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Process Automation Platform - MasterBase®


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In MasterBase® we help you transform your business through process automation

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Process Automation Platform - MasterBase®

  1. 1. Quantum computing Internet of things Big data Artificial intelligence and deep learning Robotics Great things are happening
  2. 2. The way of working will never be the same The skills we will need will be dramatically different The life of humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years. 20% of current jobs will be automated in the next 20 years
  3. 3. Routine jobs are going decreasing
  4. 4. That is why it is required Stop performing obsolete, routine tasks ... Stop working like a robot
  5. 5. Are you ready to end the routine?
  6. 6. What is a process automation Configure a set of successive actions to be executed on the data they have or services that are accessed.
  7. 7. Who can automate processes All that organization or area within a company, regardless of its size or sector.
  8. 8. Technology that has the greatest impact and will have on the digital transformation
  9. 9. In MasterBase® we help you transform your business through process automation
  10. 10. Processes that involve important hours of work (customers, employees, contracts, invoices). Processes whose operation depends on predefined rules. Processes that consist of a succession of actions that are repeated cyclically. Processes that require continuous human intervention and are subject to errors. Processes exposed to peak periods or critical moments.
  11. 11. BETTER COMPLIANCE Because it is subject to rules that define its execution and the expected result, an automated process is a guarantee of compliance IMMEDIATE RESULTS By automating processes, the execution of the work is faster, so the results are obtained before MORE SECURITY The consistency of the processes, which always operate in the same way, without errors, strengthen invulnerability in their execution SCALABILITY ACCORDING TO DEMAND An automated process is infinitely ductile, and can be adapted to the needs defined and contracted by the client INTEGRAL TRACEABILITY The mere creation of a process activates a comprehensive monitoring that allows more efficient measurements and controls. INCREASE IN PRECISION Automated, correctly configured processes can run without a margin of error and reach 100% accuracy SAVE  MONEY By reducing the time devoted to routine work and of little value, costs decrease and productivity increases. OPTIMIZATION OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE Leaving repetitive tasks in charge of processes makes it possible to reorient talents towards tasks that really add value
  12. 12. Why automate with MasterBase®
  13. 13. 2019 Process automation platform 2016 Automated emailing service 1 to 1 2009 2001 Our beginnings with email marketing service2002 SaaS / Cloud Computing 18 years of permanence in the technology market About us Thousands of users Presence in 10 countries Billions of automated processes executed Sending services of transactional emails and PDFs
  14. 14. Third-party solutions did not deliver the level of customization or specificity. We suffered with payrolls ... that are in the “nn” team ... that only “nn” understands ... and to which only “nn” has access The developments involved high cost, time and resources that also made a long and tedious implementation process Current issue: Digital diversity in companies
  15. 15. Requirement: Centralize the information and articulate the work carried out on it by various areas Generate processes that automate specific tasks and configure those processes autonomously And that all this helps to save costs and time, eliminating routine tasks
  16. 16. MasterBase® offers you the process automation platform Here you define which process to configure on the data that your bases contain in your MasterBase® account and according to your specific needs.
  17. 17. Simple and effective automation process configuration PROCESS STEPS TOOLSTASK
  18. 18. Steps Each of the successive stages that make up a process and can only be executed when the previous one has finished Process settings
  19. 19. STEPS Process settings: 1. Extract information from services by billing customers 4. Mass sending of messages with individual invoices attached 2. Extract customer data 3. Prepare individual invoices
  20. 20. TASK Each of the actions that are executed in one step Process settings To carry out a task it is necessary to use one or more tools
  21. 21. TASK Examples of tasks for the step: 3. Prepare individual invoices • Encriptar PDF • Subir PDF al FileBunker • Generar la URL• Generar documento PDF, a partir de los datos obtenidos
  22. 22. TOOLS Virtual instrument that enables the execution of a task Process Setting
  23. 23. Tools Web services MasterBase® Tools BarCode QR Bases Download Push notification Contacts Screenshot PDF Encrypt DNS FileBunker Send email To configure processes that access thousands of online services Available on the platform to configure processes
  24. 24. Tool: MasterBase® SmartData It is a solution that enriches the customization options already available in MasterBase®. Add a set of functions that allow you to configure the data used in personalization, either for; • adapt its format • establish relationships between them • or from them. Example: Format initials to uppercase If your base is a tangle of lowercase and uppercase
  25. 25. Automata It is the virtual robot that is able to read the processes configured by the user and execute them completely. Process settings The executor of the process that we configure on the platform: Automata
  26. 26. Automata The larger the database, the more automata working. Executes record by record that meet the conditions to be processed.
  27. 27. Success stories: Sending PDF charts Step 2: create the variables to fill the template TASK #0 SmartData Step 3: bring the PDF template Step TASK #0 Bases Step 4: Create PDF TAREA #0 PDF Step 5: Send chart TAREA #0 uniqueMail Step 1: Go find the cycle to process TASK #0 Bases TASK #1 Bases Cicle Client
  28. 28. Step 1: Send bulk email TASK #0 Bulk email Step 2: Take log data from Data Ella to MasterBase account TASK #0 Api Data Ella Step 3: Generate Qr Code with enrolled data TASK #0 Tool Qr Step 4: Generate URL from the Qr TASK #0 SmartData Success stories: Registration and accreditation in event Step 5: E Send accreditation mail with QR code insert TASK #0 uniqueMail
  29. 29. Step 1: Search customer data TASK #0 Bases Step 2: Generate discounted bar code associated with customer TASK #0 Tool barCoe Step 3: Generate bar code URL TASK #0 SmartData Step 4: Add barCode URL to customer base TASK #0 SmartData Success Stories  Custom discount code generation
  30. 30. Platform: User alternatives Users Configure Consultant
  31. 31. MasterBase® Store GRATIS PAGO UNICO POR TRANSACCION MENSUAL ANUAL Content Free Single payment Per transaction Monthly Annual
  32. 32. Who are creators? Creators Software Developers Software Factory Consultants Entrepreneurs Students 
  33. 33. Example combined solution Solution A: Invite an event using Solution B: Accredit & confirm the event Combined solution: Invite - credit - confirm an event via Facebook To solution A of the announcement, which already exists, a solution B is added with a process that creates a QR code and triggers a 1-1 email with the QR to present it at the entrance This is how a combined, more complete solution is configured, which includes solutions A and B +A B
  34. 34. + Internationalize their Creations + Lower costs for everyone (sharing and reusing) + They no longer have to search for customers, bill and collect + They spend their time creating Ideal for Creators
  35. 35. Start automating your processes by accessing a free account Sign Up Free >> Contact a business executive and request a demonstration Talk to Sales >> Becoming a creator of solutions in our platform Be a Creator >>
  36. 36.