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    1. 1. AS DT Portfolio By Matt Bellingham
    2. 2. Old Spice Old Spice is a company that sells male grooming products such as deodorant, body wash and aftershaves. The company originally was very traditional in terms of the marketing and packaging. Old spice have now taken quite a comical approach to their marketing, using funny commercials. Old spice’s products used to be very widely worn but died down, until they recently began to re-invent themselves. One of the old slogans for old spice is ‘if your grandfather hadnt used it, you wouldn’t exist’, this is quite a bold statement insinuating that their product attracts women. Old spice aims its products at all men who want to smell good and attract the opposite sex. I think that their commercials would attract a lot of customers as they are so bold and comical. Old Spice is aimed at males around the age of 30 and above. Mr NattyMr Natty is a brand set up by a man called Matt Raine, Mr Natty has a variety of male grooming productssuch as: pomade wax hair preparation, Jack Tar’s bay rum after shave and moustache twizzle wax. MrNatty’s products are fun and quirky but Mr Natty isn’t a majorly popular brand because it isnt sold inmajor drug stores like boots and Superdrug. The website for all Mr Natty products has many quirkyfeatures to it, along the left hand side of the website it has a box full of slang words that he himself usesand on the tab ‘Nattiness’ he interviews himself to let his target audience find out more about thecreation and creator of Mr Natty. The whole production of Mr Natty is very personalized and individual Ireally like the touches it has. This range of products of LOreal Men ExpertL’Oreal Men Expert is a company that sells products for men. L’Oreal sells all kinds of male groomingproducts like deodorant, shaving foam, moisturisers and hair products. They always have quite planeadvertising using black and white image of men to give off the idea that women find this brand ofproduct attractive but for there actual products they use greys and oranges which are quite brightdrawing you towards them. I think that although there marketing is very simple and maybe perceivedas quite boring it is also quite sophisticated and draws the public in making them want to buy LOrealsmale grooming products. L’Oreal Men Expert are a very big male grooming company and they advertisethere products very well drawing in the customers, they do this by giving off the impression that themost attractive males where there products. women may even see these products and buy them forfamily and friends
    3. 3. HackettHackett is an upmarket company that sells both male grooming products and mens clothing, thiscompany aims all of its products at traditional British gentlemen, it is aimed at men around the age of20 to 30. Hacketts advertising is very traditional and smart just like their products, simplistic yetsophisticated. A well dressed young man would wear Hackett to fit their persona. I really like the waythat Hackett lay out their website and advertisements, simplistic black and white theme making it feelmore traditional to match the products. Although their cloths are really expensive their malegrooming products are more affordable making it available to a wider range of young men. Fish SohoFish Soho is a company that sells a variety of different male grooming products like hair productsand deodorant, the fish website is very traditional looking but the products all consist of quitevibrant bold colours which could be quite confusing for their customers and would definitelyhinder their popularity. Fish Soho used to be a hairdressing company so I would imagine thattheir hair products are very specialist and popular. I would say that their products are aimed atmen around the age of about 25 upwards. As you can see they have a very famous actor fromHarry Potter and twilight in one of their posters which would draw in a lot of customers andshows that its aimed at men around 25 that would be well presented and groomed. LynxLynx is a company that sells male grooming products, it is a range of products that wasoriginally made by a company called unilever, the ad campaigns draw customers in by makingthis product look irresistible to women and this is why young men wear it. It is aimed atpeople in their teens up to about the age of 20, many young children that have just begunpuberty wear their products and carry on wearing it until they reach an age where they aremore mature. This product is only called lynx in the UK and Ireland around the rest of theworld its called Axe. Lynx have recently launched a deodorant for women which will broadentheir target audience. They are very successful and always advertise and package the malegrooming products very well.
    4. 4. This point of sale unit was This is an easily recognisable pointPoint Of selling erasable pens, I don’t rate this point of sale unit of sale unit, it is the national lottery point of sale unit. The unit has justSale Unit much mainly because its such a simple design and made of enough visual noise, it has the products on the unit easilyA point of sale unit is I cardboard which is not at all available and it has an excellentdisplay that is put durable. Although the design footfall. The only major worrytogether to advertise a isnt very good and the about this point of sale unit is thatproduct that is new or material is bad the point of it is made out of cardboard whicha brand that has sale unit has a lot of visual is very common and not at allbought out a new noise attracting customers durable even though this doesdesign. A good point are the product being sold is make the cost of manufacture veryof sale must clearly easily accessible. cheap.display both theproduct and the brand This point of sale unit is selling theof the product so that This point of sale unit has a very good feature to it, this is books ‘50 shades of grey’ it is quitethe potential a plain point of sale unit but thecustomers will be able the shelves. The shelves on this point of sale unit make books are easy to take andto investigate further purchase, the price is clearly on theif there interested, it the products on sale easily accessibly. Although this is a product and it is easy to identifymust also consider want the product is. Theergonomics, the good feature the point of sale unit is very bland and again positioning of this point of sale unitdesign of the point of is good because a lot of peoplesale has to be eye made out of cardboard which isnt a very durable material. would use the stairs and see this aslevel so that the the went up them. The unit iscustomers can clearly This point of sale unit did have quite a good footfall in made out of cardboard which isntsee the product it durable but cheap.should be theft proof that the store willnot loose profits. The This point of sale unit is goodpoint of sale should This is the best point of sale unit because it would be easily visiblealso make purchasing that I could find, its very point from inside the shop. It isntsimple, the product and striking meaning it will made out of cardboard whichshould be close to or attract customer, it is easily means that it is more durableinvolved in the point recognisable as pritt stick and than most point of sale that youof sale so that the has the logo clearly on it, the see. Although these are goodpotential customer products are easy to get and the features the point of sale unit hasdoes not have to material is good because its too much of a variety and peoplesearch the store for bright and durable. This is a very might get confused and notthe product, it should good example of a point of sale buying any of them. As you caneasily accessible. unit and I will be using elements see the unit has light to it which is of the unit for my own. a good feature because it light up the products
    5. 5. This point of sale unit isadvertising the lottery. It is a This point of sale is very good because it is made out of durable Summarypermanent point of sale unit material such as wood whichwhich is good because it means that the display wouldn’t Here I have looked atmeans that the materials are have to be replaced during the the point of sale unitvery good and durable. The time that it is in the store that I had found inslips that you fill in are easily potentially saving money. It is Bromley and you canaccessible on the point of sale also quite eye catching because see that I have wrote aunit and there is a place where of the sculpture at the front. I do little bit of analysisthey can fill it in with a pen think that the point of sale unit is about them involvingthat it attached this is also very a good example because its what parts of them Irecognisable and people will during, clearly displays products think are good or badeasily be able to see it if they and is right at the front of the about the units. I thinkenter the store store making it a good footfall that the best one was the prit stick one whichThis is a very bad point of sale had involved all of theunit because it isnt at all good elements of anoticeable although the materials point of sale unit suchare good and the footfall is as theexcellent. The footfall is good but footfall, size, materials,it is countered by the fact that accessibility the y andthe stand isnt noticeable when the bring. Personally Iyour walking through the glades think that the worstin Bromley. There are also too one ‘KOBO’ because itsmany product on display but not made of goodnone of them are accessible. materials, its got too many products too chose from meaningThis point of sale unit doesn’t that the customerreally have any good features to wouldn’t be able toit. It is quite plain but it clearly make their mind upshows the make and model of and its quite blandthe phone and the price. This meaning that it isntunit is eye level meaning that the eye catching andcustomer can easily see it, this potential customerstells me the person has thought will just walk straightof not sure what past it without noticingit is made out of but I would say it. When I am makingplastic covered in posters to my point of sale unit Iadvertise which could be quite will try to learn fromdurable some of the bad point s of these displays.
    6. 6. Mr NattyI have chosen to design a point of sale unit for the brand Mr Natty because Ibelieve that I will be able to come up with some very interesting andcreative designs for this brand due to the theme of it. I really like howindividual the branding of Mr Natty is and how unique it is as a company Icouldn’t easily compare to any other male grooming company because ofhow different and out there it is. Although the target audience isnt aimedtowards my age or social backing I would use this product because I thinkthat a lot of effort would be put into the product and they would be veryspecialist.Mr Natty is a company that sells male grooming products, it mainly sellsdifferent types of hair products such as wax and clay but it really focuses onmoustaches which is unusual; moustaches are so rare these days and MrNatty, as a company, has only been out for a few years. I think that thetarget audience for this brand is of grooming products is people around theage of 20 and above. Mr Natty is quite a comical product with lots ofrandom features to the website and you can see that Matt Raine himselfhas personalised the website as much as he could. Mr Natty is not sold inyour regular male grooming stores such as Boots and Superdrug whichmeans that it is also aimed for the more upper class traditional man whichfits in with the theme of the website. The packaging for the products looksquite manic but at the same time its all set out nicely and is easy to read. MrNatty would be a lot more popular and would be able to widen its targetaudience if was to advertise and sell its products in more common storesalthough not doing so does make the brand a lot more authentic. The MrNatty website consists of quite neutral colours and uses wood so I will haveconsider these things as well as the theme when making my point of saleunit.
    7. 7. Logical The L in Links FX stands for logical and it basically means that you have to think of all the logical aspects when designing something otherwise the point of sale unit would most likely be useless. As Im going to be designing a point of sale I will be basing it on that. when designing a point of sale unit It must consider ergonomics otherwise it wont be any use to people that want to but the product that its advertising, it must be at eye level, positioned in foot fall etc.. The design must contain all essential information like the brand and price so that the customer can look the product up if there interested. The point of sale unit must stand out so that it draws the customer in, you can do this buy using lots of visual noises like bright bold colours and bright lights. You must also be able to easily access the product from the point of sale because if you cant the customer isnt likely to look around further for it.L Illogical The I in Links FX stands for illogical, meaning that I have to think of everything illogical in a design so that I don’t make those mistakes. When designing a point of sale you should consider how much text you use, you shouldn’t have too much because the customer will get confused and wont be as interested in buying the product but you cant leave the branding out, it must contain at least the brand and price. Too much visual noise will drive away a customer so the product and colour scheme should be simply. The point of sale and the product displayed should both be cost effective; the point of sale should be durableI so that it will last and the product ;being advertised should be attached to the point of sale so that it is theft proof other wise the store will just loose money. The Point of Sale shouldn’t have too many options other wise the customer will struggle to make their mind up and wont bother getting any of them. Need The N in LINKS FX stands for Need which means that you have to think of all the things that are 100% necessary in a point of sale otherwise it wont be any good and people wont pay much attention to it and most certainly wont be likely to buy the advertised product. The most important thing about a point ofN sale display is that it attracts the customers attention or it would be any use as it wont properly do its job and sell the products I would do this by using a lot of visual noise like bright lights and colour to attract the customers attention. I would also need my point of sale display to be slightly interactive so that it will not only draw in the customers it will also hold the customers attention. I would have to consider how interactive it is otherwise the customers will simply use the products and not bother buying them a good example of this is the apple store. The display that I will design will have to include the branding and price as well as the companys colour scheme so that it will be clear that it is that brand and the customer will know what they are buying. But the mainK thing I need to consider is making my point of sale unique so that it will stand out from the crowd and will attract a lot of customers. Keep I have looked at many point of sale units and I know that I need to keep a few key things and the main one is the brand and price so that people can recognise the company that the product on display belongs to and it needs to fit in with the company previous advertisement so that they arent getting confused. Most of the point of sale displays out there use the products with in the display and this is another thing that I am going to keep because it’s aS really good feature and makes the display unit interact which is a really important feature on a display unit. I have also noticed on some display units that they have not only the test product the also have the products on sale next to it which makes it easily accessible and I will use this in mine. Scrap On some of the display I have seen that they have a huge amount of text on them and although this may all be relevant its too much and will confuse the customer which will drive them away without buying the product so I will be scrapping that and it wont be incorporated in my design. Most of the point ofF sale units I have looked at are main made of cardboard Im not going to do this with mine because its not a very durable material and it can also look a bit cheap which would appeal to the customer and may even put the off of buying it. Form Vs. Function This is where the look of the display is compared to the function of the display, some point of sale displays look really good but they don’t work very well and others are the other way round what I want to try to achieve wit my point of sale unit is achieving a really good form and a really good function so that it willX entice the customers with the form and keep them there with the function, both of these together will hopefully result in the customer buying the product on display. I want the display to look really good so that the customer will have to come and look at it I will do this by making it look neat with a lot of visual noise drawing the customer in, it will then have to show off the product and make it look really good and present it well so that it will hopefully make the customer want to buy it. X-Factor The x-factor basically means that my unit will stand out from all of the other point of sale units and have something unique about it. Most point of sale units are quite bland and havent got a unique selling point but mine is going to have a special feature to it that makes it stand out from the crowd and really draw in customers. Im going to use high end materials in my point of sale rather than cardboard which will add to the aesthetics and make it look better, a customer is more likely to go to a point of sale if it looks good and they are also more likely to buy the products. I will also include a feature like lights or a speaker to draw attention and make it stand out from all of the others this would also give my point of sale unit the ‘x factor’.
    8. 8. Initial Specification Aesthetics: When I am designing my point of sale unit I will have to think of the characteristics of my brand so I will have to make sure that it is in the style of Mr Natty meaning that it will be a quirky but traditional point of sale unit. Mr Natty’s colour scheme, in terms of their website, involves very neutral colours like beige and brown but the actual products are silver, black and white with some vibrant text, so I will have to consider both the website and the product when I am designing my point of sale unit. I think that all of these colours compliment each other perfectly so I wont be changing this at all. I will have to involve Mr Natty’s symbolic moustache as it is a From doing this initial specification I have learnt that I have certain aspects that I need to involve in my point of sale unit to portray the Mr Natty branding. recognisable symbol used by Mr Natty quite a lot. I will most likely use a variety of shapes in my designs for my point of sale unit, I will I now know that I have include have to carefully consider what shapes to use for each part due to safety issues of sharp edges. I will use a fair amount of wood in my the colours mainly used in Mr design because this is a good example of the colour scheme and it is a durable material, I will also use metal in my point of sale unit Natty which quite neutral colour because it is used a lot in the products. like brown and beige and Cost: My point of sale unit will most likely be a high cost mainly due to the cost of the materials that I will use. I will use high quality therefor I will use wood because materials for my point of sale unit such as wood and metal. Although the materials will cost a lot of money this means that It will last a it is the correct colour. The point long time and wont easily be damaged. Another large part of the expense will be a feature that I would like to put in; I would like to add of sale unit must also clearly some kind of speaker or television screen to give the potential customer information on the brand and the product, this will also save display branding, I also would like the customer time and effort of reading this information from the point of sale unit. Because I am going to be using quite bland colours it it to have a speaker or a wont be very visible to counter this I will make quite large making it visible to all potential customers and making it eye catching, this television screen to attract the could cost a fair bit of money. attention of the customers. I learnt that this is a very good way Customers: My target audience would be people around the age of 20 and above that are in a certain social group. Mr Natty is a to make sales company that bases all of its products to people around 20 and above in a social group called ‘Hipsters’, because of this I will be involving elements that are linked with this target audience such as their clothing and music. Hipsters are usually dressed quite well which fits into the traditional theme of Mr Natty’s website. As I am catering for a specific target audience I will have to think about ergonomics, I will have to make sure that the product is easy to access so it must be at eye level and it must be easy to pick the product up, they should have to open doors that are stiff or reach for back into a shelf. Mr Natty would also appeal to people with a moustache as one of this companies main symbols is a moustache, moustaches arent very common these days but Mr Natty is one of very few companies that sell ‘moustache twizzle wax’ Environment: My point of sale unit would be placed in a retail store, Mr Natty doesn’t sell its products in major male grooming stores like boots which means that my point of sale unit would be placed in a store like urban outfitters, a clothing shop that is a bit more individual and would sell the kind of clothes a hipster would where meaning that It would be see by the correct target audience and hopefully sell the product. This point of sale unit will have to have a fairly large amount of space on the shop floor so that it doesn’t look smothered by other products on sale in the shop this way it will be clearly visible and attract attention form the potential customers Safety: I will try to make sure that my point of sale unit is as safe a possible and there wont be a hazard to any potential customers or any customers in the store. Firstly I will make sure that there are no sharp edges that any one can cut themselves on if they trip, I will also make sure that the wire connecting the speaker/ television screen will not be a tripping hazard, it will also be out of sight so that it doesn’t affect the aesthetical side of the display. I will also make sure that they products on sale will be securely in place so that they wont fall in front of the customer and potentially trip them. If I make sure that my point of sale unit is safe then it will be a success. Size: my point of sale unit is going to be quite big because it needs to be eye level with the potential customer, it will also have to fit a television screen/ speaker so that I can give the potential customers information on the brand and the product that on sale. My point of sale involves quite bland colour and therefore wont be very visible if it was small but because its going to be large It will be very noticeable from a distant part of the store that its located in. if I was to have a small point of sale unit I don’t think it would have the same overall effect Function: to make my point of sale unit interactive I would like to have a television screen or speaker on the display to give the customer some information on the brand Mr Natty and on the product that is on sale. This will be useful because it will give the customer information with out them having to read and they can do so whilst looking at the product. It will also be good because it would attract quite a lot of attention; this function isnt included in most point of sale units which make mine unique and interesting to people that are in a shop. Material: the materials that I use in my point of sale unit are going to be good quality and therefor quite expensive. I will be using woods In my unit because they all have quite neutral colours and this fits into the colour scheme for Mr Natty, they are also a very durable material which is good because you don’t want to have to make this product more than once per location. I will also use metal because the actual products themselves come in small metal tins, this material is also durable and look extremely chic when they have had finishes applied to them. I think that these materials can also look quite traditional which fits into the whole of Mr Natty’s advertising theme.
    9. 9. Task AnalysisMaterials AestheticsMetals • PVC Woods • Quadrilateral • Metallic Size• Nickel • Rubber • Mahogany Style • Polish • Large• Aluminium • Polyester • Oak • Modernist Colour • Small• Brass • Polypropylene • Beech • Contemporary • Black • Medium• Copper • ABS • Pine • Art deco • White Shape• Steel • HDPE • Walnut • Traditional • Neutral • 3D• Iron • PET • Cherry • Old fashioned • Vibrant • 2D• Chromium • Nylon • Spruce • Pop art • Brown • Cylinder• Tin • MDF • Country • Beige Other • Circle• Bronze • Plywood • Green • Carbon fibre • Square Finishes• Silver • Teak • Yellow • Fabric • Rectangle • Matt• Stainless steel • Cedar • Orange • Glass • Cube • Chrome• Lead • Bamboo • Red • Porcelain • Pyramid • SmoothPlastics • Leather • Corners • Rough • Blue• Acrylic • Paint • Curves • Shiny Safety Cost • Tripping hazard • Look good Environment • High cost • Electrical hazard • Multi functional • Outdoors • Low cost • Sharp edges • Designed for the environment • Inside • Expensive materials • Curved edges • Visual noise • Shop shopping centre • Cheap materials • Durable materials • Attract customers • Supermarket • Small • No rough materials • Tester • Corner shop • Large • Cinema • Product close to unit • Cost of features Function • Sports centre • Okay footfall • Interactive • Perfumes shop • Bad footfall • Product on display • Drug store • Manufacturing • Television • Sports shop • Finishes • Speaker • Restaurant • Range of colours • Lights • Clothes shop • LED’s • Neo lights
    10. 10. Gantt Chart Market research D D D D D D D D D For my market research I will be comparing Mr Natty to a a a a a a a a a a similar brand of my chose I will have to compare prices and quality of products to fully understand the way it works. I y y y y y y y y y will be looking at both of the companies advertising so that I can compare it and see which elements are unique and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 which to use.Market Research Mood Board Here I am going to find images of things that remind me ofMood Board Mr Natty such as colour people and Mr Natty’s symbolic moustache. This will allow me to try and pick out the parts that truly represent Mr Natty and will look good on myEnvironmental point of sale unit.Snapshot Environmental Snapshot For the environmental snapshot I will chose a couple ofCustomer Profiling placed that I would put a Mr Natty point of sale unit, to do this I will look on the Mr Natty website and see what sortsCompetitive Products of things are on the blog so that I can see what stores would stock them and therefore the type to wear Mr Natty wouldBrand Profiling shot there. Customer Profiling10 Minute For the customer profiling I will use the Mr Natty blog toObservation determine what kind of people would be associated with this brand and therefore buy there products.Keep & Scrap
    11. 11. Situation & BriefSituationI have chosen to design a Point of Sale unit for Mr Natty and during my research I have realised that there is a problem within the brand. Thisproblem that is they do not sell Mr Natty’s products in major retailing stores such as Boots and Superdrug. This is a problem because itdoesnt allow the company to widen its target audience and become a really popular brand although you could see this a s a problem youcould also say that it simply makes the product more exclusive and adds to the brands personality. This problem could easily be solved, theproduct should be sold in major male grooming stores like bots and Superdrug so that it widens the target audience and therefore thecompany will sell a lot more of their products and they will be a lot more popular than they are now. Another little problem is that they arerelatively expensive compared to other companies that sell male hair products such as lynx and L’Oreal, but this is understandable becausetheir products are very specialist and would have cost a lot to produce but they could still slightly reduce they price so that they are moreaffordable, this would broaden their target audience and would even .BriefI have to design a point of sale unit for a brand of my chose, this point of sale unit must display some of the products the chosen brandsrange. The point of sale unit must clearly display the brands name and preferably use the brands colour scheme so that potential customerswill not get confused. I will have to make the point of sale as good as I can so that it will hopefully sell the products as well as possible. I havechosen to do my point of sale unit on Mr Natty which means that my point of sale unit will have to involve the Mr Natty logo and colourscheme, it will also involve elements that represent some of Mr Nattys products. The display that I am going to create must interact with thepotential customers to draw them in. it must also stand out from all of the other units so that it will attract attention and sell the products, Iwill do this by adding a lot of visual noise and it will be eye level for potential customers so that it is easily visible. This is the brief that I havebeen given and this is how I will try to make the point of sale unit to sell the products to the best of my ability.
    12. 12. Mood This a mood board that I have made and it involves lots of images that remind me of Mr Natty and I will use lots of the colours and theme within this to help me design my point of sale unit. Form the mood board you can see that there are mainly neutral colours within the images and quite aboard traditional theme to it. One of the other main features to Mr Natty is Moustaches. Not many companies sell products for your beard and moustaches but Mr Natty does, and it partially bases it target audience on people with a beard and moustache.
    13. 13. Environmental Snapshot As a company Mr Natty doesn’t sell products in Major retail stores such boots but it does sell the male grooming products it stores like Urban Outfitters. I could imagine people shopping in Urban Outfitters being the kind of people that would buy Mr Nattys products because they would have a similar target audience and are both quite quirky companies. Urban outfitter sells quite smart clothes that are currently in fashion for different groups of people and this is the same kind of target audience for Mr natty. I could easily see a Mr Natty point of sale unit in Urban Outfitters because it would fit in with the way that the shop is set out, it would also fit in with the products that this company sells. Urban Outfitters sells relatively expensive products therefore people that shop in there wouldn’t mind picking up a pot of Mr Nattys hair products because it not majorly expensive and if the point of sale unit was clearly visible in this store it would attract a lot of attention and therefore sell a lot of the products.I would imagine that Mr Natty would be sold in a few barbersand hairdressers as Mr Natty originated from a hair dressingcompany the product are very specialist. I could see theproduct being used here but I don’t think I could see a point ofsale unit being point in a barbers or hairdressers unless it wasvery small and sitting on a stand. Old fashioned barber shopsvividly remind me of Mr Natty as a brand due to all of itsadvertising which is also very traditional. A barber shop likethese is where Mr Natty as a company would make a lot ofsales because the customers would be able to use it after theirhaircut and see how good the products are and with thequality of Mr Natty they would definitely buy it.
    14. 14. Customer ProfilingAll of the things that are in the box on the top left hand corner are all of the typical thing that some wearing Mr Natty would have and wear. The main kind ofpeople wearing Mr Natty would be Hipsters, and all of the thing in the box are what hipsters would have and wear. I would guess that the people using thisproduct would be quite creative and most likely be interested in art or photography, I would imagine that they would have and use tumblr as this is what theywould post all of their images of photography on. They would most likely have a very nice and stylish hair style and that’s why they wear Mr Natty, because it’s avery good hair product. The image at the bottom is the exact kind of person I would typically expect to be wearing Mr Natty, I would say this because of his hair,clothes, glasses and also his moustache. i couldn’t think of any well known person that would wear Mr Natty except for Johnny Depp because he looks like thekind of person that would wear it. He dresses the way I imagined Mr Natty customers would and he has a moustache which is a major feature of Mr Nattys buthe always wears a hat and his hair currently is too long to properly style.
    15. 15. Competitive Products Expensive Here I have compared some of Mr Natty’s competitive products such as Fish Sohos wax and Dax Wax. I have done this by plotting them onto a graph where the Y axis is labelled Expensive meaning that I have to judge he price of them and the X axis labelled modern meaning that I have to judge how modern of traditional the products are. I have learnt from this that MR Natty is in the far top left hand corner because it is much more expensive and traditional than all of the other products on this graph. The price could be a problem but if customers get to try it before hand they will be able to see how good the quality is so they will be more likely to buy it. Modern Mr Natty, as far as wax is concerned Mr natty is quite an expensive product at £14, it is also very traditional in terms of packaging and branding which means that it is placed in the top left hand corner. My natty aims its products at 20 year olds and above hipsters, a social group Fish Soho, is about £6 in major retail stores like boots which means that I put it in the middle of the top right box because the packaging and product is also quite modern even though the advertising is traditional. Fish Sohos products are aimed at people around the age of 25 and above. Dax Wax is very cheap in terms of male hair products it only around £2 per pot. Dax wax is fairly modern and these factors mean that it is put in the bottom right square. Although this is really cheap it is a very common product and is used widely by teens and above
    16. 16. Brand ProfilingMr Natty is a very expensive brand of male grooming products, they mainly sell hair products such as Wax Mwhich is about £14. I doesn’t sound much but it is a huge amount compared to other hair products on themarket at the moment. Fish Soho also make a wax for men and they charge £6 per pot which puts Mr aNatty at over double the price. So is Mr Natty a good enough product to charge that much for one pot of thair wax? tMr Natty is a company run by two men called Matt Raine and Matt Brooke, Mr Raine was originally a RBarber and was fed up of male grooming products that werent good enough so he and his businesspartner created a whole new range, Mr Natty. He was actually a very experienced barber and had cut the ahair of a few celebrities. He had a vision of creating a brand that was authentic and traditional but with a isense of humour so that it also had a sense of freshness to it. I believe that he has successfully achieved nwhat he wanted, the product is quirky, authentic and traditional, it is also a very good quality wax whichmeans that it is most certainly worth the money. eMr Natty, as a company, are very traditional and it aims it products at hipsters, a social group of peoplethat share a liking in clothing and music. I know that its aimed at this group of people because there is acaption under the tab blog on the Mr Natty website that says ‘Buy my Gum Hipsters’ referring to MrNatty’s gum hair preparation. This shows me that this is his target audience and it tells me a lot about thekind of places that it would be sold.Unfortunately Mr Natty doesn’t supply its products to major retail stores such as boots although thismeans that they do not get as many sales and arent as well known is sort of gives the company anauthentic feeling because its not a mainstream product yet still quite popular within a certain community.As Mr Natty isnt sold in these common stores I havent been able to find a point of sale unit for thiscompany, this is a problem because I cant compare an original one to what I am going to make andtherefor I cant see what I would need to improve from the one that Mr Natty has already made.Mr Natty mainly sell Hair products such as wax and hair clay, but the most striking product that they sell is‘moustache twizzle wax’ this is quite an unusual product to sell because moustaches are quite rare thesedays but Mr Natty use the symbolic moustache for quite a lot of their branding, maybe because thecreator himself has one.
    17. 17. 10 Minute Observation 10 Minute Observation I went to the Apple store in Blue water to do a 10 minute Observation so that I could see how people used the products that were on display and to see if they actually bought them or were just abusing the facilities available. When I was there I discovered that most of the people that entered the shop only used the products and didn’t actually buy them, from this I have learnt that I cant make my point of sale unit too interactive or people will simply use the products and they wont get bought this isnt good because I wont make the company and money and the point of sale unit will be a waste of money. In the apple store they have lots of equipment out on display for people to use and there are employees going around helping the potential customers work the machines so I have decided that I will have some kind of information on a television or through a speaker informing my potential customer on the product they are going to buy, this will be a good feature because it means that they will know about the product without having to read about it saving them a lot of time and effort. I will also make sure that I control how interactive my display is, I will have the product out on display but I will not allow the customers to abuse this and will limit how much of it is used. This means that they can still try it to see if they like it but I wont be loosing Mr Natty any money by giving away lots of there products for free. I believe that I have learnt a lot from this 10 Minute Observation and know what I can do to make my Point of Sale unit successful
    18. 18. Keep and ScrapKeep ScrapHere is a point of sale unit for Lynx mal Firstly I think that the point of sale unit isntgrooming products. It is fairly good so I will be vibrant enough and wont be clearly visible in akeeping many aspects of this display unit but shop full of f bright products. A good examplethere are a few aspects of the design that I of this would be boots where they sell all sort ofwould change. Firstly the branding and price is grooming products and this unit would standclearly visible on the display unit which means out in a shop like this. Another big issue withthat the customer wont have to try and find this point of sale unit is that it looks as if it isout how much it is and loose interest it is made entirely of cardboard which means thatthere in front of them. The product on sale is the unit wont be durable and may have to bealso easy to access with shelves put into the replaced after a few days of use. Usingdisplay unit so that the potential customer can cardboard means that it would be easilyjust pick up how ever many they want without destroyed by customer and just by being usedhaving to find them around the store. There is constantly. I don’t believe that this point of salea fair bit of information on the display unit unit is interactive at all which means that thewhich may put the customer of off buying the customer wont be interesting in see how toproduct so I wouldn’t put this much work the interaction or staying at the stand andinformation on my point of sale unit there is buying the product which is obviously aalso a big picture of the product on the side of problem. These are the things that I would havethe display so that people will automatically kept and would have scraped from this point ofrecognise what the unit is selling before they sale unit. I believe that I have learnt from doingeven get to it. Although these are all good this piece of marketing research and will bepoint there are also a few bad points. able to learn from the mistakes and make mine even more outstanding.
    19. 19. Designing