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Making Engagement Real


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Presentation delivered at the Great British Care Show by Andrea Pope Smith 1st May 2013

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Making Engagement Real

  1. 1. Making Engagement RealGreat British Care ShowSixways Stadium 1.5.13Andrea Pope Smith- Director of Adult, Community and Housing ServicesDudley MBC“I have good support but not until Ihit rock bottom, its getting to the‘good stuff’, it is out there but it isabout getting to it in the first place”.Views of a West MidlandsResident 2012
  2. 2. Strategic ContextCornerstones of Making itReal and personalisationare• Co-production or putmore simply “workingtogether”• Hearing not justlisteningComplete, accurate andtimely information is vitalfor people to makeinformed decisions aboutthemselves and on behalfof others
  3. 3. People who useservices and carerforumHeathwatch VoluntarySector andULOsOtherinvolvementnetworks e.g.People’sParliamentCommercialSectorProviders ofCare andSupportMeans to Engage.....
  4. 4. Making It Real• Tells us what the worldwould look like if care andsupport was fullyPersonalised.• Co-produced by peoplewho use care and supportservices• Contains 31 “I statements”(I would experience....)
  5. 5. The Care and Support White PaperVision To promote people’sindependence andwellbeing by enablingthem to prevent andpostpone the need forcare and support. To transform people’sexperience of care andsupport, putting them incontrol and ensuring thatservices respond to whatthey want.This means that, in the future, weexpect people will be able to say:1. “I am supported to maintain myindependence for as long as possible”2. “I understand how care and support works,and what my entitlements are”3. “I am happy with the quality of my care and support”4. “I know that the person giving me care andsupport will treat me with dignity and respect”5. “I am in control of my care and support”
  6. 6. People who useservices and carerforumInformationand adviceActive andSupportiveCommunityMy SupportMy MoneyWorkforceImplementation GroupProgramme BoardLinks to Making It Real
  7. 7. Production of the Local AccountOur Local Account asked four questions:1.What has worked well about your careand support in the last year?2. What has not worked so well?3. What could you or others do to make yourlife better?4. What does having a good quality of life meanto you?
  8. 8. You say, we do. “We have had to actively seekout information, we are trying tocope with a difficult situation ona daily basis. The Council needsto be more pro-active.”We are sorry to hear this. Over thenext 12 months we will improve thequality of information and supportthat we provide via ouraccess team and other public accesspoints including Healthwatch “My personal budget has taken along time to approve. It doesn’tallow any time to support mewith shopping or voluntarywork which is important to me.”We will review our processes toensure individual priorities areresponded to. We will also explorewider resources in the community toincrease the range of choice available
  9. 9. Increasing EngagementWe will “Map” participants• Geographically• By Gender• By Age• By Disability• By Ethnicity etc. etc.To ensure that the people with whomwe engage with make up a truly representativesample of the boroughs populationWe have gaps in particular “communities” we will proactively recruit peoplefrom these “communities”Every intervention with a member of the public isan opportunity to promote engagement
  10. 10. Stimulating the MarketplaceMarketintelligenceMarketstructuringMarketintervention10The development of a commonand shared perspective of supply anddemand, including the EngagementBank, Local Account and ProviderEngagement leadingto evidenced, published, marketposition statementsfor a given market.The activities designed to give the market shape andstructure, where commissioner behaviour is visible and the outcomes theyare trying to achieve agreed, or at least accepted.The interventions commissionersmake in order to deliver the kindof market believed to benecessary for anygiven community.
  11. 11. “The Council bent over backwardsto help me to help myself. I ambenefitting from activities I didn’tknow existed. I am an importantmember of my Community again.”
  12. 12. To find out more about Making It Real inDudley and to access these slides pleaseclick on http://makingitrealindudley.orgThanks for listening.