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What's an api

What is an API and how can business benefit from connecting different systems through it. A practical example of automated business process and a way of estimating quantified financial value of implementation.
Take 3 minutes to learn about one of the newest trends in creating new ways of bringing revenue and saving money for your business.

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What's an api

  1. 1. What is a WebAPI?
  2. 2. Business case solved – safer than through emails, faster than with papers. 1. The customer fills out a form on a website and asks for a proposal. 2. Your website creates a new customer in your Salesforce CRM and inputs a new sales opportunity available for your sales team. 3. Your sales team prepares a proposal that’s automatically shared in the customer’s dropbox for his convenience. 4. Your customer shares the signed contract with you – It automatically gets input into the sales case in your Salesforce CRM. 5. Your sales team updates the contract’s status and a production order is automatically created in the SAP used by your production team. 6. As soon as the product is ready, the system sends a waybill to your shipping provider and an invoice to your customer’s accounting software. 7. The invoice from your shipping provider is automatically input in your SAP accounting module.
  3. 3. Accounting SaaS platform Product Inquiry New Customer Profile Sales Lead Waybill Signed Contract Production Order Proposal Integrating APIs enables you to drop papers and emails through process automation
  4. 4. WebAPI By definition API is an Application Programming Interface – A software component that realizes a set of programming functions independetly from its implementation. WebAPI is a programmatic interface that lets other systems communicate with your application.
  5. 5. How can I use it? API lets authorised systems exchange information. It can for example: • automatically update your product’s availability, based on your vendor’s stocks • integrate different domain software used by your company (automatically move invoices, tasks, reports between different systems) • update all your product descriptions (website, online store, intranet catalogue) with a single update on your ECM A sample view of multi system integration throughout different APIs manager by Business Processes Management System is illustrated on next slide.
  6. 6. How can I benefit from it? • It saves your time – The information is flowing on its own, waiting for you where you would expect it. • More accurate info – your stocks are updated, your price lists are updated, your accounting receives invoices on time • It saves money – your systems will update info and follow document workflows, letting your employees focus on their tasks. Savings calculation for Digitalizing all paperwork in a 50 people company. Assuming: • Avg. hourly rate 15 EUR / hour. • Avg. paper save 100 pages per person. • 2 toner cartridges per month. • Saving 15 minutes on searching for paper documents per person daily. • Saving 10 minutes of printing time per person daily.
  7. 7. How do I start? • Define your business processes and select those that can benefit from automation. • Verify if a process is running by deterministic rules. • Check which of the software you use has API access. • Choose a few first processes that you will support through API. • Find a software-house experienced in API development. • Implement API based support for your business and get profit.
  8. 8. e-Mail web WE ARE API EXPERTS Let’s accelerate your business together  Mateusz Kurleto