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How to troubleshoot anything (and generally be more awesome at life)

Becoming a kick-ass troubleshooter is essential to your career (and yes, let’s admit it, to life in general). But good troubleshooters are made not born. Spend a quick five minutes mastering the universal troubleshooting framework that will speed you to the heart of any problem -- from puzzling household plumbing to complex SaaS software. There's no problem you won't be able to solve.

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How to troubleshoot anything (and generally be more awesome at life)

  1. 1. How To Troubleshoot Anything (and generally be more awesome at life)
  2. 2. My Nerdy Life
  3. 3. People are not natural troubleshooters
  4. 4. Universal troubleshooting principles exist
  5. 5. Find resources
  6. 6. Training program
  7. 7. Why bother?
  8. 8. Troubleshooting principles
  9. 9. Make a plan
  10. 10. What’s going on?
  11. 11. Reproduce the problem
  12. 12. Narrow it down!
  13. 13. Fix /work around it
  14. 14. Test your fix
  15. 15. Celebrate!
  16. 16. Prevent future problems
  17. 17. Ask the right question
  18. 18. Be smart
  19. 19.
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