Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2013 Programme


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The Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo is the largest event focusing on strategic developments in Renewable Energy in Nigeria.

Investments in renewable energy have grown considerably with major emerging economies taking the lead. For 2010, new investment in renewable energy is estimated to have reached a record high of US$ 211 billion, up from US$ 160 billion in 2009. Get your share now.

Renewable energy can make a major contribution to the twin challenges of responding to a
growing global demand for energy services, while reducing the negative impacts associated with current production and use.

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Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2013 Programme

  1. 1. Event Programme 1 Event Programme Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event Date & Time 16 October: 9am – 5 pm 17 October: 9am – 5 pm 18 October: 9am – 4 pm 17 October at Petrus Hotels Area11 Garki, Abuja by 7 PM
  2. 2.  59MW 200T CO2 225.350 System Emissions avoided Modules Commerc rooftop syste ial PV m   59MW 200T CO2 225.350 System Emissions avoided Modules Commercial rooftop PV system   Renault Solar Project Several locations, France The world’s largest system in the automotive industry, with Trina Solar modules ∙ TSM-PC05 ∙ 400.000 square meters surface
  3. 3. Event Programme 3 NAEE 2013 SHOW CASE THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR & EXHIBITORS The international stakeholders, sponsors and exhibitors warmly congratulate the NAEE event management and the Local organizing committee, for the intensive efforts mustered to surpass last year’s events hosted in Abeokuta (Hill city) in (Gateway State), Nigeria Ogun. We proudly present Africa’s alternative power and Energy in which global entrepreneurs joyfully showcase their technologies and skill in leveraging their know-how to the benefits of Africa’s fastest growing energy industry. Our greatest pleasure in this gathering today is that the potential of Africa’s power and energy development is no longer in doubt both in the political will and financial investment, commitment and governance process. We could all attest this transformation modalities by the Federal Government’s determination to divest power generation and distribution to independent power producers –(IPP). We are well aware that some IPP generating companies are committed to investing well over 300 million dollars in strategic production plans. Similarly GE, the global energy giant is investing over two billion dollars in productive capacityintheshortesttimeframe.Thegoodnewsofallthese is that Nigeria is not just implementing the energy growth scenario of meeting the targeted 10 mega watt capacity but aim to continental competitive level in energy output. On behalf of my colleagues in the NAEE, I invite you to explore and appreciate the unleashing sustainable energy trends and technology utilization, especially at the stand of our main sponsor, Trina Solar Corporation from China in projecting the future of Africa’s energy updates and contributions in the nearest future.To our Nigerian entrepreneurs, I want to urge you all to rise up to the challenges and go all out in the next two days into various franchise and joint venture partnerships to effectively reap the benefits of technological advancement. For our exhibitors, visiting participants and investors, you can be rest assured without any long range and extensive marketing research to ascertain the huge marketing potentials in the market. Everyone has huge benefits and chances to win lots of prizes as more than 3000 visitors are at the fingertips of various exhibition stands. In between, you can participate in various paper presentations and discussion panels as we wait for various awards in best technology and management practices. I need to remind you of various support services available at this hall of excellence – NOTAP – for technology transfer registration, small and medium enterprises development agency of Nigeria as well as the Africa sustainable energy association. Explore the options; take action with world class network platforms Warmest regards, Sir Emmanuel Onyejeose Chairman LOC FOREWORD Dr. Emmanuel Onyejeose Chairman LOC
  4. 4. 4 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event DAY ONE TUESDAY OCTOBER 16 REGISTRATION, WELCOME COFFEE & NETWORKING 08: 30 – 09:30 PLENARY SESSION Introduction of Master of Ceremony, Professor Sylvester Egwu and Compere Introduction of Chairman and Eminent Persons OPENING REMARKS FROM THE CHAIRMAN Engr. (Mrs) Bahijjahtu Abubakar, Chairman, National Co-ordinator of the Renewable Programme of Federal Ministry of Environment Opening Speech by the Chairman, Local Organising Company, Dr. (Sir) Emmanuel Onyejeose 09:30 – 09:45 Keynote Address By The President Federal Republic of Nigeria His Excellency G. E. Jonathan 09:50 – 10:10 WELCOME ADDRESS Progress made in the Power sector with Renewables by Prof. Chinedu Nebo, Hon. Minister for Power 10:15 – 10:30 OFFICIAL EXHIBITION OPENING & TOUR 10:45 – 11:30 The cutting of the ribbon to open the exhibition and take a tour of the stands by the President and his Entourage SESSION 1: KEYNOTE ADDRESSES: OPPORTUNITIES 11.35 – 12.10 Session Chairman: Engr. (Dr). Umar Bindir, DG/CEO, NOTAP 12.10 – 12.20 Keynote Address by Engr. Beks Dagogo Jack, FNSE; Chairman, Presidential Force on Power 12.20 – 12.40 Paper Presentation by Prof. E.J Bala, DG Energy Commission of Nigeria 12.45 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK 13.30 – 14.00 Session Chairman - Dr. Sam Adeye Adejuwon, Head/DNA, Department of Climate Change, Federal Ministry of Environment Keynote Address by HE Dorothee Janetzke-Wenzel, Ambassador, Federal Republic Germany What Germany –Nigeria Partnership means to entrepreneur? Keynote: What China Africa Fund is offering Africa - Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria 14.00 – 14.15 Presentation by Trina Solar Head of Sales Africa, Marcus Rother – Our Vision for Africa 14.15 - 14:30 Mr Gada Lawal ag Project Manager Access to Renewable Energy Bank of Industry Renewable energy investment in Nigeria: prospects & challenges 14.30 – 14.45 Daniel Werner, Programme Manager - The Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) / Promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and rural electrification 14:45 – 15.00 Engr. (Dr.) A.A. Esan, FNSE- Technical Director/CEO UNIDO-RC-SHP in Africa, Monitoring and Evaluation for Sustainable Project Development: Challenges and Way Forward. 15.00 – 15.45 Panel Chairman, Professor S. Egwu QUESTION and ANSWER SESSION NETWORKING LUNCH & VIEWING EXHIBITION 15.45 – 16:30 Networking
  5. 5. Event Programme 5 DAY TWO TUESDAY OCTOBER 17 REGISTRATION, WELCOME COFFEE & NETWORKING 08: 30 – 09:30 Davos Style Lounge Debate: How renewable energy sources can be used to increase capacity? Topics Opportunity for Sustainable power generation Case study: How the Restructuring is benefiting the Nigerian Marketing How Government Securing the Rights of the Investors? Opportunities and Challenges Incentives the government is offering to investors. Panelists: President Council for Renewable Energy of Nigeria Daniel Werner - Director, Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) – GIZ Engr Sam Amadi, Chairman/CEO NERC Alywn Smith – Chairman Southern Africa Alternative Energy Association Prof E.J Bala DG ECN Questions & Answers 09.00 – 11.00 PLENARY SESSION INSIGHTS FROM LEADERS IN THE Industry STREAM A STREAM B Solar Bio fuel IPP CLIMATE CHANGE 11.05- 11.30 Coffee break, Exhibition tour 11.30 – 13.30 PLENARY SESSION STREAM A STREAM B Energy Efficiency Government incentives Mitigating Risk Finance for RE Project 13.30- 14.30 NETWORKING REFRESHMENT / TEA BREAK- VIEWING EXHIBITION 14:45 – 16:00 Davos Style Lounge Debate: Renewable Energy Projects in Africa- Lessons learned. Questions & Answers Topics How to secure finance for Renewable Energy projects Potential of Biogas in Africa Global trend of the green economy Potential for Wind farm “Energy Thirst in Nigeria, Meeting the Needs With Renewables” Panellists: Hon Ifeanyi Ibezi Prof Onyejose Climate Change unit Prof Titilayo Kuku 16:00 – 17: 00 Networking 18.30 CLOSE OF DAY 2 EVENTS
  6. 6. 6 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event DAY THREE TUESDAY OCTOBER 18 REGISTRATION, WELCOME COFFEE & NETWORKING 08: 30 – 09:30 ROUND TABLE / SEMINAR SESSIONS ON THE ENVIRONMENT / SEMINAR SESSIONS ON RENEWABLE 9.00 -10.00 LEVERAGING GLOBAL FINANCE TO FUND Projects Chairman African Sustainable Energy Association MAKING FINANCE FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SECTOR Segun Adaju -President/CEO, Blue Ocean Nigeria ALTERNATIVE ENERGY FOR SMEs AND OFF-GRID COMMUNITIES - THE NIGERIAN POTENTIALS. Daniel Werner - Director, Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) – GIZ 10.00 -10.45 Launch of Eco Leader programme 10.45 – 11.15 NETWORKING REFRESHMENTS / TEA BREAK 11.20- 12.30 CLEAN TECH Innovation project expose to investors (5 finalists) 12.30- 13.00 INNOVATIONS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY FINANCING – Diamond Bank 13.00 -14.15 NETWORKING LUNCH HOUR- VIEWING EXHIBITION 14.15 -15.30 CLOSING CEREMONY & NETWORKING Imagine a company that allows your house to use the sun as effectively as a sunflower. The sun provides free energy – make the most of it! This is Greenage Africa
  7. 7. Event Programme 7 DAY TWO: OCTOBER 17, 2013 PLENARY SESSION ONE Chairman of Session: Engr. Hajia Bajjiahtu Abubakar National Coordinator of Renewable Energy Programme 09 am – 09.30 First Paper: Presentation by Mr. Alwyn Smith, Leader of South African Delegation. Clean and Affordable Energy Technology for the 21st Century Environment 09.30 – 09.45 Second Paper: Renewable Energy and Growth Potentials by  Professor Sylvester Egwu 09.45 – 10 .00 Third Paper: From Waste to Wealth, The New Gold Mine by Chris Edeh, Chairman/CEO, PAX SA Pty 10.00 – 10.30 Question and Answer Session 10.30 – 10.50 am TEA BREAK 10.50 – 11.40 Panel Meetings Coordinators – Engr. (Dr). Umar Bindir, NOTAP, DG; Ajay Alla, MD, Aqua Solar, Pty; Mr Gada Lawal, Energy Project Manager, Bank of Industry Sir (Dr). Emmanuel Onyejeose, LOC Chairman Investors and Technology Transfer/Franchise Panel Meetings. 11.40 – 12.30 Fourth Presentation on Climate Change by Mrs. Ngeri S. Benebo, DG, National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, (NESREA) 12.30 – 12.45 Comments and ResponseS 12.45 – 13.50 pm LUNCH BREAK PLENARY SESSION TWO 13.50 – 14.40 Chairman Professor Chinedu Nebo, Hon. Minister of Energy Paper One Paper Presentation on Delta State Economic Growth Beyond Oil by the Hon. Commissioner for Energy 14.40 – 15.15 Paper Two Mr Gada Lawal ag Project Manager Access to Renewable Energy Bank of Industry Renewable energy investment in Nigeria: prospects &challenges 15.15 – 15.45 Question and Answer Session 15.45 – 16.30 Networking and Respective Group Tours of various Exhibitions Stands 18.00 – 21.30 Nigeria Energy Meritorious Award Ceremony under the Chairmanship of Hon.Minister of Energy, Professor Chinedu Nebo
  8. 8. 8 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event DAY THREE: OCTOBER 18, 2013 PLENARY SESSION TWO Chairman: Hon. Minister of Environment 09.00 – 09.50 Paper One Power and Energy Infrastructural Growth and Development – China Model 09.50 – 10.20 Paper Two Paper Presentation by Dr. Sani Haruna, DG, NASENI 10. 20 – 10.50 Paper Three Paper Presentation on Renewable Energy Prospects in Nigeria by Ugah Godwin, Secretary-General, Council for Renewable Energy. 10. 50 – 11.15 Question and Answer Session 11.15 – 12.30 Panel Discussions by Various Groups 12.30 – 14.00 pm LUNCH BREAK 14.00 – 14.45 Paper Four Presentation on Clean Energy Efficiency, Partnership and Investment Options by the Clean Energy Business Council, Africa Renewable Energy Alliance and the ADB Group DAY THREE: OCTOBER 18, 2013 (continued) 14.45 – 15.00 Responses led by Dr. Ing.Sebastian Haupt, MAG AG, Switzerland and the Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council. 15.00 – 15.40 Communique 15.40 – 16.15 Vote of Thanks by Professor Sylvester Egwu 16.15 – 17.00 Networking Continues at all Stands 17.30 pm All Official Functions formally closed About the Event The Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2013 is Nigeria’s leading alternative energy Expo. NAEE 2013 takes place at the  Shehu Musa Yar ‘ Adua Centre Abuja, from October  16 – 18  2013. The event will feature an impressive line-up of local and international speakers, delegates and exhibitors, who will gather to debate a new energy future for Africa’s most populous nation. This year’s conference will focus on the theme: Embracing  Alternative Energy for growth”. NAEE 2013 takes place in partnership with Africa Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA),  the Renewable Energy Programme of the Ministry of Environment, Energy Commission, The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC) and National Agency on Science and Engineering and Infrastructure, (NASENI) and SMEDAN  as well as numerous other local and multinational organizations, like Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), Africa Renewable Energy Alliance, ADB, and World Bank, Clean Energy Business Council from both the public and private sectors. This year event will attract more than 4,000 renewable energy power professionals and exhibiting companies from all over the World.
  9. 9. Event Programme 9 Trina Solar Trina Solar Limited (NYSE:TSL) is a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions and services. Founded in 1997 as a PV system integrator, Trina Solar today drives smart energy together with installers, distributors, utilities and developers worldwide. The company’s industry-shaping position is based on innovation excellence, superior product quality, vertically integrated capabilities and environmental stewardship. Trina Solar is a leading global provider of solar solutions and has installed over 4.8 GW worldwide. Trina Solar is the Platinum sponsors of Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2013. For more information, please visit PAX SA Pax SA is an investment holding Company with focus in Information technology, Aviation, Energy, Financial Services, Real estate, Media, Health and Safety and Mining. Pax is based in Johannesburg with offices in the UK, US, Abuja and Zambia. Pax has strategic alliance with world class partners to deliver projects globally. Pax have grown from domestic roots in South Africa to a position where we service international clients from Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We strive to create a beneficial enterprise between clients, shareholders and employees that exceed expectations In line with the UN Global Compact principles. Pax is gold Sponsor of NAEE 2013. For more information visit: Sinoware Sinoware Tech – a high tech company specializing in developing, designing, and manufacturing any kinds of solar products. With its own R&D and sales team, Sinoware grants its ability to provide their customers with technical and products advantage. Our goal is to replace kerosene lamps as clean and reliable solar lights. Our products are exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries. With our own independent R & D department and according to requirements for customized design, we make the production based on the principle of maximizing the benefits of solar energy applications, providing our customers quick and thoughtful personalized service. Weadheretothebusinessphilosophyof“qualityfirst,reputation first”, the guarantee of “high technology, high quality” and the pursuit of “excellent service, customer satisfaction” and have earned good reputation from all over the world. We welcome clients from all over the world for visit and all kinds of co- operation. www. Tel: +86 18603040687 Email: Suka Energy Suka Energy Nigeria Ltd draws on its roots in Germany and United Kingdom to offer advanced innovative engineering solution for high energy costs faced by its customers.   We supply and install renewable energy products, power optimisation equipment, low energy but high efficient LED lights, and consultancy services in electricity generation and energy conservation. Our supply and install LED lights for roads, public arenas, and offices with over 160,000 hours life time. Solar-powered aviation and street lights, Solar powered lanterns, Solar photovoltaic systems and Wind power, Medium and Low Voltage switch-gears, Transformers and Substations, Energy-efficient Industrial motors. Precision controls system for industrial and commercial machinery. Surveillance equipment for defence and security applications, Procurement and supply contract services. Email:, Tel: +44 7958 630 576, +234 807 367 1377 Energes Energes Spain has partnered with local energy entrepreneurs to form Energes South Africa (Pty) Ltd. With the experience gained in Europe, Middle East and South America, the company is able to offer the local market global best practice in designing, installing and managing PV solar plants. Energes aims to be a customer –centric company focusing on providing tailor made solutions. It is committed to quality and service matched by a capacity for adaptability. Energes cares passionately about improving and maintaining a sustainable environment. Energes provides a variety of solar plants and products with different applications and characteristics for residential, industrial and commercial users. EnergesServicesincludeDesign and Engineering, Installation and maintenance ,Operation and Management OurAreasoffocusEnergyefficiency,Photovoltaicinstallations, Green electricity Tel: +27 83 324 7056 NAEE 2013 Exhibitors
  10. 10. 10 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event Bionerg - Envirocycles Bionerg Envirocycles Ltd    was incorporated to provide environmental, industrial and commercial waste management and recycling solutions for the interest of the state and communities in general. The company although young, tends to derive all the required financial, technical and business support from one of the associated companies – Corporate Forwarders Limited that has been in successful business for over many years. The company will solely managed by able and energetic Nigerians although at the embryonic stage, expatriate will man the technical aspect for easy transfer of technology within a reasonable time. Envirocycles  Nigeria Ltd. Is developing under technical partnership with Boretech Ltd Shangai China a 1 to/ hr pet bottle recycling line to install and operate within the West African countries, the Boretech patent and branded pet bottle recycling line in collaboration with government at all levels. The USD2M project which is the first of its kind is billed to be commissioned in Lagos in the first quarter of 2010.,partnerships@envirocyclesng. com, Phone No: 2348033632223 Undp/Bank Of Industry Access To Renewable Energy The BOI/UNDP Access to Renewable Energy Programme is an intervention project aimed at catalysing, promoting and supporting the expansion of renewable energy services for micro, small and medium-scale enterprises’(MSMEs) to support private sector-led economic development in Nigeria. In continuation of its support to Private Sector Development and commitment towards ensuring universal access to modern energy services, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recognised Bank of Industry (BOI) as the Implementing Agent, as BOI is uniquely situated to access all three sectors necessary for success: Government, MSMEs and financial institutions. ADOPT A VILLAGE programme The AtRE project supports individuals/corporate organizations to adopt various communities in Nigeria by providing counterpart funds to match a sponsor willing to commit funds with an initial limit amount of One million naira (equivalent to US $6,500). These funds will be used exclusively for renewable energy projects. These funds are managed by Micro finance banks in the villages. The first pilot is ‘Achina Renewable Energy Pilot Program’in Anambra State activities there include community advocacy, green entrepreneurship and micro credits for clean products. The product options include: Solar Potable lanterns, Clean Cook Stoves, Solar Mobile phone chargers, Solar Home Systems. Phone: +234 1 - 2715083 E-Mail: Web: Zepto Zepto solutions are designed to help turn schools with limited student access to technology into a technology-rich computing experience for every student in a classroom, lab, or library. featuring Microsoft MultiPoint Server , make it easier for schools to give students access to affordable computing. With out-of-the box setup and configuration, teachers can get the solution up and running quickly. Zepto provides an integrated solution incorporating both the server and station hubs . The solution enables educators to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership and offer familiar Windows experience. With the same budget, this shared resource mode multiplies computing access for students. The financial savings from a reduction in IT acquisition costs can be allocated to other resources for digital learning. Anbez Solar The solar market continued to grow in 2012, but overcapacity across the solar value chain led to steep price declines throughout the year.   Throughout the value chain, Anbez collaborates with partners and customers to meet their needs. Our partnership mentality allows us to build mutual long-term success in all aspects of our business. Anbez does not only offer high quality products and services, but importantly, a reliable and lasting partnership.  Anbez develops, manufactures, and delivers the world’s most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Greenage Africa Energy We offer clean power for every application and market, from off-grid systems, to homes, to power plants. Greenage delivers its industry-leading energy solutions through high value collaborations with fellow energy manufacturers, innovators, distributors and solar installers around the world. Open collaboration is a core component our business and defines our approach to driving the industry. Greenage protects your environment while reducing your electricity bills year-round in Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Utility-Scale. Telephone: +234 7084073596 Email: NAEE 2013 Exhibitors
  11. 11. Event Programme 11 Obelisk Energy Measurement Services (Pty) Ltd Obelisk Group a privately owned company, established in 1996. Our core activity is in providing solutions and resources to industry across telecommunications, power transmission and distribution, renewable energy and tower infrastructure. Through expansion and selectively recruiting key professionals the Obelisk Group has built a specialised workforce capable of managing and delivering all aspects of your project within the diverse services. Obelisk has gained a reputation among its clients for problem solving, achieving deadlines and delivering within budget. Over time we have grown steadily into a modern, proactive, international company embracing new technologies, and with hard work have been rewarded by new business, a strong balance sheet and  the recipient of a number of accolades. Contact: Justin Burnett (Director) Tel: +27 82 2569 103 Email: CAPEAFRICA Renewable Energy (Pty) Ltd CAPEAFRICA is a South African established, owned and operated company comprising of an experienced project management, technical and business development team, able to undertake on-site civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering implementation works to realise South African Renewable Energy sector projects. We are a company focused on internal development maximising resources to deliver projects exceeding client’s expectations, to which end we have implemented and become accredited by the South African Bureau of Standards as an SABS ISO 9001 quality management system certified company. Contact: Yats Gopaul Director Tel: +27 073 5555 363 Email: CALLIPER Consulting Engineers Calliper  is owned and managed by suitably qualified members who bring with them the necessary knowledge and technical expertise essential for the success of the business. Contact: Olly Malebane (Business Development Manager) Tel: +27 082 765 9432 Email: Okuhlaza Energy Okuhlaza is an integrated renewable energy enabler focused on the developing technologies, products and systems that have the potential to help make energy efficient- we believe wise use is a significant contributor to our total energy mix. We focus on Solar, LED, Energy demand Management Contact: Nicole Mhlanga, MD Tel: +27 73 819 7149 Email: DV 8 Alternative Building Solution We are a supplier of SIP building technology for Africa that will provide the capability to build using insulated core wall systems at very affordable rates, with the ability to produce buildings fast, cost effectively and being stronger than bricks or blocks. DV8 SIPs have been proven to be THREE times stronger, and at leastTWICE as energy efficient as conventional construction. Our solution will be to provide the quickest, strongest and safest of affordable building schemes for homes, schools, government offices, clinics etc, Contact: Eitan Ash: MD Tel: +27 82 824 9560 Email: Current Automation We offer a wide range of different AC~DC power supplies, Solar panels, Solar regulators, dc-dc converters, battery chargers and Industrial batteries from worldwide suppliers for applications in the field of industrial process controls, battery charging requirements, personal computers, telecommunications, graphics displays, plating and gold recovery industries and wherever required in the commercial, telecoms, mining or industrial markets. Current Automation, located in Kya Sand, Randburg, began operations in 1994 and has accumulated a lot of knowledge in supplying power Solutions to the southern African market over the last 16 years Contact: Edward Rae: MD Tel: +27 82 849 4573 Email: NAEE 2013 Exhibitors
  12. 12. 12 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event Set a solution Set-A-Solution supply friendly energy products; Solar Home Systems, Solar Lights, Solar Charger, Solar Geyser, Solar Roads Studs, Biomass Burning Stoves and provides Training and Development. Set-A-Solution was established in the year 2005 a 100% black and 50% women empowered and have BB BEE Level 3 certificate. Since then Set-A-Solution has supplied prepaid electricity and provided training and development to the South African Market. In the year 2008, Set- A-Solution introduced its friendly energy products to supply alternative, reliable, eco-friendly energy products and services to Africa. Our Vision Within the next five years, Set-A-Solution will have helped to meet the clean energy goals by manufacturing and supplying the African communities with excellent, reliable, high performing, quality assured and cost effective friendly energy products. Contact: Mandla Zulu Tel: +27 78 755 4554 Email: Solareff Pty Ltd With more than a decade of Solar PV experience, the founders of Solareff established it in 2010 as a solar power solutions company that focused on smaller off-grid and grid integrated solar power installations on an EPC basis. We have since expandedourservicestoincludeindependentpowerproducer (IPP) consulting. We also supply hybrid-power solutions depending on the location and requirements of an installation. We have completed numerous rooftop Solar PV and hybrid installations to date. We have also been involved with various large scale IPP projects with the largest project to date being a 75MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) farm. Solareff is a respected member of all the relevant industry associations and actively partake in their activities. Contact: DeVilliers Botha Tel: +27 82 924 7342 Email: Simbo Tech Established in 2005 as Consulting Engineers firm specialising in Energy Saving Technology applications. Simbo is enthusiastic about Green and Clean renewable energy and its benefits and is eager to work with its clients to find the solution that fits their needs best. SIMBO’s management believes in the power of networking for the development of latest and updated technology, therefore it liaises and network on a wide spectrum, making Simbo very competitive in the market owing to its innovative technology, services and latest high quality products the market offers. Our success is wholly dependent on its total solution model. Our team forms a hub, inter-linking Innovative Green and CleanTechnology in Energy and Lighting solution. This enables proactive implementation of solutions. Teams are innovative, flexible, and address ad hoc problem solving using the readily available resources within a well- defined framework. Contact: Kenny Nzizi ( MD) Tel: +27 82 293 0001 Email: EEU Solar We supply a full range of high output technology Photovoltaic solar panels  from 10W – 220W. Sine wave and  square wave inverters  that can be used for all domestic and industrial applications. For solar application we strongly recommend sine wave power inverters. Contact: Mandla Kubeka ( MD) Tel: +27 82 293 0001 Email: Gener8 Power Solutions Gener 8 is an alternative power solutions provider and specializes in all aspects of energy saving devices and alternative power systems. Gener 8 established itself as the leading energy franchise in SA and has being operational since 2007. Gener 8 seeks to expand its operations to Africa and in particular Nigeria offering products for home, business or commercial applications. Gener8 provides industry trusted brands and support to deliver quality solutions backed by qualified support. For our customers we provide expert business consulting to make informative decisions that are economically viable and sustainable. Contact: Oscar Loreti Tel: +27 82 33 77 068 Email: Enerlogy (Pty)Ltd Enerlogy (Pty) Ltd is a newly formed clean energy company focused on clean energy. It is the strategic objective of Enerlogy to produce or generate 300MW of electricity over the next five years, with the ultimate goal of 1GW (1000MW) in 20 years. Enerlogy is ideally placed to use its skills, relationships and networks to bring new capacity to the grid, to offer project development opportunities to investors and to build new off grid solutions to bring energy access to users who lack access to the grid. Enerlogy has access to strategic knowledge about energy demand, grid capacity, clean energy platforms and finance solutions that together make it a solutions driven organisation able to take energy related opportunities to scale via its association with international project developers with proven off-shore track records.As a focused energy developer Enerlogy is ideally placed to take advantage of any opportunities that arise in this new and emerging market segment. Contact: Sunny Morgan: Managing Director TeL  +27 82 727  9940 Email: NAEE 2013 Exhibitors
  13. 13. Event Programme 13 The objective of the Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo is to: • Create a platform for all stakeholders to network and transfer knowledge and skills. • Raise awareness and educate the public about climate change. • Showcase both local and international initiatives and technologies. • Mobilise Nigerians across all sectors • Create a platform for Business, Government and NGO’s to network For more information Visit: Key points on Nigeria Nigeria has a population of more than 155,989,000. It is the most populous country in Africa, with more than 73 million living in urban areas. Per capita emissions are relatively low, at about 0.64 tonnes of CO2 per year. Nigeria has one of the least energy-efficient economies in the world (ranking 21 out of 186 globally). As the biggest oil producer in Africa, Nigeria’s economy is dominated by oil and gas. Total CO2 in the energy sector are expected to grow by 2.2 per cent annually2. Nigeria has implemented a variety of plans and policies with a view to scaling up investment in renewable energy. The country’s Renewable Energy Master Plan was launched in 2006 and identifies considerable potential for generating solar, small and large hydro, biomass, biogas and wind energy across the country. Nigeria Vision 20: 2020 Vision 20: 2020 is a ten-year plan for stimulating Nigeria’s economic growth and launching the country onto a healthy path of sustained and rapid socioeconomic development. The overall objectives for the conservation of the environment include commitments to prevent further loss of bio-diversity and restore already degraded areas and protect ecologically sensitive sites • Harness and sustain natural resource use • Reduce the impact of climate change on socio-economic development processes • Make Nigeria a visible actor in global climate change response • Halt land degradation, combat desertification and mitigate impacts of droughts • Secure a clean environment through appropriate waste management • Reduce the occurrence and impact of environmental hazards and disasters • Raise the level of awareness on the state of the Nigerian environment • Improve the overall governance of the environment.
  14. 14. 14 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event Ngeri S. Benebo Professor E. J. Bala Engr. Hajia Abubakar Bajjihatu Prof. Chinedu Nebo Daniel Werner Dr. Mohammed Sani Haruna Alywn Smith Adedeji Esther Olubukola Ugah Godwin Council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria Gabriel Kajero Engr (Dr.) Ayodele Afolabi Esan Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Haupt Chris Edeh Dr. Segun Adaju Mr. Boma Simeon Anga Mrs. Dorothee JANETZKE-WENZEL Olly Malebane Ajay Lalla Dr. Bindir Umar Hon. Ibezi
  15. 15. 16 Nigeria’s Leading Renewable Energy Event PLATINUM SPONSOR GOLD SPONSOR PARTNERS