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Maximize Campaign Results with Account Based Intelligence (ABI)


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Account Based Intelligence is critical for Account Based Marketing success. Leverage your untapped source of data, campaign reply emails, to drive growth. I detail many use cases to deliver practical help.

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Maximize Campaign Results with Account Based Intelligence (ABI)

  1. 1. Maximize Campaign Results withAccount Based Intelligence (ABI) Matt Benati | CEO &Co-founder | | 978-758-9433
  2. 2. Email Marketing Process 1 Does this sound familiar? • You develop or purchase a mailing list. • You write a compelling message. • You send your message to thousands of people. • Your eyes glaze over as hundreds of replies and auto-responses start clogging up your inbox.
  3. 3. Replies & Auto-Responses What are all those replies telling you? That your leads: – Are out of the office – Are on vacation – Have changed jobs within the company – Have left the company – Have changed their email – Have changed their title or role – Are opting out of your list 2
  4. 4. To Delete Or NotTo Delete? Absolutely do NOT delete! Here’s why: • There is valuable Account Based Intelligence (ABI) buried in those emails. • This data allows you to penetrate target accounts, resulting in new and enhanced leads and opportunities. • Knowing more about your accounts allows for better segmentation and personalization of messaging. • You are better able to maintain an accurate database. 3
  5. 5. Turbo ChargeYour Campaigns 4 Think of LeadGnome like a car’s turbocharger that converts exhaust into horsepower. LeadGnome converts reply emails into Account Based Intelligence that boosts B2B growth. - Matt Benati, CEO & Co-founder of LeadGnome It almost sounds eco-friendly.This [reply emails] is all wasted stuff that [LeadGnome] turns it into something useful for you. - Jonathan Green, B2B Growth Show
  6. 6. Account Based Intelligence In Reply Emails Nearly every type of auto-response or reply email to your marketing campaign contains valuable ABI if you know where to look. • “Out Of Office” Email • “LeftThe Company” Email • “Change Of Email Address” Email • “Opt Out” Email 5
  7. 7. The “Out Of Office” Email 6
  8. 8. “Out Of Office” Email Info From this email, we learn: • Mary's return date (March 14) • An additional contact at Some Company (Joe Smith) • Joe's title (assistant procurement director) • Joe's email address ( • Mary's cell number (555-555-5555) • The company's format for email addresses Knowing all this, you can: • Plan a follow up email for the day after Mary's return • Add Joe's details to your CRM • Send your original email marketing message to Joe • Enhance Mary's existing lead record with her title and cell phone number 7
  9. 9. The "Left the Company" Email 8
  10. 10. "Left the Company" Email Info 9 From this email, we learn: • Pamela left the company (effective January 30th) • Pamela's replacement (Jenni Miller) • Jenni's title (Marketing Manager) • Jenni's email ( • Jenni's phone number (800-555-5454 x100) Knowing all this, you can: • Resend your marketing message directly to Jenni • Contact Jenni personally to reestablish your company's relationship, if applicable
  11. 11. "Left the Company" Emails =Trigger Events 10 This particular reply is called a “trigger event,” and instead of being the end of the line, it is actually a golden opportunity to be the first one in, establish relationships, and develop new leads and opportunities! With some persistent digging, you can learn: • Who your new contact is – reach out ASAP! • Where your new contact came from – is their former employer a potential account? • Where your original contact went – does he or she still have buying power? • Who your original contact replaced in their new role – is it possible to learn who they are and where they went? Are they a buyer?
  12. 12. The "Change of Email Address" Email 11
  13. 13. "Change of Email Address" Email Info 12 From this email, we learn: • Amy's email address has changed ( • Amy's old email address will be deactivated February 1st ( • Amy can still be reached at the same number (888-123-4567 x 12) Knowing all this, you can: • Update your CRM with Amy's new email address • Delete all instances of Amy's old email address • Resend your marketing message directly to Amy's new email address • Update any email lists Amy is on
  14. 14. The "Opt-Out" Email 13
  15. 15. The "Opt-Out" Email Info 14 From this email, we learn: • Megan’s title (VP of Marketing) • ACMEWidget Company’s website Knowing all this, you can: • Remove Megan from future mailings In this case, mining your email replies becomes part of protecting your brand and online reputation. IMPORTANT! When a user doesn’t use the automatic “unsubscribe” link it becomes your responsibility to see their manual reply and request for removal. If you miss it, you risk having an irate person on your hands.
  16. 16. LeadGnome Automatically MinesYour Email Campaign Replies 15 • Web-based software solution that automatically mines your email campaign replies and auto- responses for valuable Account Based Intelligence. • Lead-to-account matching automatically updates your CRM with mined data. • Schedules tasks for important items like when your contact will return to the office. • Identifies trigger events before you receive a hard bounce – gain a time advantage over competitors. • Reduces the need to manually analyze replies and pay for human resources. • Eliminates human error. • New and enhanced leads results in better segmentation and personalization. • Reverses database decay. • Increases revenue.
  17. 17. 16 THANK YOU