Alaje from the Pleiades "Seminar Denmark" (20-23 october 2010) Excerpts


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ALAJE from the Pleiades, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light ----
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your Heart****
Love is the solution for everything****
Love is the key****
Be prepared for the coming Transformation Light Energy****
Now is the opportunity to evolve your consciousness****
Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth. Use my Meditation from part 4 of my Videos.

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Alaje from the Pleiades "Seminar Denmark" (20-23 october 2010) Excerpts

  1. 1. ALAJE FROM THE PLEIADES Seminar Denmark (20-23 October 2010) Excerpts In all my meetings, there are always light beings present. And all your higher selves are happy, that you are all together now. Because they have tried for a long time to connect each of you. They do it on another dimension, and it's so complicated that you would never understand it. They try to make one day, we all meet together. I do these meetings only, when the existence tells me to do it. I don't plan it. Sometimes, the people who have to come, have to be prepared, even in the dream state, in the astral dimension. They are going through lessons... through seminars... through class rooms...until they are ready. And then, when the time comes, they have the feeling they have to go there. Right now we have the transformation going on, not only on this planet, but also on the whole solar system. And because everything is connected in the universe, that's why it will affect all the planets. Not only on this planet. I took this picture of a mother ship in august 2010. Here it turned a little bit... And here it is exactly between the plant. They can see what i can see. When i was looking through the camera, they could see it too, with their mind. This was another small ship that appeared on the same day. The reason why i am doing the seminars is because: The chaos on this planet is increasing, because earth-people don't live spiritual. So the reason for these meetings is to help people to become spiritual, and also, to help this planet to achieve one day a global contact with other star beings. We are going to create a good energy tonight, so we can help the planet in his transformation, so the transformation is not too destructive. There are many spiritual teacher on this planet, and each theacher gives you something else. It is like in a have certain classes, and in each class you have something else to learn. The meaning of life is the development of the heart and the consciousness. 1
  2. 2. In order to get in a higher dimension, you have to be free of all negative energies. The frequency is rising since many years, but now we are coming to peak. And that means, that everything that is in lower density, in a negative energy, will have the strongest cleansing. And spiritual people who are working on themselves, on the character...on the emotions... They will have no problem with this new energy. We are all responsible for this planet, for how easy or how hard this transformation will be. We are not only responsible for our own self..., we are also responsible for the planet, and rest of the universe. So we have to learn to control our thoughts and our emotions, because this is creating the outside life. So now it is really time to use TRUE LOVE. As long as people don't do this, the energy will not rise smoothly. That means, the cleansing will be stronger. LOVE IS THE ENERGY FROM THE EXISTENCE (from ''god'') LOVE IS THE SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING The more people would use this LOVE ENERGY, the easier we could help this planet to have a smooth transformation. If you want to change a lower energy, you have to use a higher energy. There are always two polarities... You have to change the polarity. First, we have to heal our selves, before we can heal the planet. All blockades that everybody has...all traumatic experiences, maybe from other life times... If you don't clean these things, you will take them with you in each life. And this high energy that is coming now from the SOURCE, is lifting the frequency, and it is pulling all these blockades out of you. So you have to face them... You have to face the problem, in order to heal it. And if you do it by will, step by step, it is easier, instead of if it would come like a lightning and then you are shocked. When you have SELFLOVE... When you are spiritual... You see the whole planet as ONE. You don't see countries..., you see ONE group... You see ONE human family. We have to create this strong light in us... Because only LIGHT can stay in the LIGHT. ONLY WITH LOVE, YOU CAN RECOGNIZE LOVE. People who will not master this lesson... Just to love... They will have to make it in another life. The Existence. Is responding to your your feelings... When you are doing affirmations, the existence is not responding to what you say, it responds to WHAT ENERGY you put in the affirmation. And the stronger this energy is, the stronger is the manifestation. The SOLUTION of all the problems is always a higher frequency... AND this higher frequency is LOVE and JOY. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO HAVE, and don't focus on what you don't want to have. You have to FEEL, what you want to have. Visualize that you are filled with are a LIGHT ENERGY BODY... And visualize, that all the things we have said...they get energy... We are giving them energy. AUDIENCE: ''I have not a question...i just say that we are happy to know is nice for you to come here...'' We have created a good energy... That means...tomorrow we could start with the Healing Single Sessions... Because if a lot of you want to do it... It takes about 40 minutes (generally) for each person... so it takes the whole day. (The next two days the healing single sessions lasted from the morning until 4 in the night). Assemblage: 29.Oct.10 2