a premiere international <br />shopping centre.<br />TECHNOLOGICAL ASPECTS:<br />-Internet users: 4,124,000<br />-Internet hosts: 813,980 <br />
  14. 14. Hong Kong City – Attractiveness<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />POLITICAL AND DIPLOMATIC ASPECTS:<br />-Duty free: Basic items for sale do not draw any duties, sales tax or import tax.<br />-Corporate Tax: 17.5% which is lower than international standards<br />
  15. 15. Conclusion<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />HONG KONG<br />The gateway for the AsianMarkets<br />AMSTERDAM<br />The gateway for the EuropeanMarkets<br />P.C. Hooftstraat<br />Causeway Bay<br />
  16. 16. Questions??<br />International<br />Market<br />Advisors<br />