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TIES e-Portal2.0 Trials for Making Innovations in Open Education

  1. TIES e-Portal2.0 Trials Innovations in Open Education Masumi Hori, Seishi Ono, Shinzo Kobayashi, Kazutsuna Yamaji
  2. Today’s outline TIES e-Portal2.0 Trials Innovations in Open Education      Current Situation Problems Consideration Review Conclusion 2
  3. Target of Open Education Anyone who wants to learn and needs to learn » The disadvantaged » NEET » Hikikomori » Older adults » Business persons 3
  4. Situation of Open Education Distributing the System 2001 Fathom 2003 bankruptcy Disclosing Courses 2002 Sharing Educational Contents OCW OER 2006 Lecture Courses MOOC •Distributing as online-tests & communicationas lecture videos. •1.5 million people participate •The Influence of Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Soc Khan Academy 2008 Start Promoters 2012. 3 MIT Udacity Open Education MOOCs MITx 2012 4 2012. 4 Courser a 2012. 4 Former professor at Stanford Univ. Professor at Stanford Univ. edX 2012. 9 MIT and Harvard Univ. MOOCs
  5. problems Is the quality satisfied with this? The learning effect of online learners publication lectures taught at universities Diversity of education specific institutions just distribute 5
  6. Dissatisfaction with Disclosing Courses Disclosed courses increased but users decreased 6
  7. Problem of Diversity diversification stagnation Activation of the community institutions with financial strength Improving the service adequate funding Web-based portal dissatisfaction other institutions declining the service Resources volunteer
  8. The proposal for Micro Lecture and e-book It’s 10 minutes even Khan Academy 1-minute Micro Lecture Open Education e-book 8
  9. The Advantage of 1-minute Micro lecture 1-minute Micro Lecture Net Generation Businessp erson They can’t wait for more than a minute They are occupied with day-to-day tasks Educator They are free from constraint of time 9
  10. focusing on context Web Book Contents Context Oriented oriented searching out learning 10
  11. The Advantage of e-book 1-minute Micro HTML5 Lecture Online -tests Course Materials e-book Open Education 11
  12. our e-book TAP TAP 12
  13. Course Materials Micro Lectures HTML5
  14. E-book by GakuNin 14 various functions eLearning system On-Campus System Issue a certificate various contents E-Journal E-library Publishers GakuNin Academic Access Management Federation in Japan Adding DOI
  15. Conclusion: Open Education Infrastructure Education for Everyone Quality Assurance of Education Open Education Infrastructure Micro Lecture e-books GakuNin E-Resources 15
  16. Next-Generation Open Education  Web2.0 is old-fashioned » PC is ‘Relic of Past’ ?  e-Portal2.0 » e-Portal by Portal device » useful to business enterprises
  17. Thank you