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Software panel


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Software panel

  1. 1. ©2012 MASSTLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The New Role of Software in an Internet of Things World John Canosa ThingWorx a PTC Company Jeff Kaplan THINKstrategies Colleen Smith Progress Software Bill Zujewski Axeda
  2. 2. • Enables connectivity. • Controls/secures connections. • Captures data. • Analyzes data. • Shares data. • Provisions services. • Etc., etc., etc. Software Makes IoT Work: Scanners, Systems & Solutions
  3. 3. Panelists John Canosa, Chief Strategist for Connected Products, ThingWorx, a PTC business Colleen Smith, VP of SaaS, Progress Software Bill Zujewski, CMO & EVP of Product Strategy, Axeda
  4. 4. Discussion Topics  How IoT is changing our customers’ businesses?  How is IoT changing our software businesses?  What are the new software requirements in the IoT?  How must SW vendors change to meet new IOT needs?  What are the biggest SW challenges in the IoT?  How is the market segmentation for SW changing?  What is the taxonomy of new IoT SW opportunities?  Real-world case study examples.
  5. 5. Enables Users to Develop and Run M2M and Internet of Things Applications 10X Faster The 1st Application Platform for the Connected World that…
  6. 6. 50B 2020 1B 2010 New Applications Rapid Growth from 1B to 50B Smart Connectable “Things 1T 2035 Sensors, Devices, Machines
  7. 7. 50B 2020 5M APPS 1B 2010 New Applications 50B Connectable Things will Require 5M Unique Apps 1T 2035 Sensors, Devices, Machines 500M APP
  8. 8. The Network Internet, Device Clouds & Mobile Networks Fixed Apps General Purpose Dev. Tools APIs APIsAPIs Past – APPs Built w/General Purpose Tools Sensors, Devices & Equip. Comm. Elements Wireless Provisioning  Complex Programming  Build Platform Services on a Project  Difficult to Maintain/Evolve  High Risk, High Cost  Barrier to Innovation Result: 1st M2M/IoT Era Failed Rigid Packaged Applications Fragile Custom Applications
  9. 9. The Network Sensors, Devices & Equip. ThingWor x Rapid Applicatio n Dev. Platform  Simplified Development  Core M2M/IoT Services Built-in  Low Risk & Cost  Simple Business Integration  Catalyzes Innovation Result: Accelerating Pace of M2M/IoT ThingWorx – Complete & Designed for Purpose Cloud Big Data Social Enterprise
  10. 10. ThingWorx Marketplace™ Magnifies Ecosystem Power • Ecosystem extends ThingWorx capabilities and enhances its competitive advantage • Accelerating M2M/IoT adoption through global sharing of IP • Creating additional revenue streams for extensions, apps, etc
  11. 11. Progress Turning ideas into business reality—fast Colleen Smith June 2014
  12. 12. Made to SHARE Rapid to BUILD Flexible to MOVE Demands of Modern Business Applications Ecosystems of data working togetherSimple to develop, deploy, manage Unity of on-premise, cloud, mobile
  13. 13. © 2014 Progress Software Corporation. All rights reserved.14
  14. 14. © 2014 Progress Software Corporation. All rights reserved.15 Why Progress?  The next generation of application software development • Best-in-class, purpose-built products/services • Data integration, big data, mobility, data analytics  Global support, local presence  140,000 organizations and over 4 million users  Software for any cloud, any platform, any mobile device, or any “thing”  30-year track record of success Customer and Partner value… Now
  15. 15. 16 © 2014 Axeda Corporation – Do not reproduce without permission – COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Axeda Mission Connect Things, Collect Data, Change Outcomes Machine Cloud Intelligently collect and organize the world's machine and sensor data making it easy to access and use Reduce Failed Customer Interactions Connected Product Improve Threat Detection Connected Security Predict Insurance Claim risk Connected Car Optimize Radiation Treatment Delivery Connected Health
  16. 16. 17 © 2014 Axeda Corporation – Do not reproduce without permission – COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Axeda’s IoT Platform Manage Build Connected Machine Management Apps Web applications to remotely monitor, manage, track, service and control wired and wireless intelligent devices and assets. IoT Application Enablement Platform Cloud-based platform and tools to simplify the development of apps. Includes data management, scripting engine, web services and SDKs. Connect IoT Connectivity Middleware Cloud-based connectivity and communication software to connect devices and process, transform, organize, store and transfer machine and sensor data
  17. 17. 18 © 2014 Axeda Corporation – Do not reproduce without permission – COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL IoT Value Curve Unconnected  Fight fires  Limited product feedback  High cost of service Connected  Remote access as allowed  Fragmented information  Reactive response to issues Serviceable  Remote access as needed  Some proactive monitoring  Service cost avoidance  Electronic software delivery  Predictive maintenance  Monitor and report on services  View and analyze product data  Leverage usage data for new product enhancements Intelligent Optimized  Enterprise integration  Configuration and warranty management  Pay-per-use models/billing integration  Track and locate /inventory management Differentiated  New revenue- generating capabilities  Cloud-delivered, customer applications  Replenishment management  Remotely control products  Compliance and audit reporting  Mobile integration  Cloud-to-cloud- to-mobile mashups Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6+ Level 1 CONNECT MANAGE BUILD Integrate Reinvent the Product Experience Analyze Service