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ONA13: Audio Everywhere: Radio in the Digital Age


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The Internet and mobile devices have changed the way people listen and that has big implications for radio. In the age of Stitcher, Flipboard and SoundCloud, how do you get ahead of the rapid shift in listener habits? Make audio available anywhere and anyway people want to listen. This digital audio strategy has brought great change to the way we create audio content, produce it, manage it, archive it and package it for audiences. In this hands-on workshop for radio, audio and podcast professionals, we’ll share tips and tricks for creating, managing and monetizing syndicated digital audio.

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ONA13: Audio Everywhere: Radio in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Audio Everywhere Radio in the digital age Tiffany Campbell Digital Managing Editor, WBUR @TiffanyCampbell Matt Berger Digital Director, Marketplace from APM @byMattBerger
  2. 2. producer v. platform A creator of original content for distribution to audiences on various platforms A community of content consumers linked by location, function, or another common thread
  3. 3. Get it Your Way
  4. 4. Anatomy of a Segment
  5. 5. Managing Segments REQUIRED: Headline, Subhead, Image, Story Link, Meta Data OPTIONAL: Full Text, Transcript, Photo/Video/PDF/Embed Code
  6. 6. Syndication and the PMP <item> <title>TITLE</title> <description>DESCRIPTION</description> <body>STORY</bod> <link>LINK</link> <enclosure url='MP3' type='audio/mpeg' /> <pubDate>DATE</pubDate> <topic>TOPIC</topic> </item>
  7. 7. The Result New Tactics Begin A Jan. 2010 Audio Nowhere Sept. 2013 Audio Everywhere
  8. 8. Audio Ect...
  9. 9. WBUR In Boston
  10. 10. WBUR: Experiments In Content Development On A Traditional Digital News Platform
  11. 11. How NPR/WBUR is thinking about ‘small’ segments
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing ‘KindWorld’ on Tumblr
  13. 13. Whitey Bulger with The Creatavist
  14. 14. Mashup of long-form narrative + live coverage
  15. 15. Bridging broadcast and digital with Soundcards
  16. 16. Audio blogging with Generation Stuck
  17. 17. Do partnerships work?
  18. 18. $=?
  19. 19. #=?
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. Your Assignment In 5 Years, what role will audio have in your lives as a news consumer and journalist? RECORD YOUR ANSWER