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Acquia presented at MassTLC event on automated testing


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Barry Jaspan, Senior Architect at Acquia presented at MassTLC's automated testing event on June 12, 2013 at Brightcove, Boston, MA

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Acquia presented at MassTLC event on automated testing

  1. 1. TestOps:The testing side of DevOpsThe testing side of DevOpsBarry JaspanSenior ArchitectAcquia
  2. 2. Server configuration is software• The days of manual configuration by sysadmins are over• Puppet, Chef, and similar tools turn server config intosoftware• Software needs testing• Automated• Fast• Clone of the production environment• "If it isnt tested, it doesnt work."
  3. 3. Unit vs. System tests• Unit tests isolate individual program modules• Injection mocks out external systems• Problem:You cant mock out the real world and get accurate results• System tests are end-to-end• Exercise real servers as the app(s) will• Problem: Reality is very messy!• Race conditions and retries• EC2 launch failure• Cosmic rays• For infrastructure, system tests are essential
  4. 4. • Basic server builds• Infrastructure moving parts• Backup and restore• Message queues & worker auto-scaling• Monitoring & alerting• Application interaction with the infrastructure• Force app to operate under degraded infrastructure conditions• Server reboot and relaunch• Release process for upgrades• Security compliance