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The future of branded content by goviral in Cannes 2010

Goviral's presentation about the future of branded content in the post viral era.

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The future of branded content by goviral in Cannes 2010

  1. From Hollywood to Madison Avenue<br />“A tale of fundamental changes in advertising”<br />Cannes Lions 2010<br />
  2.  <br />Agenda<br />
  3. Online video vs other medium<br />
  4. The rise of the YouTube generation<br />
  5. The evolution of video formats<br />Online video evolution<br />
  6. YouTube - the tip of the iceberg!<br />Source: Comscore Video matrix // Techcrunch<br />
  7. Online advertising by format<br />
  8. Video improves branding<br />Source: Dynamic Logic & Doubleclick study, June 2009<br />
  9. Publishers and online video<br />Source: Brightcove and Tubemogul, q1 2010<br />
  10. Video has ‘critical mass’<br />86m<br />112m<br />116m<br />114m<br />170m<br />More than 170 million US viewers watch an average of 182 videos online, or a total of 35bn videos in Feb 2010<br />Source: and ComScore<br />
  11. How does engagement look?<br />What the users are telling us<br />
  12. Consumers play the game<br />
  13. Engagement = action<br />
  14. Content is ‘king’<br />Tim Armstrong, 2010 CEO of AOL<br />
  15. The old walls are broken down<br />
  16. A typology of online video<br />3 ways to get a brand involved…<br />
  17. The ‘video’ funnel<br />
  18. The sponsored model‘X-sessions’<br />
  19. The sponsored model<br />Sponsor premium content – music, sport etc.<br />Sponsor premium content<br /> (68 videos)<br />
  20. Connect to a music audience<br />Access to a lot of quality content<br />Adding legitimacy and aspiration<br />
  21. The branded content model‘Chrome Speed Test’<br />
  22. Produce narrative stories around brand values<br />(100s of videos in multiple channels)<br />
  23. Google stories, google fans<br />Internally driven film, made with Glue and <br />DDB to celebrate the new Chrome 5<br />A way to connect with key audience<br />
  24. The product model‘Apple Ipad’<br />
  25. Produce narrative stories around product values<br />(19 videos)<br />
  26. Let the product be the star<br />Information canbe as <br />valuable as entertainment<br />The brand, the products & the people<br />
  27. Making a ’difference’<br />
  28. Nokia’s approach to content<br />Embracing online for branding<br />
  29. The Online Evolution<br />2000-2007<br />2008<br />2009-2010<br />Nokia get’s first real online video success with “Get out and play” and “Bruce Lee ping pong” gathering 5-10mil views<br />Nokia is slowly moving to digital, but remains largely traditional in choice of formats<br />Nokia’s creation teams are adopting increasingly strategic models for working with content and distribution.<br />
  30. A Chinese icon<br />
  31. N96: The sponsored model’N96 Ninja - 2006‘<br />
  32.   <br />Creating our own narratives, relating to the world around us<br />
  33. N8: The Brand model’N8 Fossball– 2010’ <br />
  34.  <br />Presenting a product <br />doesn’t have to be boring<br />
  35. N8: The Product model’ N8 Design’<br /> <br />
  36. User learnings<br />Paid <br />Media <br />  <br />Owned <br />Media<br />Earned <br />Media<br />Distribution<br />Opinion<br />18<br />134<br />105<br />655<br />Viewing patterns<br />Sharing and CTR<br />
  37. Implications for ’our’ agencies<br />Media<br />Online video is moving from tactical to strategic<br />(content for both earned, bought and earned)<br />Audience<br />One lead piece is not enough to satisfy users<br />(A dandelion approach to content)<br />Content<br />Creative concepts can come from many sources<br />(both internally and from ’new’ external sources)<br />
  38. Why agencies <br />should worry<br />from 30sec spots to partnerships<br />
  39. Agencies lose monopoly on content <br />
  40. The driving forces<br />Partnerships<br />
  41. A total of 196 videos have been produced and launched for Tourism New Zealand since 2008 using different content partnership models<br />- Source: 100% New Zealand on Youtube<br />The production companies<br />
  42. Hollywood’s product love<br />Product placement and integration set for a 10-15% CAGR from 2008-2012 from its base of 3,81bn USD in 2008 <br />- Source: PQ Media<br />Hollywood<br />
  43. Premium content destination launched in Dec 2009<br />April 2010: 44mil UU, 350mil streams<br />- Source: Comscore video matrix<br />The Music industry<br />
  44. 4 world records‘Stratos project - 2010 (ongoing)’<br />
  45. Partnerships between brand, tech and media<br />
  46. The evolution<br />1984<br />Lead brand spot<br />2010<br />Full funnel strategy<br />From 30 secs to full funnel content strategies and sourcing content through partnerships<br />
  47. The future of content<br />…is more for less<br />
  48. Froms ads to content<br />
  49. The road ahead…<br />Expand own capabilities to cover full funnel and planning/media<br />Partnerships to supply own capabilities in key areas<br />
  50. The “evolution” of a giant…<br />1960-2005<br />2005-2006<br />2007-2010<br />Unilever perfects traditional TV advertising, beginning with their 1961 OMO Cannes Lion<br />Simon Clift takes over as Unilever CMO and Dove’s “Evolution” marks the start of a branded content era.<br />In the motherhood sets the standard for branded entertainment. Multiple projects follow. Unilever named advertiser of the year 2010<br />
  51. “I would certainly single out the task of getting our brand messages heard in an environment of breathtaking media fragmentation. We may be ahead of our competitors, but we’re most definitely behind consumers. This internet thing is much bigger and more interesting than just finding successors to TV advertising. “<br />- Simon Clift, outgoing Unilever CMO<br />

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Goviral's presentation about the future of branded content in the post viral era.


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