Goals for the Global Environment


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Bolder and more imaginative
solutions are required to meet
the challenges facing the
global environment

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Goals for the Global Environment

  1. 1. Time for Transformational Change The Role of the GEF Vision Statement of Dr. Naoko Ishii GEF CEO and ChairpersonV i s i o n S tat e m e n t o f D r . N a o k o I s h i i 1
  2. 2. 2 T i m e f o r T r a n s f o r m at i o n a l C h a n g e : T h e R o l e o f t h e GEF
  3. 3. Bolder and more imaginative solutions are required to meet the challenges facing the global environment. As the new CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility, I am offering you this vision statement as a compass to guide the GEF partnership on a course towards greater impact. And through the coming years, I will engage with stakeholders about how to strengthen the key strategic themes that I consider essential for the success of the GEF.V i s i o n S tat e m e n t o f D r . N a o k o I s h i i 1
  4. 4. Goalsfor the Global EnvironmentThe coming decade presents challenges unprecedented natural capital is incorporated in the way decisions arein the history of humankind. We have already reached or made and progress is measured; 3) all key actors – fromexceeded the carrying capacity of several of the earth’s local communities to national governments, the privateecosystems. The next ten years will likely see another 700 sector, civil society organizations, and indigenousmillion people added to the world population, more than peoples – recognize the part they must play in finding andone billion additional middle-class consumers, and 50 implementing solutions; 4) international environmentalpercent growth in economic output. Under such pressures, treaties are effective, fair and able to meet their agreedincremental environmental strategies alone will simply not goals and targets; and 5) resources are adequatelysuffice. These changes compel the GEF to equip itself to mobilized and deployed towards programs that reflect thepromote transformational change. We must align ourselves lessons learned from successes and failures. These mustwith a vision for a future world in which: 1) citizens be our goals.recognize the fundamental links between environment anddevelopment, and governments embed natural resourceconstraints into their decision-making; 2) the value of2 T i m e f o r T r a n s f o r m at i o n a l C h a n g e : T h e R o l e o f t h e GEF
  5. 5. Visionfor the GEFThe GEF is uniquely positioned to support the stewardship legitimacy by serving the key multilateral environmentalof the global environmental commons. Over the past conventions. This foundation provides the GEF with20 years, the GEF has accumulated an invaluable body unparalleled influence and capacity to take a leadershipof experience and knowledge, strengthened its culture role in finding and implementing bold solutions to globalof promoting innovation, enhanced and grown its environmental challenges. Specifically, the GEF can play thenetwork of agencies, and continued enjoying political following roles.V i s i o n S tat e m e n t o f D r . N a o k o I s h i i 3
  6. 6. The GEF is and must remain a The GEF is and must remainchampion of the Global Commons an innovatorOur core message is that there can be no separation The GEF was born with a mission to support innovation,between development and environment, as they are and must remain a strong promoter of innovation for globalco-dependent. Healthy ecosystems are essential to secure environmental benefits. It must use its resources andhuman health, food, energy and water, and ultimately network to introduce innovation in the design of programssustainable development. It is startling, however, that such and policies in a manner that encourages early adoptionideas have yet to be fully mainstreamed and that their and scaling up. To be credible, the GEF must alwaysadoption continues to be hampered by tough barriers in operate from a position of technical excellencethe political decision-making process. This is where the and world-class experience. It is vital that the GEFGEF comes in as a champion of the global commons. The be strengthened to rise to the forefront of knowledgetragedy of the commons was plaguing the Danube River management pertaining to the stewardship ofBasin for 150 years before the GEF stepped in to reverse the global environmental goods.serious environmental havoc stretching through 2,780kilometers and 19 countries, many of which belonged tothe former Soviet bloc. It took 15 years of a multi-facetedprogram to turn the Danube into a model of integratedriver basin management. Most significantly, it createda common platform, and helped bring political stabilityto a region beset by prevailing distrust. I will ensure thatthe GEF fully utilizes its convening power to bring keyplayers on board and create the context within which gooddecisions can be made to confront destructive trends, andto promote lasting change based on mutual trust.4 T i m e f o r T r a n s f o r m at i o n a l C h a n g e : T h e R o l e o f t h e GEF
  7. 7. The GEF is and must remain The GEF is and mustthe partner of choice for remain a catalyst in theenvironmental benefits evolving architecture of environmental financeThe GEF’s success will depend on its ability to forgeproductive, trusting and catalytic partnerships with its In order to bring transformational change to the globalmember countries, the private sector, civil society, the environment, the public and private sectors must identifyscientific community, and its agencies. The Agencies new ways of working together. The GEF can be a catalysthave been providing a steady stream of innovative ideas. by buying out the risk that enterprises face when operatingRecipient governments have increased their political in new and innovative markets such as carbon. The GEFcommitment, and seen their capacity considerably can help industries start sourcing increasing shares of theirstrengthened. But there remains much scope for commodities from certified producers. One such projectimprovement. We must ensure that transaction costs has doubled the certified supply of cocoa available for thewithin the GEF network do not reach a point where the food and chocolate industries while providing significantGEF is no longer an attractive option. It is time for recipient financial returns to local community producers. Throughcountries to demand that partners maximize the value increasing engagement with the private sector, the GEFof their engagement, explore synergies, and promote can support innovative approaches and play a catalystthe generation of multiple benefits. The GEF will support role in environmental finance. In particular, climate financetheir endeavor. architecture is evolving rapidly as the Green Climate Fund is established. The international community needs a seamless menu of options for identifying relevant technologies, testing and proving them, and scaling up with large-scale investments. Within this range of options, the GEF can play an instrumental role in the initial stage of technology transfer. The GEF needs to work to attract potential new partners capable of adding value to recipient countries.V i s i o n S tat e m e n t o f D r . N a o k o I s h i i 5
  8. 8. Principlesin ActionTo earn the trust required to maintain a leadership role Collective leadership andin the protection of the global environment, the GEFmust adhere to principles designed to build confidence effective communicationand achieve results. Accordingly, I commit myself to For the GEF to play a leadership role in bringingleading the GEF under a set of principles with these transformational change, it is essential that itobjectives in mind. continuously and effectively communicate its vision, strategy and work. We must strengthen existing coalitions between the GEF’s network of partners, and cement trust with the Multilateral Environmental Conventions that the GEF serves. Strong partnerships are essential for leveraging finance and developing ideas, but must always be justified by their impacts on the ground. Promoting country ownership I strongly believe that country ownership is a key to success, and I will further promote and improve country-led programs to ensure that the GEF helps embed environmental challenges at the core of development plans, explores synergies, and brings successes up to scale. We must ensure that lessons are learned and shared among countries.6 T i m e f o r T r a n s f o r m at i o n a l C h a n g e : T h e R o l e o f t h e GEF
  9. 9. Resolute focus on A lean and efficientachieving results organizationThe GEF should be known for its deeply entrenched An effective organization and a clear understanding of itsresults-oriented culture. Important initiatives are already objectives are essential to meet the needs of all memberunder way. Now we must step up efforts to convince countries. I will keep the GEF Secretariat lean and efficient.parties that investing in the GEF provides the best value We need to strengthen our Results-Based Managementfor the money when it comes to protecting the global Framework and Knowledge Management Initiative ascommons. Together with the GEF Council, I will assess the GEF continues to scale up and sustain impacts frommore closely the results and impacts of the GEF in projects and programs.achieving global environmental benefits.V i s i o n S tat e m e n t o f D r . N a o k o I s h i i 7
  10. 10. GEF 2020and BeyondI believe the GEF is uniquely positioned to catalyze the all the more important for the GEF to lay out a clear pathtransformational change necessary to help turn around forward, both in the upcoming GEF6 replenishment and forthe worrisome trends in the global environment. However, 2020 and beyond. To position the GEF to play its uniquethe protection of the global commons, which is the role in this challenging context, I have initiated a process toGEF’s primary mandate, is not always a critical priority in develop a long-term strategy for the GEF. My hope is thatinternational politics. Further, the proliferation of funds is the GEF 2020 Strategy will be inspirational and presentcomplicating the international financial landscape. The a coherent framework for how the GEF can support ourfiscal pressures confronting developed countries will remain member countries and partners achieve the common goalfor the foreseeable future. While the GEF has produced of a sustainable planet.satisfactory results in the past, those pressures make it8 T i m e f o r T r a n s f o r m at i o n a l C h a n g e : T h e R o l e o f t h e GEF
  11. 11. www.theGEF.org4 T i m e f o r T r a n s f o r m at i o n a l C h a n g e : T h e R o l e o f t h e GEF