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Green Careers - Jen Boudrie, Green Workforce Training


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Presentation delivered at MassRecycle's 4th Annual Green Office / Green Facility Conference, Bentley University, June 15, 2010. Get invited to next year’s conference by signing up to MassRecycle’s free email newsletter at

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Green Careers - Jen Boudrie, Green Workforce Training

  1. 1. Jacques Yves Cousteau, Rachel Carson Henry D. Thoreau, Theo. Roosevelt, John Muir
  2. 2. Ted Turner, Al Gore EO Wilson Erin Brokovich, Jane Goodall
  3. 3. Why the interest in “going green”? Peak Oil Gulf Wars Gulf Oil Spill Global Warming Population Growth Economic Recession Natural Resource Depletion Land, Air, Water Management Pollution Health The planet needs environmental sustainability and people need jobs.
  4. 4. Every career can be green or greener. Business, education,transportation, tourism, manufacturing, government, Trades - electricians, plumbers, builders, management, administration, finance, human resources, communication, SALES, buildings, vehicles Reduce Energy, Water, Waste. Buy green. Everything, Everybody, Every career can be GREENER
  5. 5. “The green economy is changing tasks, skills, and jobs across the country. Discover important information for over 100 occupations going green.”
  6. 6. GREEN SECTORS Renewable Energy Generation Transportation Energy Efficiency Green Construction Energy Trading Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Capture and Storage Research, Design and Consulting Services Environment Protection Agriculture and Forestry Recycling and Waste Reduction Government and Regulatory Administration
  7. 7. “THE GREEN JOB SEARCH ENGINE” GREEN JOB SECTORS Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Ethanol, Geothermal, Engineering, Lighting, Fuel Cell, Non-Profit, Wastewater, Reycling, Green Building, Weatherization, Smart Grid, Scientist, Conservation, Environmental, Green Sales, Green Marketing, Green Finance, Internships
  8. 8. POPULAR JOB TITLES Analyst, Behavioral Scientist, Director of Construction, Director of Marketing, Energy Performance Tracking Lead, Plant Engineer, Project Manager, Senior Accountant, Senior Program Manager, Smart Grid Software Infrastructure Developer POPULAR SEARCHES Administrative Support, Construction, Education/Training, Energy, Environmental Health/Safety
  9. 9. What Companies Are Hiring ?
  10. 10. October 1, 2010 A conference for business, education and government stakeholders, & people interested in greening careers & resources.
  11. 11. Two Green Career Tips 1 Check out the internet and talk to people in your career field. 2 Join an environmental group in your community and offer your skills. Jen Boudrie, M.Ed Instructional Designer