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Growth Hacking Facebook

In this presentation, you will find the best articles and tips to learn how to make the most out of your Facebook Marketing. Pay attention to the details and you will grow your Facebook Page faster than ever before.

Sources for these ideas: The Mass Planner Blog (

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Growth Hacking Facebook

  1. 1. Growth Hacking Facebook ByZoeSummers
  2. 2. A Photo Is Worth A Thousand… Likes  On Facebook people prefer to engage with images than other types of posts.  Use memes, banners, infographics  Post photos in real time
  3. 3. Upload Videos Directly to Facebook  There is a 30% higher video play rate (30% more people click to play a native video)  The secret is to directly upload your video to Facebook instead of sharing a YouTube video  Your video will automatically come to life when people scroll down their Feeds
  4. 4. The Best Videos On Facebook Are…  Native (Higher video play rate, video insights and metrics, auto-played when people scroll down their feeds… Need I say more?)  Short and Simple: the ideal video length is 21 seconds  Using text and graphics to get attention and compel users to turn on the sound. Read more: The Importance Of Facebook Videos And How To Use Them For Your Business
  5. 5. Most Engaging Types of FB Posts  Questions  Quotes  Contests  See more types here
  6. 6. Don’t Be This Guy:  You post too frequently  Your posts have become too generic, irrelevant or just boring  You are bad mouthing your competition  Read the full list here.
  7. 7. Learn How To Use The Secret Tools  Facebook Author Tags  How to customize your News Feed  Messanger P2P Payments  See more Facebook features here.
  8. 8. Optimize For Mobile  Make your posts eye catching to visually stimulate the mobile users.  Make use of the Facebook Nearby feature that allows Android and iOS users to find reviews and information about nearby places. Read this: 9 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Posts for Mobile
  9. 9. Learn From The Best  Have different pages for each product so that your clients can get to appreciate them individually, like Coca-Cola  Learn from Startbucks how to combine text with images and how to set up wonderful promotions and freebies for fans  More influencers
  10. 10. Schedule Your Posts  When posting with Facebook choose the date and time when to be published.  Or use powerful automation tools like Mass Planner that you can use for more Facebook accounts in just one setting.  Read how to schedule your FB posts
  11. 11. Learn How To Use Facebook Ads  Design the right message, find the right people and display your ad at the perfect time for best conversions.  Headshots perform better than logos or other abstract images  Learn to optimize your ad for your desired action
  12. 12. What is Mass Planner?  Mass Planner is every marketer’s go-to tool for social media automation on all the important platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram  We help you put your time to better use ;) Try Mass Planner for FREE Now!