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Question 7


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Media evaluation question 7.

Published in: Education
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Question 7

  1. 1. Question 7 Looking back at you preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the main task?
  2. 2. Preliminary
  3. 3. Main Task
  4. 4. What I have learnt? • For my main task I worked with a different group to who I worked with for preliminary task. In my preliminary task I was mainly in charge of using my camera and part of the editing which is completely different to what I did in my main task which was acting and making the production idents. • Areas I which I felt worked a lot better in the main task than in my preliminary was group communication, planning, production and post production.
  5. 5. Communication • For our preliminary task we relied on lessons to talk to each other and organise when we were going to do things. This wasn’t the best plan as not all of us were in all the lessons, and it meant leaving the planning to the very last minute. • In our main task the group I was in was a lot more organised, we made a group chat on Facebook which enabled us to communicate at all times, and as it was in writing we were able to reference back to our ideas. This was also helpful when planning filming over half term as it allowed us to send location directions and suggested dates for filming. Trying to find a suitable gang location
  6. 6. Planning • First scene storyboards. • As you can see there is a difference in the quality of drawing and also the quantity of prompts on the sheet for shooting. This was helpful during the filming process as it allowed us to easily refer back if we needed to. Preliminary Main Task
  7. 7. Production & Post Production • Within the production process of our preliminary task we would delete scenes if we felt they didn’t work, whereas in the main task we kept every scene we shot, this is because we may need them for a cutaway or a certain fill in. This worked in our main task as we were mindful of the costume and props in scenes, so continuity was not effected. • In post production the editing used within our preliminary was very basic. One thing I now look back on now is music, the volume of the music and also the relevance of the music to the video as it is very dramatic and in your face. While our main task uses music that has relevance to the genre and which builds the suspense. • Also the editing in terms of titling was a lot more advanced in our main task and gave the film a professional feel. Preliminary Main Task