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Finding the Balance Between Ad Monetization & User Experience


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What's the key to finding the balance between ad monetization and user experience? In a word, quality. But that's just the beginning.

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Finding the Balance Between Ad Monetization & User Experience

  1. 1. Balancing Ad Monetization and User Experience
  2. 2. Balancing Ad Monetization and User Experience Ads as a main source of revenue Ad quality Good vs. bad ads Data and how to use it Finding the right partner
  3. 3. 5,000 About Matomy Launched Employees Offices Customers Media Partners 26,000 440 112007 Tel Aviv | New York | London | San Francisco | Fort Lauderdale | Denver | Toronto | Munich | Vienna | Beijing | Seoul
  4. 4. 175+40,000 300M200B Ad Requests per Month Publishers Unique Visitors DSPs and Exchange
  5. 5. Ads Rule Mobile Monetization
  6. 6. Ads Rule Mobile Monetization 84% 61% 27% Of developers monetize their apps through ads Generate the most revenue from ads Make the most revenue from in-app purchases
  7. 7. The Key to Balance Ad Quality
  8. 8. Good ads = Good monetization + happy users Bad Ads Weigh You Down Ad Monetization Bad ads = Bad UX No ads = Bad Monetization User Experience
  9. 9. Data and technology are the key to better ads Cut sources = Cut revenue • Bad ads  cut the entire source • Cutting sources  lower fill • Low fill  Low revenue Finding balance • Use data • Manage your inventory • Apply technology
  10. 10. Creating a data strategy – your path to finding balance Owned Data External DMP SSP Enrichment
  11. 11. Manage your inventory smarter Internal Sales Managed Deals Enriched RTB
  12. 12. Ad quality tools to tip the scale Better Ad Control Improved Resolution Better Ad Experience
  13. 13. Choose the right partner to help you achieve balanceAdMonetization Good ads = Good monetization + happy users 1. Data Management platform (DMP) 2. Direct deals 3. Ad Quality tools UserExperience
  14. 14. Thank You Email: WeChat: toniwei001