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Ux open 2013 - The Tieto co-creation method

Mats Berglinds presentation from UX Open 2013

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Ux open 2013 - The Tieto co-creation method

  1. 1. © 2013 Tieto Corporation The Tieto Co-Creation method Company confidential
  2. 2. How many functions do we get for the money we will spend? We do not know – it depends, we will do as many as we can do… © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  3. 3. When will you all the features be developed and ready? We will deliver value all the time after each sprint… Yes fine, but when will you be done? © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  4. 4. Focus and measure Value, not checked of features on a list © 2013 Tieto Corporation
  5. 5. Tieto Co-Creation framework From ideas to execution IDEATION CONCEPTING DETAILING Find the idea for a service/product with the most potential. Understand current state and create the future vision of the service/product. Formalize the work to be able to start the execution. © 2013 Tieto Corporation EXECUTION
  6. 6. Result (so far…) • Correct level of initial requirements (User themes) • The sponsors will understand the actual delivery • You can start to set up the correct Agile team mix and governance… • …and set the correct expectations before the development • Co-Creation gives a flying start of development • During development, if you focus on value you can truly be pro-activite… • …and have the quality in focus for the right reasons (e.g. UX Design) 6 © 2013 Tieto Corporation 2013-09-06
  7. 7. 2 most important points: 1) Focus on business value 2) Take time to define the correct MVPs 7 © 2013 Tieto Corporation 2013-09-06
  8. 8. © 2013 Tieto Corporation Company confidential