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  1. 1. Log bad_english_-_when_i_see_you_smile
  2. 2. Home Answer Key
  3. 3. Back
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  6. 6. BackRead the letter below.Dear Grandpa and Grandma,Yesterday at my school we had an International day. Orientation We had performances, food stalls, (who/where/when) displays, raffle ticket draw, and some of us were dressed in costumes. Next..
  7. 7. BackWe started our day off with performances butthe one I liked best wasthe one from fourth grade. We played games.The performance I was in was Labamba. Previous Next..
  8. 8. Back Straight after our performances we had our lunch. There were food stalls. They came from Australia , Asia, Arab, and Greece Previous Next..
  9. 9. Back Everyone had a job. These people were from sixth grade.I did my job after Ihad lunch. My job was to sell International Day Books. Previous Next..
  10. 10. Back We had displays in the hall. These displays were good but I didn’t get to see them. The displays came from a lot of countries. Previous Next..
  11. 11. BackThere was also a Trash and Treasure stall where they sold toys. The school gotthese things by askingthe children to bring them in. Previous Next..
  12. 12. BackAlthough I didn’t win anything, InternationalDay was still fun. Love from Sue Previous
  13. 13. HomeSub menu 1. Why did Sue write the letter? 2. To whom did she write the letter? 3. What did she tell in the letter? 4. Are the verbs in the present or in the past tense? 5. Write all the action verbs (e.g., started, played etc,) you find in the letter.
  14. 14. Answer Key1. Because Sue wanted to make known to his grandparents that there is aninternational day at school Back
  15. 15. Answer Key2.grandpa and grandma Back
  16. 16. Answer Key3.He spoke of the activities on the international day Back
  17. 17. Answer Key4.past tense Back
  18. 18. Answer Key5.started,played,,sold,bring Back
  19. 19. Back MATCH • Match each word in list A with its opposite in list B A B 1) beautiful 1.ugly …….boring 2) big 2. …....rude 3) cheap 3. …....dirty 4) clean 4. ……..expensive 5) friendly 5. ……..small 6) interesting 6. ……...noisy 7) quiet 7. ……….safe 8) dangerous 8. ………. ugly 1. Sample Sample …. Sample`
  20. 20. Sub Menu View Question TEXT 2 The following text is for question multiple choice 1-5 Embarassing Experience Today was a really hot day. After I had had my lunch, I went to the town square to watch a local singing contest. I went there alone. Arriving there, I chose a place under a big tree. I thought it could save me from the strong sunlight. I actually did not really pay attention to the contest. I just went there to avoid a boring time at home. Suddenly, I found myself behind a young boy. I was really sure that he was my classmate, Andi. I pinched him a little and called his name. The boy was surprised. When he turned around. I finally realized that he was not my classmate. I could not say a word. That moment was just embarrassing.
  21. 21. View textNextBack Multiple Choice 1. What does the text tell us about? A. The writer’s good day. B. The writer’s singing contest C. The writer’s daily activities D. The writer’s embarrassing experience 2. Where was the writer standing while watching the singing contest? A. Near the stage B. Under a big tree C. In front of the television D. In the middle of the crowd 3. Why did the boy feel surprised? A. Suddenly someone stood next to him B. Someone pinched him and called out his name C. He met someone whom he hadn’t met for long D. He saw someone acting stupid things in front of him Answer Key
  22. 22. View textNextBack Multiple Choice 4. “I thought it could save me from the strong sunlight.” (paragraph 2) what does ‘it’ refer to? A. The tree B. The contest C. The sunlight D. The day 5. From the text, we can conclude that the writer felt … after he called a wrong person. A. Shy B. Worried C. Embarrassed D. Excited Answer Key
  23. 23. View textNextBack Multiple choice 6.Did you have a nice weekend?? A. Yes, I hand lunch B. Yes , I have C. Yes ,I did D. Yes,I do Answer Key
  24. 24. View textNext The following text is for question number 7-9Back yesterday I went to the shoes store. I…..(2) to Buy for my brother. there …….(3) a lot of Interesting shoes on the on the shelfes . than I Began to choose shoes for both my brother. When I got the shoes ,somebody……(4) my Wallet. poor me. 7. ……… A. Wanted B. went C. want D. Had want 8. …….. A. Are B . Were C. has D. was 9. …….. A . Took B. Take C . Taken D. taking Answer Key
  25. 25. View textBack (1)He took a lot of photos (2)Alan went to e.g.y.p.t last summer (3)He sent a lot of letter and wrote them to all his friends (4)It was very hot (5)He meet a lot of people there. (6)He came to the great pyramid and he ride on a camel (7)The shine nearly every day. (8)He came home by british air ways. (9)He bring a lot of souvenirs with him 10.The best arrangement of the sentences above is? A.3-2-5-7-4-1-8-6-9 B.3-2-5-7-9-8-1-4-6 C.2-5-3-7-4-1-6-8-9 D.2-5-3-7-6-4-1-8-9 Answer Key
  26. 26. Back
  27. 27. Back
  28. 28. Back Answer KeyMultiple choice1.D 6.D2.B 7.A3.B 8.D4.A 9.A5.C 10.D
  29. 29. Back Answer key 1.ugly 2.small 3.expensive 4.dirty 5.boring 6.rude 7.noisy