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Design Studio Mathis Heller 贺迈 - Amsterdam / Shanghai


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Prof. Mathis Heller has over 20 years of experience in product innovation, strategic product design, automotive design, transportation design, luxury and yacht design, rv and caravan design, future urban mobility, structural packaging design, office furniture design, interior design, general styling, user experience design, design management, project management, art direction, 3D visualization, 3D animation content design .... and design education.

万物皆设计 - 设计即万物


Published in: Design
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Design Studio Mathis Heller 贺迈 - Amsterdam / Shanghai

  2. 2. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign 德稻汽车及工业设计大师 贺迈教授 DeTao Master of Automotive and Product Design Professor Mathis Heller BMW( 宝马 )
  3. 3. Mathis Heller is a multi-talented international rewarded designer with over 20 years of experience in the field of innovation, automobile and product design. After his study of industrial design at the University of Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein, a successor of the famous BAUHAUS in Germany, where he obtained his master's degree in 1995, he spent several years working in Munich, Germany for clients such as BMW, Siemens, Ford, MAN and Verner Panton. From 2000 Mathis Heller has been Chief Designer at WeLL Design, one of the leading design agencies in The Netherlands. WeLL Design clients include: Unilever, Heineken, Proctor & Gamble, Zehnder and Drager Medical. Mathis Heller's products received countless international design awards. For example the two 'Oscars of Design', the Red Dot Award 'best of the best' and the iF Design Award in Gold. Mathis Heller is honorary professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. Recently he opened his studio at the DeTao Masters Academy in Shanghai. 贺迈(Mathis Heller)是一位在创意、汽车及产品设计领域内拥有二十多年 行业经验的跨领域设计师。他曾在德国著名的包豪斯风格的继承者——德国哈勒艺术 和设计学院学习工业设计并于 1995 年取得了硕士学位,之后在德国慕尼黑工作多年, 曾为宝马,西门子,福特,MAN,以及 Verner Panton 等多家公司提供服务。 自 2000 年起,他担任荷兰顶级设计公司 Well Design 的首席设计师,拥有联合利华, 喜力,宝洁,森德,德尔格医疗等诸多知名国际公司客户。 其作品囊括无数国际大奖,其中包括两项设计界的‘奥斯卡’:红点至尊奖和 iF 金奖。 在中国,他被聘为上海视觉艺术学院荣誉教授,并于近期在上海德稻大师学院成立了 自己的工作室。 Design is everything , Everything is Design 设 计 即 万 物 , 万 物 皆 设 计 Everything we create in this world is actually designed. This means with design we can influence our future and solve the issues we have created. 世界上所有人类创造的东西都是被设计过的。这意味着通过设计我们可以影响未来, 解决我们创造出来的各种问题。 About the Master 大 师 介 绍
  4. 4. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Studio Business Scope Global Consumer Trend and Market Research Product, Brand and Business Innovation Product Design and Packaging Design Automobile and Transportation Design Interior and Furniture Design Green Design and Sustainability Visionary Concepts of Urban Mobility and Urban Living Design and Vision of any kind in general Lectures (Beijing University, Tongij University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, University of Applied Science Utrecht) Workshops (SIVA, DeTao, USST Shanghai) Design and Innovation Training of Design Staff (SAIC Shanghai Motors) Cooperation on student projects with enterprises Speeches at Conferences (SIVA, K-Show Germany, Red Dot Design Eindhoven, …) Jury Member of Design Contests Award Presenter (Car & Driver 10Best Award) 讲座(北大、同济、清华、上海视觉艺术学院、乌特勒支应用科学大学) 工作坊(上海视觉艺术学院、德稻、上海理工) 企业员工设计和创意培训(上海汽车集团) 学生、企业项目合作 论坛演讲(上海视觉艺术学院、德国 K 展、埃因霍温市红点设计) 设计竞赛评审 颁奖嘉宾 (如:《名车志》十佳车颁奖典礼) 工作室业务范围 全球消费趋势和市场调查 产品、品牌和业务创新 产品设计和包装设计 汽车和交通工具设计 内饰和家具设计 绿色环保、可持续性设计 城市移动工具和城市居住环境的创新概念 其他类别的设计及概念创新 Advanced Education on Design and Innovation 设 计 及 创 新 教 育
  5. 5. Red Dot Award 2009 - Best of the Best Red Dot Award 2011 iF Product Design Award 2005 iF Product Design Award 2006 iF Product Design Award 2008 iF Product Design Award 2009 iF Product Design Award 2009 iF Product Design Award 2011 in Gold iF Product Design Award 2012 GIO Dutch Good Industrial Design Award 2011 GIO Dutch Good Industrial Design Award 2011, Special 'Design' GIO Dutch Good Industrial Design Award 2010 GIO Dutch Good Industrial Design Award 2010 GIO Dutch Good Industrial Design Award 2009 GIO Dutch Good Industrial Design Award 2009 - Special ‘Ergonomics’ Plus X Award for Design 2009 Plus X Award for Design 2010 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2006, Nominee Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009, Nominee German Design Award, 2013, Nominee German Design Award, 2014, Special Mention VOLVO Sports Design Award 2006, Nominee Dutch Design Award 2005, Selection Dutch Design Award 2005, Selection Dutch Design Award 2009, Finalist Dutch Design Award 2011, Finalist Dutch Packaging Award "Gouden Noot" 2010, Gold Winner EPCA Innovation Award 2006 Innovation Award FietsRAI Amsterdam 2006 2009 年红点至尊奖 2011 年红点奖 2005 年 iF 产品设计奖 2006 年 iF 产品设计奖 2008 年 iF 产品设计奖 2009 年 iF 产品设计奖 2009 年 iF 产品设计奖 2011 年 iF 产品设计金奖 2012 年 iF 产品设计奖 2011 年荷兰优秀工业设计奖 2011 年荷兰优秀工业设计奖特别设计奖 2010 年荷兰优秀工业设计奖 2010 年荷兰优秀工业设计奖 2009 年荷兰优秀工业设计奖 2009 年荷兰优秀工业设计奖 - 特别人体工学奖 2009 年 Plus X 设计奖 2010 年 Plus X 设计奖 2006 年德意志联邦共和国设计奖提名 2009 年德意志联邦共和国设计奖提名 2013 年德国设计奖提名 2014 年德国设计奖特别提名奖 2006 年沃尔沃运动设计奖提名 2005 年荷兰设计奖 2005 年荷兰设计奖 2009 年荷兰设计奖入围奖 2011 年荷兰设计奖入围奖 荷兰包装创新大赛 "De Gouden Noot 2010" 金奖 2006 年 EPCA 创新奖 2006 年阿姆斯特丹自行车展览会 FietsRAI 创意奖 Personal Awards list: 个人获奖列表
  6. 6. BMW, Ford, Suzuki, MAN Truck and Bus AG, Siemens, Bosch Siemens Household Appliances (BSH Group), Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), Design Affairs, Sedus Stoll AG, Osram, Drager Medical, Heineken, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Zehnder, Verner Panton 宝马,福特,铃木,MAN 货车公司,AG 巴士公司,西门子,博世西门子家电(博世集团),德 国铁路公司,DESIGN AFFAIRS, Sedus Stoll AG,欧司朗,德尔格医疗,喜力,联合利华,宝洁, 森德,Verner Panton Clients 客 户
  7. 7. Events活动与合作 红点奖和 iF 奖颁奖现场照片 自移动交通载体工作坊 德国驻沪总领事芮悟峰 (Dr. Wolfgang Rhr)、 贺迈大师、德国驻沪总 领事馆新闻、文化、科 学合作处处长凌云女士 (Ms. Gudrun Lingner) 在领事馆官邸合影 与惠而浦中国区总裁 Barbara Borra 亲切交谈 工作室开幕式上贺迈大师 与龚学平校长握手 上海市市长杨雄来访
  8. 8. Photos of the studio工作室内部照片
  9. 9. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign MISCEA: The revolution of hand hygiene. A unique combination of a touch-free faucet and a dispenser controlling water flow, temperature and two additional liquids, like soap, disinfectant, lotion or detergent Key words: graceful, utmost convenience, superior hygiene MISCEA ( 多功能感应水龙头 ) 作 品 简 介 多功能感应水龙头 一场清洁双手的革命:独一无二的免触碰感应水龙头,集出水、调温、装载液体(如洗手液、 消毒液等)为一体。 优雅、便利、卫生 Work Examples
  10. 10. 480Trainer480 体能训练机 480Trainer: the most exclusive and effective exercise equipment in the world, using 80 percent of all movement muscles in only 480 seconds. The design is based on the most current medical and market knowledge in the field of biomechanics and kinesiology. 480 体能训练机: 目前世界上最高效的健身器材,在短短的 480 秒内即可锻炼到全身 80% 活动肌肉。该设计基 于当前生物力学和运动机能学领域内的最新医学及市场调研。 Key words: innovative, high-end, efficient创新、高端、高效
  11. 11. PEUGEOT urban mobile: an urban mobility concept consisting of electrical self-driving cabins eliminating pollution, traffic jams and parking issues. Mixing personal and public transport with a new ownership option. Key words: future proof, sustainable, revolutionary 介 简 品 作 PEUGEOT 城市移动新概念 具有电动自动驾驶车厢构造的城市移动新概念,能够消除污染、交通拥堵和停车问题。交通工 具私有化与公有化的融合,为用户提供自由选择。 未来证明、可持续、革命性 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign PEUGEOT urban mobile ( PEUGEOT 城市移动新概念 ) Work Examples
  12. 12. Work Examples iGATE: a cantilever sliding gate targeting premium architectural environments and setting the new standard in design, functionality and security. The soft and welcoming customizable design gives the visitor of any headquarters the right impression immediately. iGATE 悬臂滑动门 一个能与周遭建筑环境完美融合的悬臂滑动门。它的出现为设计、功能和安全设定了新的标准。 给人以宾至如归感的柔和设计,能给访客带来绝对震撼的第一印象。 iGATE ( iGATE 悬臂滑动门 ) 作 品 简 介 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Key words: elegant, outstanding, high-tech 优雅、出色、高科技
  13. 13. BMW: three-dimensional shaping and computer aided design of the 3, 5 and 7-series’ exterior and several interior concepts, staying in-line with the brand message and technological demands. BMW ( 宝马 ) 作 品 简 介 宝马 宝马 3 系、5 系和 7 系的外饰以及部分内饰概念的三维立体成型和计算机辅助设计,充分结合 品牌语言以及技术需求。 Key words: stylish, brand driven, sportive 时尚、品牌导向、运动 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Work Examples
  14. 14. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Histor Paintcan: the first plastic paint container for solvent and water based paints providing optimum convenience to the painter. The square shape is highly recognizable and provides a large exposure and facing at the shelf. Histor 油漆罐 它是盛放可溶性水性油漆的首个塑料油漆罐,最大限度方便人们的使用。与众不同的方形设 计使得人们在货架上一眼便能发现它,辨识度极高。 Key words: revolutionary, Ease of Use, recognizable 革命性、使用方便、高辨识度 Histor Paintcan ( Histor 油漆罐 ) 作 品 简 介 Work Examples
  15. 15. Work Examples MISCEA: The revolution of hand hygiene. A unique combination of a touch-free faucet and a dispenser controlling water flow, temperature and two additional liquids, like soap, disinfectant, lotion or detergent Key words: graceful, utmost convenience, superior hygiene 作 品 简 介 多功能感应水龙头 一场清洁双手的革命:独一无二的免触碰感应水龙头,集出水、调温、装载液体(如 洗手液、消毒液等)为一体。 优雅、便利、卫生 Ravo street sweeper: Street cleaning smart city style. A street sweeper with high demands in performance, noise, dust emissions, service and maintenance. Ravo 街道清扫车 它是一款拥有简洁清爽外观,其性能、噪音、灰尘散播、使用寿命及保养都是高标准的街道 清扫车。 Key words: Insect-like, dynamic, robust 昆虫外形、动感十足、牢固 作 品 简 介 Ravo street sweeper ( Ravo 街道清扫车 ) Work Examples 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign
  16. 16. AquaSpot: a boiling water faucet with patented built-in security feature, to protect from unintended use and from burnings. The design is a balance of pure geometrical lines and soft areas - a balance of ratio and emotion. AquaSpot 开水水龙头 拥有专利保护的内置安全装置的开水水龙头,可避免误用和烫伤。纯几何线条与软性区域的 巧妙结合,象征着理性与感性的绝佳平衡。 Key words: sleek, ergonomic, safe 线条流畅、人体工学、安全 AquaSpot ( AquaSpot 开水水龙头 ) 作 品 简 介 Work Examples 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign
  17. 17. KAZEM Nefera: a luxury personal care packaging and on-shelf display in one, creating on-shelf attention and superior perceived value. Several transparent rings connected by power magnets hold the dosing pens filled with the Nefera crème. The rings disconnected build the on-shelf presentation. KAZEM Nefera 美学包装 集个人护肤奢侈品包装与产品展示架为一体,为产品带来令人过目不忘的视觉体验和超值的 展示效果。它由几个透明磁性圆环组成,用以盛置装有 Nefera 乳液的剂量笔。把圆环分开便 可用于货架展示。 Key words: high-end, stopping power, perceived value 高端、制动能力、可感知的价值 KAZEM Nefera ( KAZEM Nefera 美学包装 ) 作 品 简 介 Industrial Design 工 业 设 计 Work Examples
  18. 18. ICE high-speed train ( ICE 高速列车 ) 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign ICE high-speed train: three-dimensional shaping and computer aided design of the exterior and interior design, introducing a new level of efficiency and comfort to railway travel. ICE 高速列车 外饰和内饰的三维立体成型和计算机辅助设计,将铁路交通的高效与舒适提升到一个全新的 水平。 Key words: aerodynamic, high-end, efficient 空气动力学、高端、高效 作 品 简 介 Work Examples
  19. 19. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Incradible Office Furniture: a next-generation flex workers desk made from one single column that can support two desktops. The seemingly ‘floating’ column base can be integrated in a raised system floor including cables. Designed according to the principles of ‘Cradle to Cradle’, using sustainable and recyclable materials. Incradible 办公桌 一个由一根基柱支撑两个桌面的新一代灵活办公桌。看似漂浮的基柱底座可集成各种线路。 基于‘从摇篮到摇篮’理念,该办公桌的设计使用了可循环使用的材料。 Key words: sustainable, inspiring, minimalistic 可持续、激发灵感、极简 Incradible Office Furniture ( Incradible 办公桌 ) 作 品 简 介 Work Examples
  20. 20. Drager Oxylog: an emergency respirator for ambulance staff to administer oxygen in case of an accident. Through its ergonomic design, versatile construction and light weight, the Caddy represents a breakthrough in usability. 德尔格急救呼吸器 一个在事故发生时供医疗救护人员为伤者或病人输氧的急救呼吸器。因其设计充分考虑人体 工程学、结构多样灵活且轻便,此急救呼吸器在实用性上取得了一个新的突破。 Key words: ergonomic, robust, safe 人体工学、牢固、安全 Drager Oxylog ( 德尔格急救呼吸器 ) 作 品 简 介 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Work Examples
  21. 21. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Ubbink Paris skylight: an innovative approach to skylights with built-in LED edge lighting. It offers the consumer effective lighting – daylight and lamplight – that makes a room large and comfortable both day and night. Ubbink Paris 天窗 附有内置 LED 侧光照明的革命性天窗。它可为使用者提供有效的照明——自然 光和灯光——使得房间在白天和晚上都又大又舒适。 Key words: new category, comfortable, interior perspective 新类别、舒适、内部视角 Ubbink Paris skylight ( Ubbink Paris 天窗 ) 作 品 简 介 Work Examples
  22. 22. Spanninga rear light: an innovative bicycle light using only one LED and an extra wide light guide, which bends sideways, providing extra side visibility. The light ensures extra safety for user and environment and has an incredibly low power consumption. Spanninga 自行车后灯 一个环保、安全的自行车后座灯,仅使用一个 LED 灯和向两侧弯曲的超宽导光圈,使得在侧 面也可很清楚的看到灯光。这款灯既安全又环保节能,其超低能耗简直令人难以置信。 Key words: eco-friendly, safe, energy-saving 环保、安全、节能 Spanninga bike rear light ( Spanninga 自行车后灯 ) 作 品 简 介 Work ExamplesIndustrial Design 工 业 设 计
  23. 23. AXA bike lock ( AXA 环形自行车锁 ) 作 品 简 介 AXA bike lock: a contemporary styled bicycle ring lock with a strong and robust, but light appearance. The ergonomic design of the sliding handle guarantees ease of use and prevents accidental locking during the ride. Different color combinations make the lock fit perfectly to any bike design. AXA 环形自行车锁 一个外观现代,既牢固又轻巧的自行车车锁。滑动手柄的人体工学设计使之用起来非常方便, 并防止行车过程中意外锁定。多种颜色组合选择使之可适应任何自行车设计。 Key words: universal, extra-safety, light 通用、安全、轻巧 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign Work Examples
  24. 24. 工 业 设 计 IndustrialDesign WorkaWay outdoor office: an outdoor workspace ideal for flex-workers on the go, which responds to the requirements of the modern and mobile way of working. It can be rotated, so that the sun never hits the screen. It is suitable for various locations including business parks, car parks, campuses and public transport spots. WorkaWay 户外办公室 一个可供需随时办公的人群使用的户外办公空间,可满足现代移动式工作的需求。它能 自如旋转从而避开阳光直射到空间内的屏幕,可安放在公园,停车场,校园以及公共交 通设施等地。 Key words: mobile, convenient, compact 可移动、便利、紧凑 WorkaWay outdoor office ( WorkaWay 户外办公室 ) 作 品 简 介 Work Examples
  25. 25. Boost your Business by staying ahead of the competition 超 越 竞 争 , 助 力 业 务 发 展 Accelerate your Education with the latest Creative Methods 传 播 前 沿 创 新 方 法 , 加 速 中 国 教 育 改 革 Design and is the key factor in making a product a success. In this rapidly changing world, finding the right balance of Disruptive Innovation by Design Thinking, excellent User Experience, the right Market Focus and Cost Control is crucial. Game changing new Product Categories and Business Models are evolving through Rapid Urbanization and Digitalization of our lives, like the ‘Internet of Things’, 3D Printing, Big Data, Self-Driving Cars or Robots in Health Care. Additionally, today’s products can only be competitive when they are embedded in a Business and Service Model that clearly controls all ConsumerTouch Points for a superior Consumer Experience. Studio Heller offers world-class award-winning design. Through continuous research Studio Heller is aware of current and future Trends in Business and Technology and knows how to translate the most recent Consumer Needs into Cutting-Edge Design Solutions and New Business. Give your business a new spin and contact us! 好的设计是造就产品成功推向市场的关键因素。在这 个日新月异的世界,如何在与众不同的设计创新、卓 越的用户体验、正确的市场导向和成本控制之间找到 平衡至关重要。 城 市 化 和 数 字 化 的 飞 速 发 展 使 得 改 变 游 戏 规 则 的 新 产 品 和 商 业 模 式 不 断 涌 现 , 比 如 ‘ 物 联 网 ’ 、 3 D 打 印 机 、 大 数 据 、 无 人 驾 驶 汽 车 、 以 及 健 康 护 理 机 器 人 等 等 。 并 且 , 现 代 产 品 只 有 基 于 能 提 供 卓 越 用 户 体 验 的 业 务 和 服 务 模 式 才 能 成 为 有 竞 争 力 产 品 。 欢迎联系我们,为您的业务带来全新的活力! Design Thinking is seen as the new approach to create Social and Business Innovation. Creative Disciplines are crossing over, multi-disciplinary teams are engaging in Co-Design and Co-Creation. Designers and Business Management discovers their higher impact by joining forces early on in education. Traditional educational models are following the new trends in business and society. Rapid changes in our society ask for quick response in vocational training to prepare students for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Prof. Mathis Heller can help your educational institution or you team in making the next step in design education and out-of- the-box thinking by giving lectures, workshops and training on site or in his studio. Give your educational model or you design team the deserved update and contact us! 设计思维是社会和商业革新的最新方法。创新学科是跨越交 叉式的,多学科团队正致力于共同设计和共同创造。设计师 和商务管理者们为了发挥出他们更大的影响力在教育领域通 力合作。 传统教育模式追随最新商业和社会潮流。快速变化的社会要 求我们迅速做出反应,为学生提供职业培训,以帮助他们迎 接今天和未来的挑战。 贺迈教授能为您的教育机构或团队提供设计教育,开发创新 设计思维。我们可开展讲座、工作坊以及在工作室或您的办 公地点的培训。 欢迎联系我们,为您的教育模式和设计团队带来颠覆传 统的视野 !
  26. 26. 智 慧 采 集 传 承 Wisdom Collection Heritage 关 于 德 稻 About DeTao 德稻教育是德稻集团下属一家以知识型、创新型为主的大型国际教育机构。 德稻教育从全球范围内精心研发并挑选了一批国际顶尖行业大师,为他们设立德稻大师工作 室,将大师的智慧资源、中国的人力资源和企业的资本资源有机结合,通过一流专家的集群 化效应,对智慧不断进行科学化、系统化的采集,传承大师行业经验和隐性知识,将世界行 业大师智慧资源与中国本土市场资源相结合,以大师传承方式开展高端行业教育,培育实战 型行业领军人才。 目前,全球已经有超过 500 位国际行业领军人物加入德稻,初步形成德稻大师集群。这些大 师来自于世界 25 个国家,涵盖 20 个行业,60 个领域,所获得的国际行业最高端奖项有 50 余种,共 2400 余个。 德稻教育“汇聚世界大师、培育行业精英”的办学理念获得了国家、地方政府、以及众多高校、 企业、行业机构的赞同。与中国铁建股份有限公司、上海电影集团有限公司等国内多家大型 企业签订了全面战略合作协议。德稻教育将充分发挥大师智慧资源和集群优势,为各行业培 育国际化复合型人才,助力企业发展。 德稻大师传承教育通过科学的教育方法,开阔学生的视野,激发学生的创新灵感,成就学生 从职业到事业的跨越式发展,并为企业发展壮大提供全面解决方案。 东西汇聚,共创未来 !
  27. 27. Future and Tradition, Innovation and Design, Green and High End 传统与未来,创新与设计,绿色与高端 Creating Global Design inspired by German ingenuity, European style and Asian influence 传承德国品质,发扬欧洲风格,融合亚洲元素,引领全球设计潮流 Solving issues of the Urban Society with Design, Design Thinking, Innovation and Style 用设计、设计思维和创意解决当今城市社会问题 咨询电话: +86(21) 3782 5275 邮箱 网址: