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Parson's pleasure


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This is our presentation about Parson´s Pleasure

Published in: Education
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Parson's pleasure

  1. 1. Parson’s Pleasure Roald Dahl
  2. 2. Plot The story is about a man called Mr. Boggis whose work is to be an antique dealer and cheat on people. One day, he went to a farm and saw a very expensive table. He said that he only needed the legs so that he could buy it cheaper and this is why he obtained what he wanted. However, when he went to look for his van, Rummins, Bert and Claud decided to make him a favour. When they realized that the table wasn’t going to fit in the car, they carved the legs. When he came back, he got what he deserved...
  3. 3. Characters Mr. Boggis: What he did for a living was to be an antique dealer. He was a clever man who dressed like a clergyman. He cheated on people while buying furniture as if it was a bargain and selling it more expensive. Rummins: He was the owner of the farm which Mr. Boggis visited. Bert: Bert was the son of Rummins. Claud: Claud was Bert’s and Rummins’ neighbour. Finally, Rummins, Bert and Claud were suspicious about Mr.Boggis’ interest in the furniture, however, he still managed to trick them and buy it cheaper.
  4. 4. Tone -Humorous -Unexpected ending -Cheating -Ambitious
  5. 5. Vocabulary Summit: The highest point or part, the top/peak. Spotted:To detect or recognize. Latter: Being the second option of two persons or things mentioned. Prosperous: Successful or favorable. Sinister:Threatening/Evil. Astonishing: Surprisingly. Wink:To close and open an eye quickly as a hint or signal. Jug: Container, commonly with a hardle. Oak: A tree(Roble) Panel: Section of the wall ceiling or furniture. Inlay: A layer of a fire material inserted in something else. Poke: To push. Comb: To search
  6. 6. Dilapidated: Fallen into partial rural. Folk: People of a specified class or group Engraved: To carve something on a hard surface Parson: Priest Compiling: To bether things (documents) together Schone: plan Lucrative: when something produces a great deal of financial gain Rambling: spread out irregularly in various direct Pot-bellied: distended belly Stumpy: short and thick Filthy: dirty Staggered: to walk or move unsteadily Layman: a person who is not a member of the clergy Coveted: desired Trifle: a bit, small quantity
  7. 7. Bending: to move into a curved or angular position Saunter off: walk off Frowning: to contract the brow Brittle: fragile Fetch: look for Contemptuously:showing dishonor Shrugged: to raise and contract shoulders, expressing indifference Snapped: to make a sudden Prospect: view Severed: cut off