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Pedagogy in the Key Role!


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This presentation gives you the basic information about PAOK Network (May 2012 - April 2014). It is a EU-funded project combining ICT and upper secondary education at Tampere Region in Finland. My previous SlideShare presentation with almost the same title tells about PAOK during 2009-2012.

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Pedagogy in the Key Role!

  1. 1. Pedagogy in the Key Role! PAOK – ICT Network for the Tampere Region Upper Secondary Education, Finland March 2014 Matleena Laakso PAOK Network Blog: Twitter: @matleenalaakso Slides: #paokhanke You may use photos only within this presentation.
  2. 2. ”There are many visions about the future school. In all of them is a strong emphasis on ICT to enable new ways of working, to develop sense of community and to make everyday lide easier.” (ed. Kankaanranta 2011) PICTURE: Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0
  3. 3. PAOK – Background and Finance • PAOK is a development programme for general and vocational upper secondary education of Tampere region • Background: regional ICT-strategy • Coordinated by City of Tampere • Financed by EU, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the schools (42) – 2009-4/2011: 882000 euro – 5/2011-2013: 603 000 euro PICTURE: Matleena Laakso; CC BY
  4. 4. Educational structure Finnish National Board of Education PAOK Network works with teachers and management of upper secondary education
  5. 5. Goals of PAOK • To promote systematic implementation of ICT in education and educational institutions • To develop open interaction between teachers and between educational institutions • To create and to develop studentcentered, open and collaborative learning environment and culture for BETTER LEARNING PICTURE; Matleena Laakso, CC BY
  6. 6. Services of PAOK ICT STRATEGY WORK • Updating regional ICT Strategy • Supporting the schools and towns to create/update their own strategies NETWORKS OF TEACHERS • Thematic teams • Support from colleagues • Developers of eLearning Courses COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT • Education and consultation • Open learning culture seminars • Awards for Open learning culture PERMANENT NETWORK • PAOK: from project to permanent network • Online course enrollment system PICTURE: © Matleena Laakso
  7. 7. Online Course Enrollment System • 140 online courses yearly • 1000 student enrollments yearly • Enables and supports cross-institutional online studying – also between general and vocational upper sedondary education • PAOK – maintains & develops the system – supports and encourages teachers to use it and to create good quality online courses
  8. 8. Award Winners for open learning culture 2009-2013 Picture above ©Teemu Launis Other pictures © PAOK
  9. 9. Support from colleagues • The best practice of PAOK • PAOK is financing and supporting this peer support activity – Six groups with 80 teachers – Teachers helping their colleagues to use ICT in education • The network of peers meets regulary – Face-to-face – Adobe Connect Pictures above © PAOK
  10. 10. PAOK’s Main Tools in Social Media • Ning • • Twitter: #paokhanke • • • • • • • • • Online course enrollment system SlideShare Wikis Blogs Google (calender, Drive, alerts,..) Adobe Connect Moodle YouTube, TecherTube etc.