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Matej Matolin, Conference pitch 2019


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Matej Matolin, Conference pitch 2019

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Matej Matolin, Conference pitch 2019

  2. 2. CONFERENCE PITCH Title: See-Think-Do Framework in Recruitment ● Map the candidate’s behavior using Google’s famous See-Think-Do model ● Understand the candidate’s journey, intents and audiences ● Target the most engaged candidates with the right content ● Use automation and retargeting to move candidates through your funnel ● Achieve 50x better results compared to traditional outreach The presentation includes a theoretical introduction and a lot of practical examples and case studies. I will share the results of real campaigns to prove how this strategy can increase the efficiency of recruitment. Read my article about this topic. I’ve presented this topic for the first time at TA Live Amsterdam, April 2019. 2
  3. 3. ABOUT ME I’m a recruitment practitioner, tech evangelist and the Head of HR at STRV, a software design & engineering company. ● Head of HR at STRV (IT startup) ● Blogger and influencer (author of the #1 recruitment blog in the Czech Republic) ● International speaker (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco) ● Mentor @ Femme Palette ● LinkedIn profile, Personal website 3
  4. 4. SPEAKING EXPERIENCE ● Sourcing Summit Europe, Amsterdam ● TA Live, Amsterdam ● Social Recruiting Days, Berlin ● Evolve Summit, Brno ● Marketing with love, Prague ● Web Top 100, Prague ● LAX Tech Recruit, Los Angeles ● Tech Talks, San Francisco ● Sourcing Summit Estonia, Tallinn ● TRU, Tel Aviv 4
  5. 5. REFERRALS 5 My absolutely hidden champion and one of my personal superstars at this year’s Social Recruiting Days was Matej Matolin from STRV who was sharing how its company developed a loyalty program for candidates. Amazing! Marian Jarzak