Gamification: A New Way of Marketing


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  • Gamification: A New Way of Marketing

    1. MAGIC ACROSS MEDIAIn the ever-evolving world of digital advertising and marketing, brands who work with Matmi achieve astonishing results. We engage brands and buyers in successful, loyal relationships by creating pioneering online, social and mobile experiences. That’s why many companies – including some of the world’s leading brands - have already joined us and grown in a place we call the Matmisphere. We’d love to meet you there.
    2. GamificationA New Way of Marketing
    3. What is Gamification?Broadly speaking, gamification aims to integrate gamedynamics to a website, online content or campaign (atypical non-gaming environment) in a bid to driveparticipation, customer loyalty and ultimately, awarenessof your brandPersonally, prefer using the term ‘Game Dynamics’
    4. Why use gamification for your brand? Engage with your target audience Build brand awareness & positioning Stimulate interaction & community Encourage action(sales) Build brand loyalty Change behaviours Innovate
    5. Why use gamification for your brand?  Bunchball pulled together the above graphic in their  Gamification 101 whitepaper This simple table matches up game mechanics (points, levels, challenges, etc.) with human desires for game play.  Each of the mechanics match a primary human desire, but most of the mechanics also impact other areas of human desire.
    6. Examples of Gamification Foursquare Vimto Site Café Nero card LinkedIn Nike+ American Airlines App Sainsbury’s Reward Card
    7. Sainsbury’s Nectar Card The use of Game Dynamics within non-gaming environments is nothing new (as seen by reward cards).The innovation comes from taking advantage of the digitalage to build customer loyalty and hence increase customer engagement with the brand • Rewards customer loyalty
    8. Foursquare Example of Foursquare/Pepsi Reward from SXSW 2011Examples of Foursquare Badges
    9. FoursquareLocation based services such as Foursquare, Gowalla & Facebook Places have redefined game mechanics in non-gaming products. Users and brands alike have taken notice and Foursquare stands out with 10 million users on a platform that was built around solid game mechanics.
    10. Vimto ‘Juice-ometer’  Matmi created a new website for Vimto. Within the site users could interact with the Vimto characters in avariety of ways, such as mini-games, videos, images etc. The more they engaged with the site, the more their‘juice-ometer’ filled up. Users were rewarded with free downloads of music tracks.
    11. LinkedIn
    12. LinkedIn LinkedIn offers a small example of gamification by incentivising users towards 100% profile completenesswith a progress bar that is visible while on the edit profile page. By providing a visual representation of your profile completeness LinkedIn hopes to trigger behaviour that drives us towards completeness.
    13. Nike Plus Example of Nike Plus Goals & ChallengesExample of Nike Plus Progress bar & Leveling
    14. Nike Plus Nike has redefined running with Nike Plus. The ability totrack, share, challenge and interact with like minded friends & runners across the world has been wildly successful. By incorporating game mechanics throughout the program Nike is able to create an engaging experience that transcends the real world activity.
    15. American Airlines App
    16. American Airlines AppA simple game mechanic is used by American Airlines to visually represent your current elite status qualification is the ‘progression bar’.
    17. Gamification can also help build loyalty inside your business Gamification can also build loyalty within a business byencouraging employees to stay connected, engage online or complete goals for extrinsic rewards. RedCritter Tracker
    18. Gamification can also help build loyalty inside your business But approach with caution! Its really important that a system like this is set up in a way that no one is discouraged to the point of giving up or experiences a reduction in job satisfaction.
    19. What is NOT Gamification? Particularly in the early days, as the term was gaining traction, it was a common misconception that simply making a branded game was ‘gamification’. This is NOT what gamification is about. There are some similarities that could be drawn but the main difference is that branded games are about exposure and CTR where asadding gamification to a product is more about increasing engagement and loyalty.
    20. Key issues to consider whenplanning Gamification for your brand Clear objectives How your customers behave? What motivates them? How do they prefer to be engaged?Gamification is a long-term strategy, not a launch- and-forget-it one. Your budget
    21. Summary Gamification is the wrapper. It works best whenturning an already exciting, attractive product into a richer, more participatory one.
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