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Website Research

  1. 1. Website Research Conventions of other sites
  2. 2. Creating a website As one of my ancillary tasks I have chosen to create a website. I will register the web address which follows the typical film website convention of I have arranged for website hosting and will begin to create the site after reviewing the following research task. I will be researching websites that include a trailer from both of the Horror and Sci-Fi genre’s.
  3. 3. The Fourth Kind
  4. 4. The Fourth Kind cont. The fourth kind website is where I am taking most of my inspiration from. The fourth kind is about alien abduction and this is represented on the website by the background which shows the lights coming through the window. The background is the main idea I will be incorporating in my website. I plan to use a screenshot from filming of a door with its outline glowing with light as the background to the website. This gives a direct insight into the actual film and the sort of eerie situation that the viewer should expect.
  5. 5. Paranormal Activity
  6. 6. Paranormal Activity Cont. The paranormal activity website has some more of the features I would like to use. I will be creating two separate designs for the website, one very simple and one more complex. For the more complex website I would like to insert a menu bar just below the header of the website to allow navigation between multiple pages. The paranormal activity website uses this and has options to read about the film, view the trailer and even find cinema listings or tweet about the film
  7. 7. Star Trek (2009)
  8. 8. Star Trek (2009) The Star Trek website is designed primarily in Flash. This requires a lot of special training and much more time than I have. The downside of flash websites is that they are not compatible with all browsers as it requires a flash plug-in. The main idea that I will be using in my trailer website which I have generated from the Star Trek website is the area around the embedded trailer. There are options to click between the different trailers (Teaser, theatrical, TV Spot) which changes in sight. I will need to look into some advanced code to be able to switch the video content in sight but I feel confident that I will find a solution to this.
  9. 10. Pandorum The Pandorum website is going to be the main basis for my website. The website is straight to the point upon loading. The header is the logo of the film and below is the trailer which automatically loads and plays, behind the video is a placeholder which is displayed before the video loads to give the viewer something to look at. Just below the video is a button to enter the site with more detailed information and obviously the site finishes off with a footer of logo’s and copyright information to protect the website.
  10. 11. In Conclusion As a result of this research I have compiled quite a good idea of the website I intend to create in my head and I will sketch this out in the planning phase. The website I plan to create will use similar styles and conventions from the websites that I have researched. I will be using the coding knowledge I already have an researching and learning new code as I go along in the process. To design the website I will be using Adobe Dreamweaver.