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  1. 1. Mathguru is a Homework Help resource and a math learning program. An American collegeprofessor said this about it “I have ‘visions’ of encouraging incoming fresh students to logon and refresh their math skills during the summer before arriving.”It is being marketed to Libraries. A good library has to provide a selection of reading andstudy materials. By having Mathguru, the library will provide its young members an evergrowing collection of 9,000 + learning modules covering every field in school level math.By this action it will give boost to the maxim “the best reading for the largest number at leastcost”. The library will have an online resource which any number of members will be able touse concurrently and from anywhere. Its expense will be nominal. Year long trial in DistrictLibrary Sirsa, India validates young members value Mathguru.
  2. 2. Role of Library in delivery of MathguruEnter Entity IDEnter Library MembershipNumberSubmit1 • www.districtlibrary.com2 • Facilites3 • Teens4 • Online Databases5 • Homework Help6
  3. 3. Mathguru is best in its class, globally;It is India’s 1st online math learning programIt is world’s biggest repository of pre-made math lessons, width and depthof coverage is unmatchedIt is an amazing collection of lessons by numerous math experts; it enablesgetting 100/100It is syllabus oriented. NCERT, ICSE, US Common Core and more are there.US community college math courses are all there. Here modules are arranged by topic, class, level and boardEvery branch of math relevant in classes 6-12 and Primary is well coveredBeing an online database it is continuously upgraded. As a result, users willhave a resource whose usefulness keeps rising and risingLessons cater to students in grades 6 to 12. Primary is there, P 1 to P 5.Learning in Mathguru happens with help of videos which have slow paced spokenEnglish and easy to read hand writing. Other components: GeoGebra practicals,practice exercises and practice tests are non voice. This facilitates learning.
  4. 4. Lessons in Mathguru come together to explainconcepts appealingly, like shapes in a kaleidoscopecome together to form likeable patterns.Libraries in India, USA and South Africa have taken Mathguru because; It gives boost to the maxim, “the best reading for the largest number at the least cost.” It connects them with the young generation. Users can log on 24x7 from anywhere with broadband internet (computer lab, library,home and tablets). It cuts travel to tutors, girls especially like this. It has videos on how to solve problems on every school level math topic. If someone isunable to solve a math problem, that person can see a similar example in Mathguru. Practice exercises and tests are excellently created One can self study repeatedly till a topic is understood. Clear doubts when they arise.Refresh math skills before going for class. Get last minute help during exam time. Its analternative to seeking help from teacher or friend. It helps to develop a liking for math and become great at it
  5. 5. Every chapter is taught in 4 steps;Step 1 View modules on Key ConceptsStep 2 Learn by watching Solved ExamplesStep 3Do Practice Exercises independently and apply what you haveunderstood from the videos. Final answers are given, for checkingStep 4Take Practice Tests. Your score will tell how well you have learnttopics covered in the chapter.
  6. 6. Thank You Click here for a live experienceLibrary gets 2” x 1” how to access Mathgurustickers for giving to young membersLibrary gets an A3 size sturdy cardboard display with stand listing features inMathguru. This helps in spreading awareness among young members.