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No matter how well a small business is doing, it is vitally important to be prepared for crises, which can happen at any moment. Instead of waiting for a crisis to occur and then trying to find a way to handle it, a small business owner should go ahead and be prepared for the possibility of catastrophe so that a plan of action can be implemented immediately.

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Tool For Successful Small Business

  1. 1. Tool For Successful Small Business Melissa Evans -VP of Motivating The Masses-@masterbizcoach
  2. 2. When you own a small business, one of the things that youwill most likely struggle with is finding a balance betweenyour professional and your personal life. If you are notcareful, you will very quickly become consumed by thebusiness you are trying to run. This is especially true if youand your company both exhibit poor time managementskills.@masterbizcoach
  3. 3. You may be thinking that you have little or no time toactually manage. However, if you work on your timemanagement, you will be able to actually run a successfulbusiness and enjoy your home life. Before you considerimproving time management in your small business, youmust consider what happens in the face of badmanagement.@masterbizcoach
  4. 4. Business-wise, poor time management can equal a poorlyrun business. You may see a slowdown in operations, and, inturn, a reduction in sales and profits. In drastic cases, poormanagement of your business time can equal a completemeltdown of your company.@masterbizcoach
  5. 5. Personal-wise, effective time management at work meansmore quality time that you can spend at home. If you do notmanage your business effectively, more than likely, you willbe spending more and more of your day at your office. Youwill find yourself missing out on family time. After all, is notthe whole reason for working so that you can provide foryour family and have a life outside of business?@masterbizcoach
  6. 6. Now that you know how poor time management can behurtful to both your business and your personal life, thenyou must consider ways to improve the management of yourcompany.The best way to manage your time with your business is todevelop a procedure for your company. This includesprocedures for all of your employees and the business as awhole. By creating a set work schedule, you can carefullymake use of all of your time during work hours.@masterbizcoach
  7. 7. Next, you will need to consider all of your priorities. As abusiness owner, what are the most important tasks for youeach day? In addition, what are the priorities for each ofyour employees? You will need to set these priorities foreveryone in your company and then make sure they arefollowed.@masterbizcoach
  8. 8. Finally, you will need to be ready to delegate your workload.As a small business owner, you will not be able to doeverything involved in all aspects of your company. You willneed to hire quality employees and relegate work to them sothat you will have the free time to be in charge of the actualresponsibilities of business ownership.@masterbizcoach
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