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omnichannel marketing


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omnichannel marketing

  1. 1. Our Omni Channel Marketing Future
  2. 2. WME was an “SEO agency.” Single channel. We have added web development, content & SEM – multi-channel. We want to become the best and that is as a true omnichannel marketing agency.
  3. 3. Marketing is done in many small niches by specialists in each area. Below are just some of the types of marketing that an agency may choose to help clients with.
  4. 4. Let’s look at “just” Inbound Marketing from this list.
  5. 5. Now let’s drill down to “social media marketing.” What comes to mind? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and Instagram?
  6. 6. Where do SEO & PPC fit? SEO & PPC
  7. 7. But omnichannel marketing affects the whole customer lifecycle.
  8. 8. We need to take omni channel from concept … … to customer
  9. 9. When an agency markets this omnichannel approach, it often looks like this:
  10. 10. Our goal is to evolve directly from multi-channel marketing to omnichannel marketing.
  11. 11. As we evolve from a single and multi-channel agency, we need to remember the complexity of the omnichannel marketing campaign but also how omnichannel is fundamentally different from multi-channel marketing.