How to make money online with solo ads


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How to make money online? This is a question asked more and more times. Most of the times you get courses, Ebooks, Videos, Personal coaching, etc… but none of them (or almost) teach you how to really make money online. Online marketers only want to sell their products or make money through affiliate marketing, this is the sad truth.

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How to make money online with solo ads

  1. 1. www.activemastermind.comThe How To Make Money Online With SoloAds GuideHow to make money online? This is a question asked more and more times. Most of the times youget courses, Ebooks, Videos, Personal coaching, etc… but none of them (or almost) teach you howto really make money online. Online marketers only want to sell their products or make moneythrough affiliate marketing, this is the sad truth.However there are some real ways to make money online, one of these method is called “solo ads”.You probably don’t know what the heck this means and i’m gonna show you how powerful thismethod is and how can you make it profitable in a short timeframe (4/6 weeks).This method is not free (you have to invest a few money, not much but it’s not free at all), notinstant (requires some time and efforts in order to be successful) and requires you to build a goodreputation in the solo ads industry… and yes you can definitely make a living with solo ads andlikely quit your job and claim back your freedom.So.. if you tried many times to make money online, bought materials and read a lot and alwaysfailed, this post is for you. As soon as you master this method and start earning money, you canscale up and rinse and repeat what you’ve learned so far. This is a great method to make moneyonline and a lot of internet marketers are making money through this system.You can buy, sell or swap solos.When you buy a solo ad, you basically buy clicks from trusted sellers (clicks, not leads). Thismeans you have to provide a short email message (swipe) to the seller and let the seller deliver yourswipe to his email subscribers.The buyer also provides a squeeze page used to redirect the seller traffic to. The squeeze page isused to collect email addresses from traffic coming from the seller. You need a squeeze page and afree offer (free offers are preferred) in order to collect emails. A free offer can be a free report, aPLR (Private Label Rights) Ebook, etc.. everything offered for free is good for a squeeze page.The seller can also choose to use its own swipe, sometimes this way is preferred because the sellerknows the best converting swipes that deliver higher conversions. You can contact the seller andnegotiate what to use. Normally sellers have a set of swipes ready to go, they only pick up the bestrelated to your offer and use it (or modify it accordingly to fit your needs).It seems complicated but it is not. Let’s do a recap of what you need:1. A domain name (, buy a domain name and choose a nice name. Somethingrelated to making money online, profit, earning, income, etc.. Ex:,
  2. 2.,, etc.. probably most domain names are taken, so trydifferent combinations. Choose a .com domain, it’s better.2. An autoresponder (aweber, getresponse, etc…). Autoresponders are used to collect emailaddresses and put them in the sales funnel. Ex: when you signup to Aweber you have to create a list(fill the list name and required options), create a web form and a message. Remember to enable thesingle optin option (no double optins). After that, you can get the aweber code and put into thesqueeze page email field (you can also choose name and email fields, but users have to type thename in the field additionally and this makes the email collection process slower, so just chooseonly the email field)3. A squeeze page is used to grab email addresses coming from the seller (or from a swap) that gointo your list (created in Aweber). This is an example of a squeeze page:4. A thank you page (optional)5. A tracking system (the best so far: Ad Trackz Gold and Quality Click Control, ClixTrac), inalternative you can use url shortner, it’s free and gives you good stats and trackinginformation. Most solo newbies start using Avoid other url shortners because they couldendup in spam filters causing emails not being delivered.5. A swipe: this is an example of a swipe i received yesterday from a solo guy (always remember tosplit test swipes as well and keep it short and sweet):
  3. 3. This is the funnel:1. Buy the solo ad2. Seller starts sending traffic (clicks) to your Squeeze page3. Your Squeeze Page collects emails and sends them to4. Your autoresponder (aweber, getresponse etc..)5. Your auto responder sends the free offer to the user in their inbox (or to a thank you page)6. After you collected the emails you can also try to monetize by redirecting the new users toan OTO (one time offer) after they optin.You can optionally sends the users to a thank you page after they optin. The thank you page iswhere users can download your free offer. You can also add the OTO in the thank you page as well.In this case the thank you page replaces the sequence no.6. If you want to use the thank you page,just add the OTO at the beginning and then add the free download at the end. This way users firstsee your paid offer (where you monetize) and then have to scroll down to see their free download.If you don’t have a free offer or a free report you can easily find PLR products (reports/ebooks)here: plrprivatelabelrights.comYou can download and customize a great squeeze page from here or you can create a good squeezepage online from here. Also have a look to the warrioforum (they always offer free PLR andsqueeze pages on a regular basis). Always remember to split test more than one squeeze page and tomake little changes (sometimes just a different word can improve the CTR…) to make it moreconverting.
  4. 4. if you use wordpress (and you should install as soon as possible) you can buy this awesome theme:Optimize Press. Installing optimize press requires a web hosting but the money are well spent.Optimize Press has an integrated squeeze page creator system with different squeeze pages, salepages, offer pages and integrated funnels. Just find a few Optimize Press examples here.Tip: if you can, include a video in the squeeze page, this is proven to work better and to increase thectr. If you don’t know how to do a video, just outsource and use 2: the squeeze page must be short. This means users don’t have to scroll down to put their emailaddress. Have a look below:To see it in action click here. As you can see you are not required to scroll down and all theinformation needed fit one page.After you reach a good number of subscribers (500/600) you can start swapping.Solo swaps means you send clicks to another person and expect the same amount of clicks (ormostly) back. This method is very powerful because you can increase your list very fast. It’s awin/win cooperation. You send clicks, you get clicks. Both increase the list. Normally solo swapsare completed in a short timeframe (2 or 3 days or something like that). The difference withclickbanking is clickbanking gives you the opportunity to deal with larger lists (and more clicks).For example: if you want to get 100 clicks from a marketer you can give them back not in a shorttime but longer period (Ex: 4 weeks). Not all clicks are sent out instantly but they can spread overtime.Just swap on a regular basis to ensure you get new fresh leads from marketers. You will besurprised how easy (and fast) is building a list working with solo swaps.
  5. 5. As soon as you reach a good number of subscribers (and guaranteed clicks you can deliver) you canalso start selling solo ads. Using swaps before starting to sell is very useful to understand hoe manyclicks you can deliver. This will help when you are ready to sell.Using broadcasts (a feature of almost all autoresponders) you can send out emails to your list(s).After you create the broadcast message you get statistics / analytics from your AR company. Youcan track open rate, click rate, unsubs, spam complaints, etc… This makes easy to know howpowerful and responsive is your list, and you can easily know how many clicks you can deliver (onaverage) and will help later when you are ready to sell.Remember to cleanup your list and check for open rates. Why should you have an email that neveropen a message? Just remove it. Do this on a regular basis. this will also cuts down AR costs andkeep the list more responsive with less spam complaints.Remember to add something like this at the end of every broadcast:NOTE: You are receiving this message because You subscribed to my mailing list. You are avaluable subscriber of mine. But if you no longer wish to receive updates from me, please use theunsubscribe link at the very bottom of this email.This is not mandatory, but you can lower spam complaints if you are starting to get too many.List building is the foundation of making money online. If you have a good and responsive list youcan sell to them over and over and you can literally print money on demand. The most importantthing to understand is the list must be responsive, you could have a list of 1,000 subs that generate100 clicks or you could have 10,000 subscribers that generate only 50 clicks. It all depends of theresponsiveness and quality.Also find and join JV Giveaways (look for good ones). Giveaways are another cool way to increaselists. Basically they are event used by marketers to grow up their list. Some events can reach a lot ofpartners joining. Anyway just be careful when participating in these giveaways. Sometimes thequality of leads is not good and you don’t get valuable subs, just be aware and enter only good ones.Tip: only deal with sellers that deliver US/CA/UK/AU/NZ traffic at most (at least 70%) or trafficcould be unresponsive or you only get freebie seekers and no buyers.A few resources to use: buy/sell/swap and forum ( Floren’s DirectoryZamurai’s Directory
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