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DTM In Seven Easy Steps


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DTM In Seven Easy Steps

  1. 1. How to Be a DTM H tB in Seven EASY Steps April 25, 2008 By Matthew D Ownby D. Musashi Kosugi Toastmasters Club 2009/4/25 1
  2. 2. #10 Inspire you Audience #9 Mt. CC Persuade With Power #8 Get Comfortable with Vi i h Visual Aid l Aids #7 Research Your Topic #6 Vocal Variety y #5 Your Body Speaks #4 How to #3 Say It Get to the Point #2 Organize #1 Your Speech Ice Breaker 2009/4/25 2
  3. 3. But, B t Wait There`s More There s 2009/4/25 3
  4. 4. Paths to the Top Communication Trail Station A) Competent Communicator Station B) Advanced Communicator Bronze Station C) Advanced Communicator Silver Station D) Advanced Communicator Gold Leadership Trail Station St ti A) C Competent Leader t tL d Station B) Advanced Leader Bronze Station C) Advanced Leader Silver 2009/4/25 4
  5. 5. 2009/4/25 5
  6. 6. Advanced Communicator Bronze Do It 2 Easy Adv Mnl Installments! Speaking p g to Inform Adv Mnl The Entertaining Speaker 2009/4/25 6
  7. 7. Advanced Manuals Ad anced Man als • The Entertaining • Technical Speaker Presentations • Speaking to Inform • Persuasive Speaking • Public Relations • Communication on TV • The Discussion • Storytelling Leader • Interpretive Reading • Specialty S S i lt Speeches h • Interpersonal It l Communication • Speech By Management M t • Special O S i l Occasion i Speeches • The Professional Speaker S k • Humorously S H l Speaking ki Note: See page 76 or the Competent Communications manual for details. 2009/4/25 7
  8. 8. Advanced Communicator Silver It Just Takes J tT k Better 2+2 Speaker S k Series Successful Club Series Advanced Manual #4 M l Advanced Manual #3 2009/4/25 8
  9. 9. Successful Club S ccessf l Cl b Series • Moment of Truth • Finding New Members for Your Club g • Evaluate to Motivate • Closing the Sale g • Creating the Best Club Climate • Setting the Stage for Success: Meeting Roles and g g g Responsibilities • Mentoring • Keeping the Commitment • Going Beyond Our Club • How to be a Distinguished Club • The Toastmasters Education Program 2009/4/25 9 Note: Almost every presentation is about 10-15 (Moments of Truth is 60 – 90 minutes) and comes with a script and a CD with ppt slides. See the Appendix for more details.
  10. 10. Better Speaker p Series • Beginning Your Speech • Concluding Your Speech • Take the Terror Out of Talk • Impromptu Speaking • Selecting Your Topic • Know Your Audience • Organize Your Speech • Creating C ti an I t d ti Introduction • Preparation and Practice • Using Body Language 2009/4/25 10 Note: Every presentation is about 10-15 and comes with a script and a CD with ppt slides. See the Appendix for more details.
  11. 11. Advanced Communicator Gold Just Littl J t a Little Success/Leadership, Communication or More Talk and Youth Leadership A Lot More Action Mentoring Advanced Manual #6 Advanced Manual #5 2009/4/25 11 Note: See the Competent Leadership Manual pages 81 for some additional details on Youth Leadership and also check out the appendix for the other series.
  12. 12. Success/Communication Success/Leadership Programs • Speech Craft • How to Listen Effectively • Art of Effective Evaluation • Building Your Thinking Power (Part I & II) • From Speaker to Trainer • How to Conduct Productive Meetings • Parliamentary Procedure in Action • Building Your Leadership Power (Part I,II,& II) • Improving your Management Skills 2009/4/25 12 Note: Most of the programs are 2 – 21/2 hours long, but others are shorter/longer. See the Appendix for more details.
  13. 13. Toastmasters: It`s More Than Just Talk, It` Also About Leadership. 2009/4/25 13
  14. 14. 2009/4/25 14
  15. 15. #10 Team Building #9 Mentoring #8 Motivating g #7 People Developing Your Facilitation #6 Skills Organizing and #5 Delegating Dl ti Planning and Implementation #4 Time #3 Management Giving Feedback #2 Critical #1 Thinking Listening and Leadership 2009/4/25 15
  16. 16. Communication vs. Leadership p Manual Communication • I Order as Given In O d Gi • Spoken Evaluations p • One Project, One Speech Leadershipp • In Any Order • W itt Evaluations Written E l ti • One Project, Multiple Roles O e ojec , u p e o es 2009/4/25 16
  17. 17. Advance Leader Bronze All It Takes Are Tk A 2 Speeches Speeches, Plus α Leadership L d hi Excellence Successful S fl Club Served as an Officer Competent Competent Leader Communicator 2009/4/25 17 Note: see the Competent Communicator Manual pages 69- 70 or Competent Leadership manual pages 83 – 85 for more details about being an officer and about the other series.
  18. 18. Leadership Excellence • The Visionary Leader • Developing a Mission • Values and Leadership • Goal Setting and Planning • Delegate to Empower • Building a Team • Giving Effective Feedback • The Leader as a Coach • Motivating People • Service and Leadership • Resolving Conflict 2009/4/25 18 Note: Every presentation is about 10-15 and comes with a script and a CD with ppt slides. See the Appendix for more details
  19. 19. Advanced Leader Silver Do I D It In 3 Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach a club High Performance Leadership Serve as a District Officer 2009/4/25 19 Note: See the Appendix for more details
  20. 20. District Office • Area Governor • Division Governor • Secretary • Treasurer • PRO • Lt. Governor (Education & Training, Marketing) • District Governor 2009/4/25 20
  21. 21. Advanced Advanced Leader CCommunicator it Ld Gold Silver 2009/4/25 21
  22. 22. Communication Track C i ti T k Competent C Advanced CC AC-B AC-S AC-G Communicator Communicator- Gold Advanced Advanced New Communicator- Communicator- DTM Bronze Silver Member Distinguished Toastmaster T t t CL AL-B AL-S Competent Leader Advanced Leader-Bronze Advanced Leader-Silver Leadership Track
  23. 23. Good Luck on Becoming a DTM, And Good Trekking! g 2009/4/25 23
  24. 24. Appendix Appendi • The following slides give more detail to item present i th actual presentation and it t in the t l t ti d are for reference only. They contain y y material gathered from the TM catalog or the TI Website. For other relevant details Website not covered here see the Toastmasters International Website. http://www toastmasters org 2009/4/25 24
  25. 25. Successful Club S ccessf l Cl b Series • Moment of Truth (60-90 min) – How to recognize and deal with situations critical to club success. A club self evaluation tool club-self-evaluation tool. • Finding New Members for Your Club (10-15 min) – Ways to help you seek out those vital new members! • Evaluate t Motivate (10-15 i ) E l t to M ti t (10 15 min) – Give an evaluation that benefits the speaker and the audience! • Closing the Sale (10-15 min) g ( ) – Exercise your powers of persuasion during those moments when a guest is deciding to join. • Creating the Best Club Climate (10-15 min) (10 15 – Techniques for creating and maintain a healthy club environment. • Setting the Stage for Success: Meeting Roles and Responsibilities (10-15 (10 15 min) – Does your club involve everyone at every meeting? 2009/4/25 25
  26. 26. Successful Club S ccessf l Cl b Series • Mentoring (10-15 min) – A mentor program offers many benefits for your club and its members. This program defines mentoring, explains benefits and discusses mentoring responsibilities of mentors • Keeping the Commitment (10-15 min) – Discusses the 10 standards that compromise “A Toastmasters A Promise.” • Going Beyond Our Club (10-15 min) – Find o t abo t learning and leadership opport nities a ailable to out about opportunities available members in addition to regular club meetings and activities. • How to be a Distinguished Club (10-15 min) – A terrific tools to use to explain and promote th Di ti t ifi t l t t li d t the Distinguished Cl b i h d Club Program to the members of your club. • The Toastmasters Education Program (10-15 min) – What does it take to receive the CC award? What does about the Competent Leader? This module provides a terrific education program orientation. 2009/4/25 26
  27. 27. Better Speaker p Series • Beginning Your Speech (10-15 min) – Suggestions for starting your speech right. • Concluding Your Speech (10-15 min) – Tips for ending your speech with power. • Take the Terror Out of Talk (10 15 min) (10-15 – Techniques for overcoming nervousness when speaking • Impromptu Speaking (10-15 min) p p p g( ) – Don`t be caught off balance when speaking off-the-cuff! • Selecting Your Topic (10-15 min) –R Running out of speech id i tf h ideas? H ` h ? Here`s how t d to develop new ones. l • Know Your Audience (10-15 min) – If you can relate to your audience they will relate to you audience, you. 2009/4/25 27
  28. 28. Better Speaker p Series • Organize Your Speech (10-15 min) – Once you know what to say consider next the when say, and the how. • Creating an Introduction (10-15 min) – Great introductions should precede great speeches. • Preparation and Practice (10 15 min) (10-15 – Techniques for preparing and rehearsing your next speech. speech • Using Body Language (10-15 min) – How to use facial expressions, gestures and body language to enhance a speech. 2009/4/25 28
  29. 29. Success/Communication Success/Leadership Programs • Speech Craft (4,6,8 Sessions 1-2 hrs each) (4 6 8 – This speech training program will bring prospective new members into your club to see what Toastmasters is all about. Can be presented either as an integral part of your club meeting or as an outside-the club outside the seminar at a different location • How to Listen Effectively (2 ½ - 3 hrs) – Teaches listening, speaking and leadership skills with materials for 10 listening speaking, people. • Art of Effective Evaluation (2 ½ - 3 hrs) – This program will give club members the knowledge motivation and knowledge, skills they need to become more effective evaluators. Designed for 20 people. • Building Your Thinking Power - Part I Mental Flexibility (2- 21/2 hrs) – This educational seminar-style program teaches participants how to adapt their behavior to achieve the best results. Material for 20 people. 2009/4/25 29
  30. 30. Success/Communication Success/Leadership Programs • Building Your Thinking Power - Part II The Power of Ideas (2 – 2 ½ hrs) – This two hour educational seminar-style program teaches participants how to become more creative thinkers Material for 20 people thinkers. • From Speaker to Trainer (4 ½ hrs) – This educational seminar-style program teaches participants how to develop and present training programs Martial for 10 people programs. people. • How to Conduct Productive Meetings (1 hr) – A group leader working form a Coordinator`s Guide reviews the techniques techniq es and d namics of small gro p meetings Materials for 8 dynamics group meetings. people • Parliamentary Procedure in Action (5 sessions 15 minutes each) –D i Designed t provide T d to id Toastmasters with th basic skills t effectively t t ith the b i kill to ff ti l lead and participate in parliamentary discussion 2009/4/25 30
  31. 31. Success/Communication Success/Leadership Programs • Leadership, Leadership Part I: Characteristic of Effective Leaders ( 1 ½ hr) – This educational seminar-style program explores the qualities, values and styles effective leaders display. Material for 10 people. • Leadership, Leadership Part II: Developing Your Leadership Skills (1 – 1 ½ hrs) – This educational seminar-style program helps members develop leadership skills. Material for 10 people. • Leadership, Part III: Working in the Team E i L d hi P t III W ki i th T Environment (1 – 1 ½ h ) t hrs) – This educational seminar-style program helps participants learn to use leadership skills as they pertain to working with and leading teams. Material for 10 people people. • Improving your Management Skills ( 2 ½ - 3 hrs) – This education seminar-style program will give participants the knowledge and skills th need t b more effective managers. M t i l k ld d kill they d to be ff ti Material for 10 people. 2009/4/25 31
  32. 32. Leadership Excellence • The Visionary Leader (10 – 15 min) – This module discusses how leaders create and communicate a vision for their organizations to help it be successful. • Developing a Mission (10 – 15 min) – This module addresses how successful leaders create and communicate a mission for their organization. g • Values and Leadership (10 – 15 min) – This module examines values and how to employ them as you lead a team toward achieving a goal. • Goal Setting and Planning (10 – 15 min) – This module reviews the process leaders use to set goals and develop plans to achieve these goals goals. • Delegate to Empower (10 – 15 min) – This module discusses how to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities. responsibilities • Building a Team (10 – 15 min) – This module reviews how to create and lead a team 2009/4/25 32
  33. 33. Leadership Excellence • Giving Effective Feedback (10 – 15 min) – This module provides suggestions for offering feedback to others on their performance performance. • The Leader as a Coach (10 – 15 min) – This module discusses how to work with a team to help them p improve. • Motivating People (10 – 15 min) – This module examines how to be sensitive to your team member`s needs and create an environment the will motivate them. • S i and L d hi (10 – 15 min) Service d Leadership i) – This module discusses how leaders serve other by offering their knowledge and skills to help others achieve a goal. • Resolving Conflict (10 – 15 min) – This module discusses strategy for resolving conflict 2009/4/25 33
  34. 34. High Performance Leadership • The five-project program offers instruction and practice i such vital l d hi skills d ti in h it l leadership kill and activities as developing a mission and pg vision, goal-setting and planning, identifying values and building a team team. Includes three Guidance Committee Handbooks. 2009/4/25 34
  35. 35. Club Builders Cl b B ilders • Club Sponsor A sponsor is a member who helps charter a new club– following leads leads, generating interest and enthusiasm for the new club, recruiting members and getting all of the appropriate paperwork submitted to World Headquarters. q • Club Mentor A mentor is a member who helps the new club to build on the p preliminary enthusiasm, spirit of cooperation and fun initiated by the y ,p p y sponsors. A mentor ensures the club is strong and fully functional making sure officers understand their duties and have the tools they need to perform them, fosters a culture of membership-building within the club ,explains TI’s educational program and explains the explains TI s program, Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The term as mentor begins when the new club charters and lasts for six months to one year. Joining the club is optional, but common. • Club Coach A coach is a member that helps a struggling club back to health. This person, person builds a rapport with the club leadership and members members, observes and analyzes the club environment, assists the club in generating solutions, helps the club develop a plan with goals for improvement, makes it possible for the club’s officers and members to implement the plan, and i ill enthusiasm, fid li and a sense of il hl d instills hi fidelity d f responsibility for the club’s future 2009/4/25 35
  36. 36. District Office • Area Governor The a ea go e o p o des suppo t a d ass sta ce to eac c ub so t at it may e area governor provides support and assistance each club that t ay achieve the club mission and fulfill its responsibilities to club members. Insofar as practicable, an area governor must have served as a member of a district council. • Division Governor The division Th di i i governor strives t achieve th mission of th di t i t within th di i i ti to hi the i i f the district ithi the division, accomplishing district goals in membership building and retention, club building and educational accomplishments. He or she ensures that each club realizes its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members by providing district support and resources through the area governors governors. • Secretary This position may be combined with the office of secretary. The treasurer establishes and maintains effective fiscal management of the district. The treasurer promotes the growth of Toastmasters International by providing sound financial guidance to the district. • Treasurer This Thi position may b combined with th office of t iti be bi d ith the ffi f treasurer. A Accurate, ti l records t timely d are essential to district operations. The district secretary records and maintains important district documents so that the district can function effectively. • PRO The public relations officer establishes and maintains mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between the district and its members, as well as between the district and the public, working to increase awareness of Toastmasters through all available media. The public relations officer administers the policies and programs related to public relations for Toastmasters International, the district and the club. 2009/4/25 36
  37. 37. District Office • Lt. Governor of Marketing Under guidance of the district governor, the lieutenant governor marketing makes the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. The lieutenant governor marketing plans, d li t t k ti l develops, i l l implements and di t short-term and t d directs h t t d long-term district marketing objectives, and develops and directs programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion and membership retention. The lieutenant governor marketing promotes high standards of service to the th member and t th club. b d to the l b • Lt. Governor Education & Training Under the guidance of the district governor, the lieutenant governor education and training strives to have every club and each member reap the benefits of the Toastmasters educational program and become a Distinguished Club. The lieutenant governor education and training provides direction and counsel to division governors, area governors and club officers on the educational opportunities in Toastmasters, and is responsible for the design and conduct of successful district training p g p g g programs, , conferences and other district educational events. • District Governor As the district’s chief executive officer, the district governor directs the district in a way that fosters strong clubs; produces maximum growth i educational completions, clubs th t f t t lb d i th in d ti l l ti lb and membership; and is consistent with the interests of the members of Toastmasters International. The governor achieves the mission of the district in a manner that motivates volunteer leaders and promotes a standard of excellence in all district activities. activities 2009/4/25 37