Growing plants (Amna)


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Growing plants (Amna)

  1. 1. Educating younger children on growingplants and encouraging "green thumbs“ for a better lifestyle Amna Hussain
  2. 2. An outline of the Unit – The theme is encouraging “green thumbs” in younger students by education about importance of plants and processes which lead to us getting food from plants 1.Introduction- discussion on energy 5.Host 5th 2.The process graders from of the elementary photosynthesis school Biochemical Processes and our Surroundings 4. Enzyme Library Activity research 3.Energy Storage in Cells
  3. 3. Lab 1- Planting Mint in our class,and investigating the process of photosynthesis Observe impact of various factors on plant growth Test for photosynthesis in plants Investigate different factors that impact photosynthesis.
  4. 4. This lab activity will lead into the Unit, and the plants will be used to investigate what is learned in each topic Investigating InvestigatingGrowing plants Photosynthesis Enzyme Activity At the end of the Unit, the students will host 5th graders from elementary school and explain the importance of plants in our lives and the benefits of growing their own food
  5. 5. Students will work in small groups of 4 students each Initial project of the Unit Plant the mint in the classroom. Each group plants two plants.
  6. 6. Each group places one plant in direct sunlight andone in another corner of the classroom. Measure growth daily.
  7. 7. After plants have grown for 10 days, Plant1(exposed to direct sunlight) is put into darknessfor 24 hours. Leaves of both plants are tested for starch presence. Iodine solution used to test for starch Blue-clack color indicates starch present brown indicates no starch
  8. 8. What can this mean?Students analyze data collected using Excel Spreadsheetsand brainstorm what this information can mean
  9. 9. Conclusions?Sunlight is essential for plant growth.Plants that are exposed to sunlight have starch present in their leaves.Plants need sunlight to make starchPlants use energy from the sun to make food which can be consumed by humans and animals.Plants are essential for our survival
  10. 10. Future lessons in the Unit will focus on essential processesin plants such as photosynthesis, energy storage and use,and enzyme activity. The mint plants will be referred backto during the Unit and will be the manifestation of thetopics that are observed.
  11. 11. Each group will present one topic from each sub—unit tothe 5th grade guests. The groups will show the 5th gradersthe importance of plants in our lives and explain howplants are producers of food that get their energy fromthe sun and convert it to energy we can use. They willalso exhibit the mint plants in the “greenhouses” in theclass .
  12. 12. We have all heard the saying “ the best wayto learn is to teach” , so the class will usethis experience to think over thebiochemical processes through whichplants use energy to make food and howthis affects our lives. This will also help theclass think of “simple” ways to explainwhat they have learned and help themrelate this to real life experiences, as 5thgraders will need simpler explanations