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Wall Tree Modern Christmas Trees Instruction Manual


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Product Details

6ft tall (includes 1ft gap between the floor and the bottom ring)
Weighs 11lbs (with ornaments)
60 holes for ornaments
Bottom ring sticks 18in out from the wall and is 33.5in across

(36) Glass chandelier crystals with chrome pin, hand cut and polished (2in height)
(36) Glass ball ornaments (67in diameter)
(100) Ornament “S” Hooks
Illuminating LED uplight (9 watts, 110volt, 6500K power LED bulb included)
Mirrorball and battery powered rotating device
Tree storage container (polyester zipper bag)
Installation hardware (wall nail, and wall hook)
Replacement ball chain and connectors

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Wall Tree Modern Christmas Trees Instruction Manual

  1. 1. Modern Christmas Tree™ (half tree) Assembly Instructions (fig.1) (fig.2) *AA battery not included (for motor 6. not pictured). ** It’s not uncommon for chains to disconnect during shipping. Extra chains and connectors are provided for this reason (2., 3., 4. in fig.1) Step ONE: The Modern Christmas Tree™ ships with protective tape on both sides of each ring. This ensures no scratching occurs during shipping. This protective tape will need to be completely peeled off. Being careful not to damage the rings, we suggest using a sharp flat object (knife, razor, finger nail, etc) to get the job started Step TWO: Hammer tree hook (1.1) and nail (1.2) to wall 7 feet above floor where tree will hang. Step THREE: Attach metal tree ring (5.) to tree hook in wall. Step FOUR: Place motor (6.) on top of second acrylic tree ring. See fig.2 Step FIVE: Attach mirror ball to the motor’s bottom hook so the ball hangs directly above the spotlight. Step SIX: Now it’s time to decorate the tree. Using the provided white gloves hang alternating crystals and ornaments on each ring. Step SEVEN: Place spotlight on the floor in center of tree pointing directly up. Turn both the spotlight and motor on, dim room lights, and enjoy the show.
  2. 2. Trouble Shooting What to do if the spotlight does not work? The Modern Christmas Tree™ uses advanced LED bulbs. Contact your retailer and we’ll be happy to replace it for you. ~ What if the motor stops turning? What could be the cause and how do you fix that? First thing to check is the battery. Replace the AA battery. If this doesn’t fix the issue, contact your retailer and we’ll be happy to replace it for you. ~ What to do if a chain or connector breaks? Additional chains and connectors are provided. Simply replace the broken pieces with the corresponding parts. ~ Now enjoy the tree with your family and friends!