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Research Libraries UK Conference 2017 presentation


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Presentation given to RLUK17 conference at British Library, London, UK on the 10th of March 2017. The presentation looks at how technology will impact research libraries in the future, what approaches can we take to embrace these changes, and what kind of digital skills will we need to invest in to be leading research libraries of the future.

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Research Libraries UK Conference 2017 presentation

  1. 1. Role of Research Libraries in a technological future Masud Khokhar Head of Digital Innovation and Research Services The Library, Lancaster University @mkhokhar
  2. 2. Bridging the skills gap Technology and Leadership Key challenges
  3. 3. Digital disruption and academia: Are we ready for uberversities in 10 years? * * Prof. Linda Kristjanson - VC Swinburne University - Article available here - 2015 ** Ryan Craig and Allison Williams - Article available here - 2015 Data, Technology, and the Great Unbundling of Higher Education **
  4. 4. Is the technology hype real?
  5. 5. Gartner Hype Cycle - 2010 Gesture Recognition Cloud Computing Microblogging Ebook readers 3D Flat panel TVs and displays Wireless charging Media tablet Private cloud computing 3D Printing Social Analytics Augmented Reality Biometric authentication methods Location aware applications Virtual assistants Mobile application stores
  6. 6. l ABOUT OUR COMPANY Little subtitle here like lorem ipsum dolor 0.9 Zettabytes Content is king Research or Academic Leadership 2010 5.2 billion internet connected devices
  7. 7. l ABOUT OUR COMPANY Little subtitle here like lorem ipsum dolor 17 Zettabytes Context is kingdom 2017 28.4 billion internet connected devices Research with Digital Leadership
  8. 8. l ABOUT OUR COMPANY Little subtitle here like lorem ipsum dolor 180 Zettabytes Cognitive load reduction & context brokering Digital Leadership* 2025 80 -100 billion internet connected devices * but not on its own
  9. 9. Gartner Hype Cycle - 2016 Context brokering Affective Computing Data broker PaaS Commercial UAVs Quantum computing Gesture control devices Conversational User Interfaces Personal Analytics IoT platforms Smart workspaces Natural Language Question Answering Virtual Personal Assistants Connected Home Smart Data Discovery Blockchain Cognitive Expert Advisors
  10. 10. @mkhokhar 10 NMC Horizon Report - 2017 HE Edition
  11. 11. @mkhokhar 11 How does technology change our approach towards research support and enablement?
  12. 12. @mkhokhar 12 The Library towards 2020 We will work with the research community and other partners to create collaborative research environments, build effective training programmes and provide developmental opportunities. We will establish our Special Collections as a key Library strength.
  13. 13. @mkhokhar 13 Tackling the challenges (1/2) Invest in Digital Leaders Digital Futures paper Hybrid of Macro and Micro Elements Through Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Partnership Research/Data Scientists, Data Visualisation Experts Embed Behaviour Driven Service Improvement Analytics infrastructure of Library Intelligent Library project Investment in Cognitive load reduction, personalisation and context brokering technologies CONTEXTC A B C APPROACH CONSISTENT BEHAVIOUR
  14. 14. @mkhokhar 14 Tackling the challenges (2/2) Interoperability and service experience is key Embed in procurement processes Natural Language conversations TDM, LoD, Machine/Deep Learning Data visualisations Personalisation Mixed Reality Semantometrics Embed Library in Research Questions and Processes * Digital Humanities * Digital Health Benchmark services, analyse data, change analytics into intelligence CSAT scores for service improvements MEASUREE E E M ECOSYSTEM EXPERIMENT EMBED
  15. 15. Bridging the gap between Libraries and IT
  16. 16. @mkhokhar A C B I 16 From Analytics to Intelligence The Data to Information journey for smart decisions Analytics Context BehavioursIntelligence
  17. 17. @mkhokhar 17 Our Library Infrastructure 60 150 400 10 Virtual Machines Virtual CPUs GB Memory TB Storage Infrastructure as Code, Terraform, Kubernetis, Docker, VMWare
  18. 18. @mkhokhar 18 Digital initiatives S Study space occupancy J Library Journeys M Mixed Reality T Natural Language Touch points G Gesture Control M Mood aware spaces P Personalisation U UDCs and Digital Humanities
  19. 19. @mkhokhar 19 New areas to invest in DS1 DS2 DS3 DS4 DS5 DS6 DS7 3104 822 Dataset downloads at Lancaster University
  20. 20. @mkhokhar 20 Data Visualisations
  21. 21. Bridging the gap of Digital Skills
  22. 22. @mkhokhar 22 Survey results (1/3) How confident are you that you have the skills that would be relevant to the needs of research libraries in 2025? Very Confident 14% Moderately Confident 63% Not confident 19% I am worried 4%
  23. 23. @mkhokhar 23 Survey results (2/3) How confident are you to be able to cope with technological changes that would be coming our way by 2025? Very Confident 24% Moderately Confident 62% Not confident 11% I am worried 3%
  24. 24. @mkhokhar 24 Survey results (3/3) In your own view, do you think that you can learn new technologies quickly? No 1% Yes 61% Sometimes 38%
  25. 25. @mkhokhar 25 Digital Skills Development Digital Leadership 01 02 03 04 Confidence Building Digital Skills and Code Clubs Micro-Learning
  26. 26. “There is no turning back from digital in HE. The digital demand is real, and HE institutions must start making the grade or risk irrelevance in the digital era.” * * Mike Byrne - Managing Director - Accenture - September 2016 - Available here The question is not of an if but of when!
  27. 27. Thank you for listening. Questions? Masud Khokhar Head of Digital Innovation and Research Services The Library, Lancaster University @mkhokhar