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Discussion “Possibility ofMOOCs in Japan “


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OUJ-GLOBE/AXIES/KU Joint Seminar “International Seminar for MOOCs
and Digital Library”

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Discussion “Possibility ofMOOCs in Japan “

  1. 1. What is lacking in MOOCs ? Less Than 10% of Leaners completing the Course    Education Resources – Open and Free Courses Community – Learning Community – Borderless Campus Evaluation – Online-Test using Webcam Proctors, Biometrics Verify, etc. – Credentials, Badges and and Credit  The Existence of Teacher Course Author = Teacher ? – Teacher-Student Relationship
  2. 2. New Technology and Idea by CIHLO BOOK Course Author Creative Commons Internet Teacher Teacher University University Class Room Class Room Learner Teacher Flipped Teaching Teacher Class Room Class Room
  3. 3. Beyond the MOOCs ! CIHLO