Convergence Presentation


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CMA Cuppa Tea(m), David Brealey and Matthew Beckwith.

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Convergence Presentation

  1. 1. CONVERGENCE PRESENTATION BRIEFSomething along the lines of: “The Effects of Social Media and Self Publishing on Society and MediaCorporations”TWO SCREENING What two screening is: watching TV with another screen to interact on social media with the stars or with other viewers. research?newsfeed=true How people use Twitter as a TV guide, what‟s on, etc. thanks-to-social-media How this is being harnessed by TV companies to market their show, (roll Twitter and TV video) and how it gives social charts of TV programs. ZeeBox and how it allows viewers to interact together and share their opinions. Increasing interactivity between the author and consumer. Lead onto story about Absolute Radio and their “#nowplaying” increased their listener levels by 7%.ABSOLUTE RADIO HARNACING TWITTER Use of the #nowplaying by Absolute Radio to gain listeners, which worked and got them a 7% increase in listeners. listening-up-by-7/TWITTER AND NEWS How Twitter is now being used by News channels and journalists as a way of finding stories. Quote how many journalists use it. (Tweets and Truth) “Twitter isnt just a tool for collecting news; its also a platform for breaking it. To break and develop stories on the fly, youll need two things: established engagement and a mobile device set up with the proper tools.” And also how journalistic establishments and CITIZENS alike are using social media such as Twitter to spread news instantly. (#Sandy and how the BBC set up a live blog which featured verified and unverified sources, and how citizens took to YouTube during Hurricane Sandy to share footage of the disaster, and others remix it) Sandy Liveblog on the BBC: canada-20121635 And the show Superstorm USA from the BBC showcasing the footage captured from Sandy. camera.aspx What ZeeBox had to say about the program:
  2. 2. VIDEO ON DEMAND AND SOCIAL MEDIAHow Twitter is being used on BBC iPlayer to increase the awareness of the channel and hopefully thenumber of viewers. BBC to know what is popular on their channel by looking at the tweets and posts about it. rewards people who tweet about them on Twitter by direct messaging them, this is a method topersuade more people to watch their programmes that ITV player is out it allows people to never miss a program ever again, that is why in 2011 theirnumber of views increased by 44% the players have their own Twitter page allowing people to use Twitter as a TV Guide since people could start watching TV on their mobile phones the number of people actually watchingTV has increased especially now that the ITV Player, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, etc is available on them making iteasier for viewers to catch up on programmes on the move. Which again increases the amount of views onthe channel, for example one fifth of ITV Players views are from mobile phone users. iPlayer is just the same as of 2011 1.94 billion views were made (record year) because it was viewableon people‟s mobile phones at all times“141 million requests for TV and Radio programmes in November is slightly up on October 2010 – but 32percent more than November 2009, illustrating the growth in desire for video on demand” (Extract from 23rdDec 2010 | 11:58 actually want more opportunities to use „Online TV Players‟ shown when the Olympics were on925,000 requested to be able to watch the Opening Ceremony again, which increased the views by 1.7million how the views back up the fact that „Video on Demand‟ is getting increasingly popular