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Soap Opera Project Evaluation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Soap Opera Project Evaluation

  1. 1. Soap Opera ProjectEvaluationHannah Clark 13W
  2. 2. Initial ResearchWhen choosing the brief of Soap Operas for mycoursework choice my initial research wasexploring and gaining an understanding ofdifferent Soap Opera trailers for all different genreof story lines. This research began to give me afew ideas of what sort of trailer I could potentiallycreate. I primarily used Youtube as my primarysource of research because of its broad databaseof footage. I also closely monitored TVadvertisements to gain an good understanding ofwhat Soap trailers are like today.
  3. 3. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
  4. 4. The initial first big step was to decide on what sort ofmood of storyline I am going to be aiming for. Then Icould start analysing more specific soap trailers in detailand begin to gather inspiration and brief ideas. I decidedupon the Soap Opera choice because not many peoplehave attempted it in the past and it seemed like more of achallenge as there are limited soap trailers availablecompared to other types of trailers so it was harder todetermine what we should be aiming for. Soap trailersare always dramatic and they are always effectivebecause of its hooking soundtrack and clever butnatural camera work. We wanted to find a unique,catchyand dramatic soundtrack in order to hook the audience, atypical convention of a soap opera trailer.
  5. 5. LightingLighting in a trailer is very important as it helps create themood and tempo of the storyline and mood. As its a soapopera and is created to try and hold a representation ofreality we have tried throughout to keep the lighting verynatural to try and keep the footage looking very realistic.However the footage where one of my characters is runningout of the house where it is light into the darkness outsideholds connotations of running into more darker problems.
  6. 6. Camera WorkAs our topic is a soap opera which is trying todemonstrate and portray real life situations soin order to make the footage look as realistic aspossible we didnt use any drastic camera shotsand any high technological effects however atthe same time attempt to show our cameraskills which we have developed.Our trailer begins with the E4 logo andbackground screen which leads into a bleaksetting of a blank screen with our title BehindClosed Doors appearing with the music subtlyjust beginning to be brought in.
  7. 7. MUSICAfter researching all different kinds of trailers we decided that the mosteffective form of soundtrack was definitely ones that were dramatic andcreate immense suspension without being scary. After a long time ofdeciding We settled with Radioactive (137 bpm instrumental version) forour first choice as we really feel that it helps portray the moods of thecharacters. Throughout the track the pase slowly escalates which holdsconnotations with the themes of the storyline slowly progressing andworsening. The first clip with one of my characters in the toilet looking upsetthe music is slower and as then when another character runs to escape outof the house the music picks up its pase and the drop of the song beginswhen the door slams. The footage of the graveyard is shown to be slower asits the ending track however the singing in the track begins towards the endof the clip and is shown throughout the ending title clip. The song slowlyprogressing throughout creates tension slowly and also demonstrates themoods of the characters at the time.We slowly began to edge the track in while the trailer title was beginning tostart, this was because we wanted to create suspense and also have asteady beat going on throughout the clip to not distract attention away fromthe footage and storyline.
  8. 8. Mise En SceneWith any type of productions its essential to takeinto serious consideration the clothing and settingof the trailer. As Soap Operas are trying to createsocial realism its essential we kept the charactersclothing as normal as possible, nothing drastic. Asour characters are in distress and in a bad way inthe starting topic of the soap we decided to keepthem very laid back and casual as if you wereupset and in a bad way as stereotypically in reallife you wouldnt be dressed formally in a suit if inthose situations and at home. Our characters in thesoap starting up at the moment are teenagers. ForGemma we have a plain burgundy red longsleeved top and plain legging trousers, this couldbe seen as a stereotypical outfit for a teenager inhome surroundings. Amy in here scene of in thetoilet, she is wearing sleepwear signifying her badmood and distress as she doesnt want to go out ofthe house and get ready. However for the finalfootage of in the graveyard she is seen wearingblack trousers and a black school jumper signifyingher age to the audience.
  9. 9. Typical Conventions Presented inmy Trailer● Our trailer is 1 minute six seconds long whichits a stereotypical average for a soap trailerbecause the aim is too not give too much of thestoryline away.● Has a soundtrack that slowly builds upthroughout the footage to increase tension.● States the theme of the storyline, what channelit would appear on and when, informing theconsumer.● Variety of Angles● Soundtrack matches the footage
  10. 10. ConventionsHere My initial title of oursoap opera Behind ClosedDoors. Its a typicalconnotation of a trailer for atelevision trailer it informs theaudience of when to expectthe programme to be shown.All channels before starting aprogramme put a few secondlong bit of footage showingtheir logo and colour schemeinforming the consumers whothe programme is screen byand sometimes produced by.
  11. 11. Was your production an effectivepiece?Melissa Penney - “all of it looks really good, in the trailer the use of soundtrackreally makes the trailer what it is because it all fits in really well with eachstoryline”This shows that my audience has picked up well on what we were trying to achievewith the soundtrack. We really wanted people to notice that the parts of the songwere meant to link in with each section of the storyline.Georgia Clark - “I love all of it, especially your choice of photograph for yourposter, its really eye catching and the choice of facial expression andintenseness of eye contact really helps you engage with the characters”We are really glad that this has been expressed because the choice of looksand expressions we chose were supposed to be a method of engaging for theaudience.Georgina Hatchet - “Altogether the three texts all compliment each other reallywell, however you could have used a few more photographs on your magazinefront cover in order to achieve an equal text to photograph ratio”This feedback is one of our most critical but I thought it was important toinclude in order to improve on future ventures. We realise now we could haveused a wider variety of photography.
  12. 12. How effective is the combinationof your main product andancillary texts?
  13. 13. Our combination of trailer and ancillary tasks we thoughtas a whole complimented each other really well. Each taskhelped towards a good promotion package for our up andcoming Soap Opera, Behind Closed Doors. Our Magazinefront cover helps introduce some of the story lines that willbe arising over the season and helps introduce some ofthe characters personalities. The Poster helps give a feelof the mood of the starting soap and also gives us a sneakpeak of who the current primary characters are. Finally thetrailer is the promotional tool that gives the consumer andpotential viewer a good insight to what is in store andhelps introduce everything that the poster and magazinecover already does. The solum faces of the characters onthe magazine front cover and the poster help create asignature look for the mood of the soap and helps link themagazine and the poster together.
  14. 14. How the three texts would work togetheras a marketing strategyWhen it comes to a new product being launched, service ormedia text in order for it to be a key success is good a goodmarketing strategy. For a programme or film its thee mainmedia promotion tools aside from social media platforms are,posters/billboards, magazine coverage and television trailers.The poster is effective as it is simple yet eye catching whichmakes the consumer want to know more about the programmehowever some people may want to know a bit more about aprogramme before beginning to watch it, that’s where themagazine cover and trailer comes in. The magazine covermanages to give the potential viewer an inside to what possiblycould be in store and the trailer gives you a more personalintroduction to the unravelings of storyline and characters. Allthree texts compliment each other well and all have their ownindividual valuable purpose.
  15. 15. What have you learned from youraudience feedback?Constructive criticism is key in when launching a programme as itgives the production companies an insight into what they could havedone better and what they should be looking to do in the future. Mostof our feedback was given through word of mouth an alternative andchange from using the internet for a source of feedback, this allowedus to gain knowledge from the reactions and facial expressions.I have learned that in order for our magazine cover to be more of aneffective success we could have used a broader range ofphotography to emphasise the identity of the characters.Overall we realised that we managed to mostly achieve everythingthat we set out to do and all the creative methods and tools we did inorder to attract a specific audience and get them to notice certainaspects worked.
  16. 16. How did you use new mediatechnologies in the constructionand research, planning andevaluation stages?
  17. 17. ConstructionWhen starting out to begin theconstruction production processwe were pretty much out of ourdepth. I personally have onlyused basic camera equipmentbut have never used the morehigh market equipment soadmittedly went through somedifficulty getting started andgetting used to the equipment.For filming we used avideo/camera with the standhowever we didnt use the sounddetector and recorder as it wasntnecessary for our piece as it wasall non-diegetic sound based.
  18. 18. However the biggest challenge yet we were yet to face; editing.We were told that Adobe Première Pro is the most suitablesoftware for us to use and we really struggled to getaccustomed to the software as we had never used anything likeit before. We managed to pick up the basis relatively quicklyhowever some effects that we desired to use we never figuredout how to use them. However we had used Photoshop manytimes in the past including in depth experience from our firstyear a level media studies so managed complete the task withease to a simple standard however we did struggle to take themagazine front cover to a higher level to meet the standards ofdoing media for A2 so we had to learn by watching variousYouTube videos and doing research online to reach our desiredeffects. When making our magazine front cover Photoshopallowed us to create different fonts and effects to a higherstandard.When it came to downloading our soundtrack for the trailer wefound that the song wasnt available to buy on iTunes and foundthat the next safest method to download the track was taking itoff YouTube via YouTube converter.
  19. 19. ResearchThe majority of our research conducted fromour project was through the internet basedplatforms. YouTube was an extremelyhelpful source of research when gainingknowledge and looking for inspiration onsoap opera trailers. We also analysed soapopera trailers when they were beingscreened on TV to see when they would bemost manage to reach their target audience.For our poster and magazine front cover weprimarily used Google images whileconducting most of our research. Howeverfor magazine front covers we did go intoconvenience shops and supermarkets anddid take a close look on what ones weremore popular than others and which onesare placed more prominently
  20. 20. PlanningPlanning is a important part when it comes to planningsomething like this so its key to keep everything alltogether in one place. The website Blogger is what weused to post all of our research too in order to keepeverything together.A bonus of using a public blogging site in order to post allof our planning is it allows all my class peers and I toexchange ideas and inspiration while going through theproject process.
  21. 21. EvaluationWe were given the choice of a few options on how toevaluate our project. However as it is media studiesand it prominently revolves around technology wedecided to conduct our evaluation on MicrosoftPowerPoint and then to upload it onto Slidesharewhich is a service that allows you to upload yourpresentations online with a suitable internet format andthen I will post it onto my blogger account.
  22. 22. In Conclusion..Although this project has been a massivechallenge for Tilly and Myself we havethoroughly enjoyed the whole process andlearning new skills and discovering newsoftware’s. However if I were to make a fewalterations to the project it would be themagazines images. We realised now that thephotographs weren’t as prominent as theyprobably should have been.We are thoroughly pleased with our productand is worth what time and effort we put into it.