Three sixty profile oct 2011


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360 degrees is one of the fastest growing communication agencies in Kenya , looking to grow a footprint in East Africa in the next 3 years.

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Three sixty profile oct 2011

  1. 1. experience experiencelearn learn grow grow Agency Credentials Agency CredentialsCorporate communication teambuilding
  2. 2. Who we are Three sixty degrees was created on the premise that experience is the best teacher. This is true also for communication. When coupled with an experience it is more effective. What we dolearn We collaborate with brands to create involvement and lasting relationships with both internal and external audiences through insight-based communication. In everything we do we are constantly seeking to create value for our clients. What can we say, we LOVE our clients.
  3. 3. 360O Communication Our passion in communication motivates us to provide a full 360o communication solution. Our services include: • Communication Strategy • Digital and Social Media Communication • PR Consultancy • Media Relations • Internal Communication and Team Building • Creative Conception for Advertising • Experiential Marketing • Event Organizing and Management • Below the Line Promotional Materials and Merchandising. experienceWe want to see raving fans of brands that give greatvalue and are consumer focused.
  4. 4. 360 Digital oWith the growth of the telecom industry and increased developmentin technology infrastructure, the average consumer in Kenya is gain-ing more access to the internet..With over 10% of Kenya’s population with internet access over aPC and with slightly over 42% Mobile phone penetration, we havebecome global citizens.Statistics say that 49% of those with internet access spend an aver-age of 6.5 hours a day on social networking sites, making this one ofthe most powerful mediums to reach your target consumer.We at 360 Degrees have developed an amazing digital communi-cation solution to help you engage with this consumer where theyspend most of their time. Our solution includes: • Establishing brand presence online • Raising brand awareness • Bringing attention to your products • Increasing customer loyalty and trust • Conducting Market research grow • Strengthening customer service Our passion for people helps us create lasting engagement through innovative communication.
  5. 5. 360 Experience oWith the growing realization in the corporate and organizational worldthat the most important resource is the personnel, it is becoming moreof a necessity to equip the people within the organization with soft skillsthat help them to work better as individuals and as part of the team.Having 12 years of experience in the corporate teambuilding environ-ment has equipped us with the tools to help keep your team on the highperformance lane and ever moving to the front of the pack.We are strong believers in the truth that “experience is the best teacher”.This has given our programs an experiential element that keeps the fun inthe learning and growing experience.Our teambuilding program is fashioned to generically:• build relationships• reduce stress• raise morale• enhance communication• stimulate creative thinking and• propagate a shared experience.We help to rebuild, restore and renew relationshipsin your work environment.
  6. 6. The Cartel... Amani is the big cheese, the big kahuna, the don, and a great guy to be around. Always with a few words up his sleeves, he never lacks a quip for any occassion. He’s down to earth and loves his machines, and even that trails a distant second to his bambina and bambino. He has a way of seeing ten miles ahead of everyone else, thanks to a good optrician. Three words, if they were the only ones in the world, can sum up Amani: HE LOVES LIFE. Jami is a fun-loving, easy-going, animal-loving guy who doesn’t like combing his hair. Cats are his favorite animals which come second to his three children and precious wife. He’s been accused of having multiple personalities, a teambuilding one and the other one. With 12 years of immersing himself in the experiential education pool, he loves what he does. Saiton loves the virtual world of social media. Name it and she’ll break it down for you. Her complexion changes when she’s encountered with the remote possibility of an internet deficient environment. Due to her affinity with the world wide web, she heads our digital department. Rumor has it he slept through high school and we are all amazed that hehas made something of himself. If not sleeping, Gitua is trolling through theinternet or fiddling with cables, or trying to dismantle some piece of equip-ment. In the interest of public safety and as part of our corporate socialresponsibility we keep him here as part of our digital team. Phares missed a chance to play for the Kenyan football team (Harambee stars) by an ocean. He doesn’t like talking about it much, so he buries himself in numbers and figures and never seems to get tired of reconciling books. All you have to know is that they are not the kind of books that you would enjoy reading. He loves playing scrabble and watching movies. His gentle nature and ever-smile really do well as camouflage for his tough hide. Well, a tough hide is important when you’re administrating an office as cool as ours. Our team is passionate about value, we are students of culture.
  7. 7. These people know us...Our passion for our clients and consumers gives us thedrive to keep serving on higher levels.
  8. 8. Our Promise...We understand and appreciate the trust that you haveplaced in us by allowing us to partner with you on yourroad to greater heights.We know that our value andgrowth have a bearing in your success.Our promise to you is that we will dedicate our re-sources in meeting and surpassing your expectationsof our relationship. We believe in the power of positiverelationships to stimulate growth, and that is why weconsider you more a partner than a client.Let’s be friends. Drop us a line, shoot us a mail, andlet’s have an awesome ride to the top together. Andremember - you grow, we grow. Amani 0726 868787 0771 868787 Jami 0720 531350 Saiton 0725 840245 Phares 0727 914 124 P O Box 54102-00200, . Gitua Nairobi, 0736 602622 Kenya