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Clase curso 6º básico

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  1. 1. My Family
  2. 2. My Mother WHO IS SHE? She is my mother . She is a woman . She Usually cooks or works . She has a long Brown Hair She wears a pink dress . She is very Beautiful . She has pink shoes .
  3. 3. My Father WHO IS HE? He is my Father . He is a Man . He has short brown hair . He usually works . He is wearing Brown Shoes . He is wearing a Purple T-Shirt . He is wearing a Blue Jeans .
  4. 4. My Sister WHO IS SHE? She is my Sister . She is a Girl . She Studies in the School She has a long Brown Hair She wears a Orange Dress . She is very Kind . She has Dark yellow shoes . She is wearing a Black T-Shirt . under his Dress .
  5. 5. My Brother WHO IS HE? He is my Brother. He is a Boy. He has short brown hair. He Studies in the School. He is wearing Red Trainers. He is wearing a Red T-Shirt. He is wearing a Blue Shorts.
  6. 6. My Grandmother WHO IS SHE? She is my Grandmother. She is a Old Woman. She is Knitting and Listening to the radio She has a long White Hair She wears a Green and yellow spotted Dress. She is wearing Purple Slippers She is wearing a Glasses.
  7. 7. My Grandfather WHO IS HE? He is my Grandfather. He is a Old Man. He has not Hair. He uses a Cane He is wearing Brown Shoes. He is wearing a Green vest. He is wearing a Brown Trousers. He is wearing a White Shirt under his Vest
  8. 8. Vocabulary Cook Work Study Knit Listen Hair Dress Shoes T-Shirt Jaeans Cocinar Trabajar Estudiar Coser Escuchar Vestido Zapatos Polera Jaens
  9. 9. Kind School Trainers Shorts Old Trousers Spotted Glasses Slippers Cane Vest Amable Escuela Zapatillas Deportivas Pantalones Cortos Viejo Pantalón Con puntos Lentes Pantúflas Bastón Chaleco
  10. 10. Free Time!
  11. 11. What can we do in Free Time?
  12. 12. Sing Play Football
  13. 13. Run Dance
  14. 14. Talk with Friends Study
  15. 15. Play Video Games
  16. 16. Vacations!
  17. 17. Where we go on vacations? What can we do on vacations?
  18. 18. I go to the Beach I go to another City I go to the Cinema
  19. 19. I go to the Swimming Pool I go to Parties
  20. 20. Tell me what do yo do on vacations
  21. 22. Birthday In this Special Day you celebrate you birth and you get 1 year older. Usually it is celebrated in a Big Party with you friends.
  22. 23. New Year In this Day all the people celebrate the new year. They enjoy dancing and eating with their family and their friends.
  23. 24. Anniversary Tnis day is celebrated by all the people who have a intimate relation. Usually is celebrated by Parents or ypung people fallen in love.
  24. 25. In this day most of the people celebrate the birth of Jesus. Usually you go to Mass and afteror before that you eat dinner with your family and wait for the Midnight to open the presents. Christmas
  25. 26. Wedding This day is very important to all the people who want to marry with his or her loved one.
  26. 27. Graduation In this Special Day in Chile, you are promoted from the primary school to the High school. This is celebrated also when you finish the High school and the College .