Bloom webinar 030911 session 5 [read only]


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Bloom webinar 030911 session 5 [read only]

  1. 1. Bloom! With the 5 Key Nutrients1 © Mass Ignition
  2. 2. Whether you are fully aware of it or not, you are in one cycle or the other Doom Vs. Bloom Cycle Cycle2 © Mass Ignition
  3. 3. WHY WE DOOM “ONENESS BROKEN” Finances Passions/Hobbies Family Health Kids Career Loss Addictions Friends Culture Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over3 you…through painful toil…all the days… Gen. 3
  4. 4. HOW WE BLOOM “ONENESS SUSTAINED” Finances Passions/Hobbies Family Health Kids Career Loss Addictions Friends Culture …they will become one flesh Gen. 2:244 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Eph. 5:21
  5. 5. WHY WE MUST BLOOM God patterned them after Himself. Gen. 1:275 …so that we can be mirrors that reflect His glory 2Cor. 3:18
  6. 6. What it takes to BLOOM! The 5 key nutrients: •Commit to Love •Cherish & Respect •Be Gracious & Forgive •Choose the Right Words •Seek a Greater Purpose6 © Mass Ignition
  7. 7. Signs you are lacking the 5th nutrient You experience a lack of spiritual integration as a couple You are struggling to pray together as a couple You feel like you are being held back by the other from living into your passion You feel you lack a greater purpose for your marriage and or family You and your spouse have yet to clarify values and goals for you marriage and family7 © Mass Ignition
  8. 8. N1: COMMIT To “sacrificial” LOVE HOW FULL IS YOUR LOVE TANK? Love Languages Words Quality Time AGAPE Gifts Acts of Service FILO Physical Touch EROS8 © Mass Ignition
  9. 9. N2: CHERISH & RESPECT “LL=CR” with cherish he she responds without “DOOM” responds respect with respect he she reacts reacts“BLOOM” without © Mass Ignition cherish9
  10. 10. N3: BE GRACIOUS & FORGIVE Without G&F With G&F “oneness lost” attitude + rec. process © Mass Ignition “oneness gained”10
  11. 11. N4: CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORDS REACT: “STAND OFF” REACT: “TELL OFF” RESPONDING Listen Clarify Thoughts Identify Feelings Right Tone, Time, Words Pray, Compromise, Forgive REACT: “GIVE UP” REACT: “HOLD ON ”11 © Mass Ignition
  12. 12. DOOMING Myth #5: God’s purposes for your marriage will naturally evolve BLOOMING Truth #5: God purposes for your marriage must be sought and intentionally lived into12 © Mass Ignition
  13. 13. What you will gain from this 5th nutrient How to more naturally integrate God into your life/marriage Identify the road blocks to praying? Opportunity to identify your what you are truly passionate about? How to identify God’s marriage purpose statement and values for your relationship or family ? Opportunity to regain oneness by identifying short and long term goals as individuals and couples? Opportunity to identify the passion and holy discontent God has placed on your heart?13 © Mass Ignition
  14. 14. N5: SEEK A GREATER PURPOSE The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. Psalm 138:814 © Mass Ignition
  15. 15. N5: SEEK A GREATER PURPOSE Each have a two-fold purpose on earth Character = BEING And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him, reflecting him like a mirror. 2Cor. 3:18 Accomplishment = DOING For we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. © Mass Ignition Eph. 2:1015
  16. 16. Here’s a story of a Doom Cycle Jim and Jan exhibit signs that they really need Nutrient #5….16 © Mass Ignition
  17. 17. Here’s a story of a Bloom Cycle Wayne and Casey really found oneness through integrating nutrient #5 into their marriage17 © Mass Ignition
  18. 18. “People seldom hit what they do not aim at.” Thoreau “If you aim at nothing you’re sure to hit it every time.”18 © Mass Ignition
  19. 19. “ The place God calls you is the place where your deep joy meets the world’s deep need. Fredrick Buechner19 © Mass Ignition
  20. 20. N5: SEEK A GREATER PURPOSE By prayerfully & intentionally clarifying: -Marriage/Family Purpose Statement -Marriage/Family Passage -Values (3-7) -Passions (holy discontent/life giving) -Dreams -Goals (short term/long term)20 © Mass Ignition
  21. 21. N5: SEEK A GREATER PURPOSE PRAYER: reveals His purposes WHY WE DON’T Belief issues Pride Lack the skill Lack a plan Tired/Other Urgencies The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you .” Psalm 32:821 © Mass Ignition
  22. 22. HOMEWORK: SEEK A GREATER PURPOSE Spend time praying together and then discuss and list the following: -Marriage/Family Purpose Statement -Marriage/Family Passage -Values (3-7) -Passions (holy discontent/life giving) -Dreams -Goals (short term/long term)22 Bonus: In the next 6 weeks, write a note of recommitment © Mass Ignition