Front Cover Analysis


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Front Cover Analysis

  1. 1. The name “Eminem” is written in block writing, with sheriffs. The word Eminem stands out as it is bigger than the rest of the writing. The word “Eminem” therefore catches the reader’s eye and shows importance.The medium close up of Eminem in his hood connotes a mystery; we cannot see his whole face which suggests he is hiding from something. This links in with the article “The Road Back from Hell”. The hood and dark colours also imply that it is a rap magazine.The Rolling Stone masthead is covered by a medium close up of Eminem. The masthead is written in white, this links in with the rest of the writing. -384810-332740<br />The featuring articles are presented in a highlighted form, the colours used to create this effect are yellow and black which stand outs very well from the rest of the cover.On this front cover the picture of the artist is in black and white, this creates a more classic promotion of the artist. We can also see the typical use of a medium close up for the front cover. Masthead is written in a white font, we cannot see it well because of the black and white background, but it also creates a cool and relaxing mood. The circles in the letters have been filled out with a colour which makes it stand out, original and iconic.The blue sticker effect on the front cover of the magazine is used to present a secondary article. The blue colour over the black and white back ground also attracts the reader’s eye. -29908501562100<br />The articles are presented on red shapes, with yellow and white writing on top of it to make it stand out. The colour clash helps promoting the article.The background used in this magazine cover is a simple white colour; it makes the rest of the cover stand out.The magazine is also edited so that the head of both rappers slightly goes over the masthead and the main articles to give to the two artists more importance. The body language and clothes of the artists also shows us that the magazine’s dominant genre is rap.The masthead is written in a simple format, the black colour makes it stand out from the rest of the cover. -4895854421505The other articles are presented under the main one, in the format of small pictures put on top of the main article. The image of the band is used as a background for the front cover.The main artists in this mouths magazines are shown on the front cover, we can also see the name of the band “Biffy Clyro” under their picture. We can also see a quote from a member of the band; “we’re not doing things to please people” which gives a rebellious image to the band. The “Kerrang!” masthead is written in a block like format. The masthead is also written in white, over a black block which makes it stand out and catch the reader’s eye. There are also black lines across the letter, which creates an illusion of spotlights.-554355-423545<br />The masthead is simple “Q” which is simple and easy to remember, it also stands out as it is written in a white font over a red square shape.Heading at the top of the cover telling the readers it is the UK’s biggest music magazine. This is used to attract the readers.-384810-558165<br />The cover is made up of a long shot of the two lead musician of the band Kasabian. There is also a guitar in the cover to show the audience it is a rock/indie magazine.<br />A red strip is used to introduce another article, it is written over a red font to make it stand out, it also links in with the masthead.<br />An article is presented on a purple sticker with black and white writing on it. This colour contract attract the readers eye and gives importance to other articles. By making it look like a sticker it also connotes that it has been added at the last minute, and therefore gives out the impression that it is very fresh news.<br />-503555290830<br />The dominant colours on this cover are black grey and white, this makes the masthead and other stories stand out. One of the stories is written over a pink circle which makes it stand out and contrast over the darker colours. The writing is written in light blue which gives the cover a more relaxed and laidback look. NME masthead is bright red and stands out from the rest of the cover which is darker. The masthead is written in block writing, with white lines around the letters to make it stand out. It is written in a solid san sheriff style.Other stories are smaller and found on the top right and bottom of the cover. It shows a hierarchy of importance between the articles.The name of the band “Oasis” is written across the cover. It attracts the reader’s eye as it is the biggest single word on the page. The two famous Oasis musicians are also on the front cover, in a medium, two shot. <br />This magazine has for genre dance and electro music, this is implied by the name DJ. The masthead is not filled in with colour; we can see through and has bold white lines around it. The disc above the “J” shows us what the magazine is about. <br />The cover has for centre frame a close up of a famous DJ, David Guetta. The portrait is edited to create high contrast and to make him stand out. The fact that the portrait of the DJ takes the whole cover shows importance, as he is the only photo on the cover.<br />-266065272415<br />The colours are used to recreate the French flag. This immediately links in with the featuring article “French Revolution” it also creates a play on words with the historic event and the upcoming of new French DJs. The colours are also very bright which makes the magazine stand out<br />Commercial links with other products, we can see an advert for a pro mixer, “the pro mixer YOU can afford!” the word you written in capital letters also makes the readers feel more involved and it aims the product directly at them.The names of the other artists, featuring in this magazine are written on the top and bottom of the magazine to attract the audience with big names. This also gives the audience an idea of the genre of this magazine.<br />The names of the artists are highlighted in white; this makes it stand out but also shows importance as the rest of the writing is not highlighted. The names of the artists are also written in different colours to break the monotone pattern and make it more original.<br />The other artist featuring this magazine are written in white, they are not presented the same way as the Bob Marley article, which shows the hierarchy between the different artists.A free reggae CD is used to attract the audience into buying this magazine. This supplement gives the other magazine an extra selling point over competitors. The cover of the CD is presented on the front cover.The masthead is covered by the head of Bob Marley, the artist put forward. This shows the audience what the magazine is about. It also shows importance and connotes that the artist is more important than the magazine. The word magazine is also written in the letter “O” of the masthead Mojo. The word magazine is written in a very simple format almost like if it was hand written, which shows simplicity and gives a more laidback attitude towards the magazine. The name of the artist “Bob Marley” is written in very bright colours, which have always been a symbol of Bob and reggae. By using those iconic colours, the audience will now the Magazine is about reggae.The portrait of Bob Marley is edited in black and white; this creates contrast from the rest of the colourful cover. This could signify a comeback to old school music, and therefore creates a selling point by showing its originality and authenticity.-2673351541780<br />-568325-232410<br />The two artist presented on this front cover are Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled, they are the only artists whose photos are shown on the front page which gives a impression of importance. However on the artist is presented bigger than the other, it gives an impression of dominance and shows who is in control. The name Lil Wayne is also bigger and written in bold white letters. The clothes and body language only creates this genre of street music and hip hop/rap.The masthead of the magazine is written in yellow, black shape outline has been used to make it stand out. This works very well as the yellow attracts attention. The colours have been used in relation to that, the blue creates a contrast with the yellow.The claim “simply the best” fades out in some places; this gives it “graffiti” like appendence, almost as it was stepped on. This gives the readers a quick idea of what genre the magazine is. It represents a hip hop and street music.-29337004794250The phrase “do it old school” under the name of the band also links in with the black and white picture. From guitar and body language we can also presume the dominant genre is metal.The name of the band Metallica, is centre frame and written in the same colour as the masthead. However it is over the top of the artist where as the masthead is covered. This suggests that the band Metallica is more important.The dominant colour in this cover is red; this attracts the reader’s attention, and also connotes danger. This links in with metal music that is put forward on this cover. However the figure of the artist on the cover is in black and white, this creates a contrast with the rest of the red dominant cover.The masthead of guitar world magazine is written across the top of the page, it is written in red which attracts the reader eye as it also symbolises awareness.<br />