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All onboard! (Mobilize Dublin 202001)


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At Mobilize Dublin's January meetup, I shared some of the work we're doing at Intercom to help our customers to give their app users an amazing onboarding experience. I talked about how we explored the problem, decided on a solution, and shared a sneak peak at what we're building right now.

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All onboard! (Mobilize Dublin 202001)

  1. 1. All Onboard! Mathew Cropper / @mrtcropper
  2. 2. Mathew Cropper Senior Product Manager, Mobile @mrtcropper he/him/his
  3. 3. How we reacted to feedback from our customers. How we explored their problems and decided on a solution. How we use Intercom’s Product, Engineering, and Design principles to guide us. What we’re working on right now. What we’re learning along the way. A short story about..
  4. 4. Hey, can i add product tours and task bots on mobile apps? Hey, guys, love the concept of Product Tours! Is there an ETA for when it will be available for use in a mobile app? is this available also for mobile iOS & Android? let me know when we can do this on native ios apps. we are not a web app Hi! Is it possible to use Product Tours within a mobile app? Hi! is Product Tours available on iOS or Android App ? Hi, I just read your email about the new Tours feature. Is this available for mobile apps, or only for websites? If possible, we would like to create an onboarding tour inside of our mobile app. Hi there, I'm interested in usingyour tours product, but I can'tsee if it is available to use inmy mobile app?
  5. 5. Don’t. Just. Build.
  6. 6. Our obsession
  7. 7. We learned a lot
  8. 8. We learned a lot In our interviews, customers cited various outcomes they were hoping to achieve: ● Retention (eg. by promoting successful behaviours) ● Reduced support (eg. by promoting successful behaviours) ● Conversion (eg. from trial to paid) ● Adoption (eg. using a new feature)
  9. 9. We learned a lot ● Customers wanted a good and simple onboarding experience for new app users. No surprises there. ● Customers lack confidence on how to build a great onboarding experience. They’re anxious about getting it right. ● They’re blocked from doing this by lack of Engineering and Design time. ● When they have an onboarding feature, it’s usually rushed and not easy to change. ● Focus is on getting users to use key features early (retention/conversion). ● Some complex apps needed pointers like we have in our Product Tours product, but generally not for onboarding specifically. The use case for this feature was very different. ● Composition experience is key. Images and video are incredibly important. ● Competitor offerings are not tightly woven into a company’s support flow.
  10. 10. Highlights and pointers Conversations and bots Checklists Small posts and banners Carousels Stories Video Posts Push notifications
  11. 11. We probably stalked your app. Thanks for the inspiration. ❤
  12. 12. We don’t need a 💥 big bang to make a 💦 big splash
  13. 13. What we’re building for end-users
  14. 14. Work in progress 😉
  15. 15. Early alignment pays dividends. 😁😁😁😁 The quality bar for an SDK is really, really, really high 🤯 Speed is everything. An elegant composition experience is made of blood, sweat, and tears. 💦😿
  16. 16. ● Using our apps to test with our own onboarding flow soon. ● Beta around February. ● Shipping around April.
  17. 17. Mad props to the miracle workers..
  18. 18. Time to plug some stuff
  19. 19. Intercom on Onboarding Onboarding isn’t a metric, it’s an outcome. This book shares the most valuable lessons we’ve learned from onboarding tens of thousands of customers. You’ll learn: ● How to make a great first impression ● A framework for creating your onboarding strategy ● How to design your onboarding flow and narrative ● How to show users continuous value and increase retention ● Ideas for scaling up and taking your onboarding to the next level ● And much, much more
  20. 20. Mobile thinking.. ● Check out Jon Colman’s blog post on use of text in mobile apps. ● Coming soon: Posts on how the mobile team has evolved over the years, how we built our mobile strategy, the challenges of building an SDK.. and more..
  21. 21. We’re looking for Android and iOS Engineers to join us! If you know someone who’d enjoy the problems we’re solving for our customers, please tell them 🙏
  22. 22. Fin.