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HPE Fortify OnDemand Helps VerticalRent Achieve E13PA Compliance

ResultsPositive Inc., a Platinum HPE Partner, leveraged HPE Fortify OnDemand to help the nation's leading online rental property and tenant screening platform achieve E13PA and PCI-DSS compliance. This case study showcases the opportunity and how the ResultsPositive team can help your organization protect application and achieve compliance.

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HPE Fortify OnDemand Helps VerticalRent Achieve E13PA Compliance

  1. 1. VerticalRent® is a cloud-based tenant screening and property management solution with an intuitive interface. Used by over 10,000 realtors, landlords, and property managers across the United States, it has grown to become the premier software-as-a-service platform for the real estate industry. Partnering with both Experian® and TransUnion® to offer applicant credit reports to their customers, VerticalRent must adhere to stringent Credit Bureau and PCI-DSS standards, including extensive penetration and vulnerability testing requirements. The Solution ResultsPositive, a leading application security provider and HPE Platinum Partner, teamed up with VerticalRent to help design and implement a comprehensive information security policy. As part of the policy, ResultsPositive recommended HPE Fortify On Demand’s dynamic testing capability. This satisfied the quarterly vulnerability scans, along with focused penetration testing assistance. The purpose of the two-prong approach with VerticalRent was to:  To help design, advise, and develop a comprehensive Information Security Policy, ensuring VerticalRent’s compliance with PCI-DSS and Credit Bureau requirements.  To enable and train VerticalRent’s R&D team on how to use HPE FOD while also providing them with focused penetration testing services to augment the Fortify vulnerability scans. Within two weeks, ResultsPositive was able to ensure VerticalRent had the appropriate mechanisms in place to monitor, scan, and pass their quarterly compliance requirements. The Benefits  Fortified VerticalRent’s application servers on Amazon AWS while expediting remediation of critical and high issues.  Rapidly enabled the VerticalRent R&D team on how to setup scheduled scans and quickly report out for compliance.  Provided VerticalRent with documented penetration tests that the team can automate and run against its Amazon AWS hosted products. Credit Bureau Reseller Achieves Compliance with HPE Fortify OnDemand Real Estate SOLUTIONS HPE Fortify On Demand HPE ALM INDUSTRY ResultsPositive, Inc. Copyright © 2016 ResultsPositive, Inc. All rights reserved. 2250 E. Germann Rd. Suite 14 Chandler AZ 85286 Tel 480-336-3450 Fax 480-452-1853 For inquires please email us at or visit The Opportunity HPE’s dynamic scanning reduces speed-to-compliance