How Important a Business System?


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Creating a mission and vision for your small business can sometimes feel more difficult than any of the other monumental tasks such as securing funding or developing a product plan. By establishing a mission, you are defining the strategy statement for your company.

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How Important a Business System?

  1. 1. How Important a Business System? Melissa Evans -VP of Motivating The Masses-@masterbizcoach
  2. 2. Think of a business this way: it exists for a very specificpurpose. Every business will have its purpose. There is nochoice therefore but to build a business as a set of systemsand procedures that when working together in someorchestrated fashion delivers on this purpose. Not deliversonce or twice - but all the time. Like a car and its engine: acar would be unsaleable if it didnt respond to the ignitioneach and every time it is switched on.@masterbizcoach
  3. 3. A successful business is not unlike a fully functional motorvehicle. There is handbook that defines how things are done,the manual of procedures. Even if it not written down aswould be case for a car manual, there is nonetheless a waythings happen which are convincing. The hum the rhythmof a good business is based on having processes, or systems,that are repeatable and predictable - that produce the sameresult each time, every time. For sure being in businessinvolves literally hundreds of interrelated and loosely relatedactivities - it is, after all, very easy for a business owner to beinvolved in dozens of different and often disparate activitiesduring a typical day.@masterbizcoach
  4. 4. Not surprisingly, many issues coming up become mini firesthat need to be put out. There is little time for the "luxury ofsystems or strategic thinking. Yes, sometimes the fires arethe result of poor systems design or a lack of strict focus. Thepressure of getting things done, of generating cash flow areall consuming.@masterbizcoach
  5. 5. Relentless pressure is part and parcel of being in business.Every aspect of a business and certainly the aspect offulfilling customer requirements put the business underpressure to deliver. A successful business not only deliverssmoothly in normal times but responds to increasedpressure without collapsing.@masterbizcoach
  6. 6. Operating manuals and procedures become the tools thatensure the customer fulfillment aspect. Growth comes fromadaptability and an inbuilt flexibility in the procedures thatenable scaling and change to be accommodated. Designchanges, feature additions, volume adjustments, newequipment, and advances in technology - are all de rigueur inbusiness. What are constant are the procedures thatcontribute to the internal logistics of the business.@masterbizcoach
  7. 7. The business owners mission is to maintain a role ofrigorous testing and re-testing of the capabilities of thebusiness and to fine tune the procedures.Melissa Evans is the Vice President of Motivating theMasses.@masterbizcoach
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