Prevent pitfall of trying to please everyone


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Prevent pitfall of trying to please everyone

  1. 1. Prevent Pitfall of Trying to Please Everyone Melissa Evans -VP of Motivating The Masses- @masterbizcoach
  2. 2. It is a mistake that we face in regular life. It is also a problemthat can affect businesses of any type, especially the smallbusiness. When you try to please everyone, you will find thatit is impossible, and you will fail. Along the way, you couldvery likely cause your business to fail. @masterbizcoach
  3. 3. When you own and run a small business, then you mostlikely feel like you need to make everyone happy, from yourcustomers to other businesses to employees to vendors.Unfortunately, you cannot make everyone happy. There willbe people who are dissatisfied. You are bound to have acustomer or two who thinks you charge too much or whofeels that they were not treated with enough respect. @masterbizcoach
  4. 4. You are bound to have employees who, at times, becomefrustrated with you or their coworkers. In addition, you arebound to make vendors and suppliers unhappy as well.Owning a small business means that you have to find abalance in all things. You must balance sales andoperations, profit and feasibility, and happiness andprofessionalism. You probably think that, if everyone is nothappy, then how can you run a successful business? Whileyou do want people to be pleased with your business, youmust also recognize that trying to please everyone all thetime is a definite pitfall. @masterbizcoach
  5. 5. When you try to please everyone, you may be tempted touse money as a heal-all. You may be tempted to provideevery unhappy customer with free sales or deepdiscounts, and every unhappy employee with big bonuses.You will quickly find that doing this all of the time can bedetrimental to your business finances. @masterbizcoach
  6. 6. How can you avoid this problem? First, you will have toaccept that someone will be unhappy. You are sure todisplease a customer, an employee, or even anotherbusiness owner from time to time. This does not mean thatyou are not running your business well. It may not even besomething that you did. You will have to be accepting of thefact that this will happen. @masterbizcoach
  7. 7. Next, you will have to know how to handle displeasure.Understanding that people will not always be happy withyou means that you will be able to face the problems. Whenit comes to customers, you will want to try to make themhappy by working to reconcile the problem. @masterbizcoach
  8. 8. However, you cannot spend so much time trying to makeeveryone happy that you damage your relationship withothers. Often, spending all of your time trying to makeeveryone happy will eventually make someone veryunhappy because they will be neglected. @masterbizcoach
  9. 9. When you own and run a small business, you will have to watch out for falling into the trap of trying to pleaseeveryone all of the time. It is impossible and you will only cause your company more problems. @masterbizcoach
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