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Usability report

  1. 1. Usability ReportThe following document discusses the usability of theblogger.1-Executive Summary:Our report is about an online application which is “blogger”. We have done a usabilitytest about it, which include three parts. The first part is about effectiveness which isincluding five points that focus on usefulness. Second part about efficiency whichmeasure ease of use and third point was about student’ssatisfactions that measure the userconfidence and relevance. The purpose of the study is to measure the usability of theblogger online application. The survey distribute foe two weeks 1542012 -2842012.wecollect the data from 25 participantsWhich were students in SQU in both male and femalestudents. Most of them were from Learning and instructional Department. They are atcollege of education. They have experience in IT, software, and hardware and teachingmethods.2-Purpose of the StudyThe purpose of the study is to evaluate the usability of the blogger in SQU.Blogger isonline application, which provides you with a chance to share publish your ideas andparticipates with other around the events that happens in your life or anything that youare interest to discuss it with others. It has many features such as, publish sound, and addvideo and pictures easily. Also, you can get comments from your friends. · The objectivesof using blogger are: Adding post with pictures, videos. Receives and replay to usercomments. Manage the posts.Describe the context:
  2. 2. 3-Participants:The Participants was 25 studentsfrom SQU.they were female students. They are fromdifferent region in Oman. There are around 19 to 23 years old. Most of them were fromLearning and instructional Department at college of education. Theyhave experience inIT, software, and hardware and teaching methods. Other students are from collage ofscience and foundation years. They share same experiences which are in middle incomputers programs and software. Ten participants were scheduled over the one testing
  3. 3. dates. All 21 participants completed the test. Seven participants were involved in testingon May 1st and fourteen on April 19nd.4-Method:We contacted and recruited participants from sultan Qaboos University. We send e-mailfor the participants from our departments. Also, we put link of the test in Facebook pageso the other participants who are not from our department could answer the test. Also, wegive them instructions and brief about application. Participants read the tasks and tried tofind the information on the application to answer the test.Participants responded with anappropriate date and time. We use Google docs to write questioners. Test includes three individual sessions. Each one takestwo minutes to answer. After each task, we asked the participant to rate the questions on a 3-point Scale with measures ranging from Agree to Disagree. ) for eight subjective measures including Ease of use Frequency of use Difficulty to enroll in blogger. Learn ability - how easy it would be for most users to learn to use the blogger Application facilitation – how quickly participant could use it. Look & feel appeal which help to explore the application. Relevance user and satisfaction toward Application Site organization and navigation.We provide them address contact for us, direct link to questioners, and clear descriptionabout the application. The participant’sroles are to answer the questioners and send it.After analyzed the questioners we drop 6 Questions because it was under correlation. Wedrop Q2 –Q3 –Q4 –Q6 –Q9 –Q10.
  4. 4. 5-Findings and Recommendations: Cronbach’s Alpha for the entire sub-scale was 0. 884 The item scale correlation coefficients range between 0.326 and .883These results confirm that the internal reliability index of the usability instrument was adequate. Usability percent: Efficiency Statements Agree Neutral DisagreeQ1 I found blogger is easy to comment on other report. 66.7% 23.8% 9.5%Q5 - In blogger you would manage your blog (private or public) 57.1% 19.0% 23.8% Ease of useQ7 Blogger layout is clear. 42.9% 33.3% 19.0%Q8 Blogger provides online help. 85.7% 14.3% Satisfaction:Q11 - I like to use blogger 66.7% 23.8% 9.5%Q12 12- I would find using blogger useful in helping me to keep 66.7% 14.3% 14.3% &publish my own document.Q13 13- I find easy to share my resource 61.9% 28.6% 4.8%Q14 14- I encourage my colleagues to use blogger 66.7% 23.8% 9.5%Q15 15- I feel comfortable when I use blogger 47.6% 38.1% 14.3% Effectiveness: The participants found that the blogger is very good and useful online website.About 85% were agree because the features of the blogger and the good effects that they gain from it and the usefulness .they found that the blogger is a suitable website for upload ,write and sharing materials and others files. Howevera little of them Disagree.
  5. 5. **This is the a diagram that represents the participants responses towardsitem1Ease of use:According to the participant’s responses the blogger is easy to use application and the features arefacilities the use blogger. The instructions are clear to the user .There are learners guide and tutorial foreach part in blogger even post text, video and pictures. About85 % of them agree. Only about 19% ofthem disagree. They found that not good guide to use blogger. The others were Neutrals.This is thediagram that represents the participants responses towards item11.
  6. 6. Satisfaction:The findings showed that the participants were satisfied about blogger online website they relevancetoward blogger very high. The participants are comfortable and like the blogger. They don’t have anynoise toward blogger.The majority of them agree. Few of them were disagreeing.This is the diagram that represents the participants responses towards item13
  7. 7. Conclusion:We did the research in more than one month, we face problems during research especially inthe distributing the survey between people .Some of them didn’t have any desire to answerand else said that they are busy, but at the end we find the people to answer thequestioners.After we collect the information, we started to analyses the result by using theSPS program .and the result was positive in the reliability and Frequencies.The Cronbach’sAlpha for the entire sub-scale was 0. 884. Its good.Appendices A:The survey tests the usability of blogger online website. Please read the statementsclearly and select one of the scale.The scale from 1-31-Agree2-Neturel3-DisagreeEfficiency:1-I found blogger is easy to comment on other report.2- Blogger will increase student’s communication and exchange ideas.3- Blogger is effective tools to assess student’s portfolio4- In blogger you would manage your blog (private or public)5- In blogger you would manage your blog (private or public)Ease of use:6- I spend few times to create account in blogger7- Blogger layout is clear.8- Blogger provides online help.9- Blogger provides standers colors for visited& unvisited links.
  8. 8. 10- Blogger provides standers colors for visited& unvisited links.Satisfaction:11- I like to use blogger12- I would find using blogger useful in helping me to keep &publish my own document.13- I find easy to share my resource14- I encourage my colleagues to use blogger15- I feel comfortable when I use blogger16- I feel blogger is best application to share knowledge