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Raj Vysetty, Manager e-Commerce &Analytics at DYN presented on data driven marketing at MassTLC's sales and marketing session "Inside the Head of the Data Driven Marketer"

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Dyn ppt

  1. 1. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncAnalytics @ DynRaj VysettyDirector of Strategic Analytics@rvysetty @Dyninc
  2. 2. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynInc“In god we trust,all others bring data”vs.“Not everything that canbe measured matters, andnot everything that matterscan be measured”
  3. 3. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncAnalytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynInc• Dyn Background• Analytics Frameworks• Sources, Tools and Metrics• Case-study• Closing TipsAnalytics @ DynOverview
  4. 4. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncBackground
  5. 5. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncIntroduction to DynOverview• Founded in 2001• Managed DNS / Email Delivery• $30 MM Revenue for 2012,70% Annual Growth• 220 Employees• Direct Sales Channel focusedon enterprises (2000+Customers)• eCommerce Channel for thehome user and smallbusinesses (500K+ Customers)
  6. 6. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncSome of Our Customers
  7. 7. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncAnalyticsFrameworks
  8. 8. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncThree Classes of AnalyticsReportingAnalysisExplorationKnown - Known’sKnown - Unknown’sUnknown - Unknown’sAvinash Kaushik’s Framework
  9. 9. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncFraming An Analysis Question• My Hypothesis is… If it’s right, then…• Numbers can distract, and hence it isvery important to ask the rightquestions
  10. 10. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncTools & DataSources
  11. 11. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncData Sources & Tools• Websites Data• Sales Data• Customer & Product Data• Social Data• Voice of Customers• Competitive Data• Reporting/Analysis tool
  12. 12. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncSome ofOur Metrics
  13. 13. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncSome of Our Metrics• CLTV• CMRR Growth• Trial Conversion Rate• Annual Churn• CACStandard Metrics
  14. 14. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncSome of Our Metrics• % of Revenue vs. % of Customers• Time to upsell contracts• Discounting vs. Monthly Price• Previous Technology of New Customers• Advanced Features Take-rate• Cross-sell RatioMore Strategic Metrics
  15. 15. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncTime to Upgrade a Customer10% OF CUSTOMERSARE UPSOLD WITHIN 3MONTHS20.3 % OF CUSTOMERSARE UPSOLD WITHIN 6MONTHS35% OF CUSTOMERS AREUPSOLD IN THE FIRSTYEAR47% ARE UPSOLD IN THEFIRST 2 YEARS0%10%20%30%40%50%0 5 10 15 20 25%ofCustomersUpgradedTime from Customer Acquisition to first Upsell (in Months)• We upsell 35%of customers intheir first year ofsigning a contract• Customers whodo not upgradein year 1 are 3 timesless likelyto start upgrading inyear 2
  16. 16. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncDynCase Study
  17. 17. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncTesting the Freemium Model
  18. 18. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncTesting The Freemium Model• Free ->Freemium -> Trial Based Service• Identified the biggest levers in our servicethrough deep analysis• Built a model out the estimated impact basedon Conversion Rates• Tested aggressively to identify optimalrevenue strategy
  19. 19. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncRevenue Impact• 4x Increase inRevenue & Conversion for theproduct• New Revenuefrom our eCommercechannel more than doubled!
  20. 20. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncPredictive Outbound Marketing• Profile your customers using non-traditional measures• Scoring a cold outreach– Traditional Attributes• Industry, Size, Revenue– Non-Traditional Attributes• Web Technologies Used• Google Adwords Spend• Alexa Rank; Domain Reputation etc• Triggers/Alerts– Service expirations, Added/deleted a web-tech• We use Datanyze as our major datasourcefor these analysis
  21. 21. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncPredictive Outbound Marketing
  22. 22. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncChurn Analysis for oureCommerce Channel• Service A– Majority of the domains we lost werefrom companies that went out ofbusiness etc– Very small fraction went to a competition• Service B– Majority of lost customers arestill active– We actually ‘lose-lose’ a very tiny fractionof the lost customers• Helped us figure out where tofocus our efforts onDeadCompetitionUsing a freeserviceExpire, buynewLostMove toFree
  23. 23. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncClosingTips
  24. 24. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncClosing Tips• Test Big changes. Don’t be afraid to testsomething controversial.• Analyze Segments and Cohorts• Look for Distributions – Not Averages
  25. 25. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncClosing Tips• Don’t confuse correlationwith causation• Stay away from Vanity Metrics• Don’t confuse Revenuewith Incremental Revenue– especially for Branded Search, Display re-targeting, etc.
  26. 26. Analytics @ Dyn@rvysetty @DynIncThank You!Raj VysettyDirector of Strategic Analytics@rvysetty @Dyninc